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Love lower yourselfInhale her and give her your mouthGabriela are we *still talking about strawberries Some background most of her writing is *talking about strawberries Some background most of her writing is sensual with strong texture smell sound descriptions and for lack of a better word very earthy She ses maternal imagery a lot as well as calling p soil plants food and her Catholic faith Perhaps this is the most enduring image this Spiritual Mother Of Chilean Letters what Mistral is primarily known forThis lyric poetry is also known and read for decades and its erotic ndertones made me wonder Here is this cultivated image of chastity faith and sexualized mother of a country was This Ever What IntendedOf Course There ever what Mistral intendedOf course there Approaching the Guitar uite a bit of textual analysis andeertheory applied to her writings now and it only took a little digging to find some intriguing information about her personal life and how her image was co opted and cultivatedNever married she was consistently asked estions about her sexuality ite Can I Tell You about Nystagmus? understandly she resented theestion dodged and denied A cache of 200 letters published in 2010 translated into English in 2018 reveal that she had a long standing romantic relationship with a woman who wasposed as her secretary traveling with Mistral all over the world in her diplomatic and humanitarian capacities There are some estions here about the ethics of posthumously outing someone perhaps the letters provenance is clearly discussed in the book which I have not yet read It s got a heavy price tag and I just recently learned of its existence but this does bring a new reading to her work and a re framing of her imageSome sources shared that her maternal chaste patriotic image was cultivated by the Chilean fascists Pinochet regime as the model and antithesis to the Communist and fellow Chilean Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda Mistral writes essays and poems mentioning Neruda and he notes meeting her as a young man and appreciating her work So whether they were polar opposites on the political spectrum Well who knows but there was a shared admiration between themAll of this nderlines the fact that there is always below the surface and it s ite intriguing to read her work of which I already loved with these newish revelations in mind Gabriela Mistral Chilean Author The first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature Her birth name was Lucila de Mar a del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy. First English translation of Gabriela Mistral’s extraordinary poetry and prose hidden to the mainst. .
Alcayaga Some central themes in her poems are nature betrayal love A Mother S Love Sorrow mother s love sorrow recovery travel and Latin American identity The poems chosen in this series show her creativity on various topics Despite them being in English I prefer to read them in Spanish the translation is good and brings forwards her loving supportive and simple yet pronounced thoughts on topics mentioned aboveIf you don and brings forwards her loving supportive and simple yet pronounced thoughts on topics mentioned aboveIf you don speak Spanish this book is a great way for you to learn about an incredible female latin american poet who of course is Chilean *If You Speak Spanish *you speak Spanish should whet your palet to go out and check out her original works in SpanishEnjoy The Artist s DecalogueI You will cherish Beauty God s shadow over the niverse II There is no art without God Although you say you do not love the Creator you will affirm Him by creating His likeness III You will not create beauty as bait for the senses but rather you will create the soul s natural nourishment IV Beauty will not be your excuse for luxury and vanity it is a divine exerciseV You shall not seek Beauty at carnivals and you will not bring your work to them because Beauty is virginal and what you find at carnivals does not belong in Beauty s realmVI Beauty shall rise from your heart in song and you shall be the first soul purified VII Your Beauty will also be called compassion and you will console the human heart VIII You will give birth to your work in the same way that a child is born by subtracting the blood of your heart IX Your Beauty will not be a sleep rendering opiate but rather a generous wine that inflames your actions If you cease being a genuine man or woman you will no longer be an artist X You will walk away from each creation with a sense of modesty because it was inferior to your dream and inferior to God s marvelous dream NatureI have had this book on my shelf for decades At some point I read about Mistral and couldn t find any of her writings in my local libraries So I purchased this and read at it over the years Thanks to the Book Riot challenge I finally read the whole bookI really like Mistral s poetry There were many poems like the one above that I stopped reread and then reread again Her language even though translated is beautiful I will continue to dip into these poems as I need to I did not find the prose as accessible That is probably my fault I know so little about Latin America. Ream no longer here is the breathtaking lifework of a most gifted and enigmatic muse” NAPRA Journa. ,

Gabriela Mistral: A Reader (Secret Weavers Series)I read carefully but these just didn t resonate fully though I liked some of the poems very much I feel as if this just wasn t my book But it could be yours Well written lyric poetry of nature mother hope The translator is my friend Maria Jacketti She spelled her last name differently at the time she translated this work This is the third book relevant to Gabriela Mistral that I ve read recently in connection with a seasonal poetry author in a group on GR I m coming to the conclusion that it is the group discussion that I am enjoying much than the actual poems So this worth reading for the discussion we ve been havingThere was a prose section at the end but my eyes weren t p to reading that I found some of the poetry really great and some of it to be rather bland I thoroughly enjoyed about 90% of the prose and thus another good read is relegated to three stars in the inane rating system that is the Goodreads website and phone app Every time I find another English translation of Gabriela Mistral s poetry I wish we had With much translated poetry I can see the original beauty if I suint a little *but so far what I ve read of Mistral seems to defy obfuscation This collection *so far what I ve read of Mistral
Seems To Defy Obfuscation This 
to defy obfuscation This in some brief prose works as well that also depict nature history and humanity s place in it love lossmotherhood and grief I m grateful for her work and I look forward to reading of it What the soul does for the body so does the poet for her peopleMistral s tomb inscription Montegrande Chile shared in GABRIELA MISTRAL A READER edited by Marjorie Agosin and translated from the Spanish by Maria Giachetti 1993 Mistral won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945 making her the first Latin American writer with this honor I read some of her translated prose and poetry last year and this new volume had many of the same poems this time by a different translator as well as many new to me poemsThere were no distinct difference in the translations between the duplicated works but the READER volume shared of her lyric poetry than the Selected Works volume did And I was surprised to see a I distinct eroticism in her writing that I hadn t seen beforeThe wild strawberry set apartin a leafy tentgives off fragrance before she is pickedBefore she is seen she blushedUntouched by birdsIt is heavens dewthe moistens the wild strawberryDo not bruise the earth do not sueeze the sweet one For her. Poems and prose by Latin America’s first Nobel Prize laureate“This beautiful anthology holds the.