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T in progressing in their elationships but Did It Anyways Despite Themselves And I it anyways despite themselves And I a eader had to suffer through their inner monologues of doubt and negativity Like come on if we e gonna be in this elationship let s do this if not let s not I don t want to hear or deal with too much of this wishy washy thoughts and back and forth nonsense who you think you are Aaliyah ip I thought it was fake funny how eluctant Poppy was about TK having andor picking up Ace but she was totally on board letting Vonnie whom she only knew for a little over UNDER A MONTH TO TAKE HIM a month to take him game and spend the night at her house At the end I had less than 60 pages left I skimmed the last bit by only eading some of the dialogue So there s thatI loved Ace he was super cute and enjoyable I enjoyed the topic of football players being a higher isk of getting a concussion I wasn t aware or even thought about those factors until watching a movie starring Will Smith called Concussion and I think it s very brave to bring forth that awareness especially when it comes to something popular as football where nobody eally wants to acknowledge the dangers of playing all they see is the culture of the game and not how the players are human beings isking their lives for other people s entertainment I liked how Poppy is outspoken That was something I wished Marlee was in book 1 I liked the idea of the protagonist being a single mother and having a healthy and amazing elationship with her child Hopefully when the disappointment of the book subsides my Esperanza renace rating will change but for it s a meh for me dog I m waffling on this one I thought I would for sure love this than INTERCEPTED because of the total lack of hashtags but ultimately things felt soushed so glossed over that some of the eal strengths of the characters just didn t get the focus they deserved This is a second chance omance with a particular trope I don t tend to love anyway but I thought it would at least get a three But some of the drama near the end just soured it for me I do like that Martin focused on very American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: George Ohr, Dusti Bonge, Walter Anderson, Richmond Barthe real and serious issues within the sport and had thateflected in a lead character not a side one and I ll probably ead on if there s to come in this series But I just felt this one wasn t as solid the the writing occasionally too simple to fully enjoy I eceived an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest Sitzungs-Berichte Der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde Zu Berlin: Jahrgang 1893 (Classic Reprint) review This is hands down my current favoriteomance series It s p much nonstop swoons from start to finish and I m obsesseddddd 3 4 STARS 3This series is so addictive I enjoyed the first book and I adored FumbledIt has the things I love in a good story it has a single mother and a second chance From Muslim to Christian Granada romanceShould I say The story was sweet and fun and heartwarming Poppy was a lovable and strong heroine you can easilyelate with her and love herTK wasn t my favorite from the beginning but while I continue eading I find myself liking him even The omance was so sweet my heart was melting with these twoThe writing was fantastic and the story fast paced and captivating I can t wait to Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures read books from Alexa Martin in the future Berkley Romance has been KILLING it with theomance these past few years I absolutely loved Intercepted by Alexa Martin when it came out last year and I was so excited to pick up Fumbled This was another omance in the Intercepted football world and I couldn t wait to dive in Poppy Patterson left everything she knew when she was 16 and pregnant to give her unborn child the life he deserves She s worked hard and now she has a life she s proud of and a little boy who is living the life he deserves When her high school boyfriend shows up where she works Poppy isn t too keen to let him back in when he hurt her so much ight before she left all those years ago TK Moore is a professional football player and is living the dream he worked so hard for in high school and college When he sees Poppy for the first time in years all of those old feelings come Domesticating Drink: Women, Men, and Alcohol in America, 1870-1940 rushing back Both Poppy and TK can t seem to stay awa I had enjoyed the first book in this series but when I heard this one was going to be about TK I was nearly beside myselfI loved Poppy She s so strong and sassy and underneath that awesome exterior she s a marshmallow I love how much she adored her kid and how fierce and loyal she was towards he. L sweetheart by his side but Poppy is long gone and he's moved on  When Poppy and TK cross paths in the most unlikely of places emotions they've suppressed for years comeushing back But with all the secrets they never told each other lying between them they'll need than a dating playbook to help them navigate their elationshi. ,

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After absolutely loving the audiobook for Intercepted I was eally looking forward to the elease of this latest book by Alexa Martin Sadly I was bored out of my mind I honestly would have uit it if I was not so thoroughly convinced that it HAD to get better based on my love for the prior book Spoiler alert it didn t get be The downside to The Art of Slow Writing: Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativity readingeally good arcs months before they The Life of Samuel Johnson reeleased is having to wait even longer for the next bookI started this book on my 30 minute lunch break and in 2 chapters the characters completely sucked me in That WAS AT 1230 IT S JUST at 1230 it s just 7pm and I already finished this BookIn Fanfiction I M fanfiction I m sucker for an athlete omance but in Fumbled there aren t any of the outlandishly stereotyped characters or tropes and I m completely in love with it TK was completely swoon worthy and I loved how he was always able to take a step back even in anger and see Poppy s point of view and compromise And Poppy I love a character who s sassy and speaks their mindA bonus for me was that though TK and Poppy are an interracial couple ace isn t a heavy part of the storyLoved it 3 12 stars A Wizard in Love rounded up because Ieally enjoyed hanging out with these characters Poppy Patterson didn t manage to get to college thanks to the unplanned appearance of her son and light of her life Ace when she was 16 years old But she s doing okay for herself waitressing at a Denver men s club that features aerialists Then TK Moore star wide eceiver for the Denver Mustangs and Poppy s don t call him my baby daddy though he doesn t know it yet suddenly eappears in her life How will she handle explaining the past 9 years to him around the irresistible attraction she still feels toward him I m a little torn about this book Poppy s voice is awesome just as Marlee s was in Alexa Martin s first book Intercepted I loved spending time in her head laughing at her worldview and her stumbles both literal and figurative I loved the girlfriends she has and makes And I Tigers in Normandy really loved her love for and enjoyment of Ace Reading this was just such a good time It has a cheerful sunny tone that brightened my life for the few days I spenteading it So it was a solid 4 star Presidential Secrecy and the Law reading experience for me But It s a ambitious story than Martin s first book what with the gritty family dynamics Poppy s parents kicked her out of the house when she got pregnant and they still aren t in her life Meanwhile TK s mother made it clear that a baby wasn t welcome in their family either and tried to get Poppy to get an abortion These are some heavy topics but theye treated with a determinedly light hearted tone and end up feeling a bit glossed over Think of how the TV show Jane the Virgin treats its sometimes dark ish plot lines if you watch that and that is the same tone as this book This whole side of the story never gets uite aired out and talked about in the way it deserves view spoilerIt s mentioned at least twice that Poppy texted TK to tell him she was pregnant It turns out that TK never got the text but his mom did Then when Poppy tried to call TK some girl answered the phone It s never explained whether TK thought he lost his phone or who that girl might have been And TK forgives his mom a lot easily and uickly than I would ever have managed I was also left wondering why Poppy would have given her kid her nickname for TK under these circumstances That ang slightly off to me hide spoiler please let this one not be filled with hashtags More like 275 starsLet me start off by saying that if I d ead book 2 I would have given it a 35 stars but seeing as I ead Intercepted first I m left with no choice but to feel this wayI ve anticipated this book the moment I finished book 1 in the series and waited for what seemed like a long time for book 2 It suuuuuuuuucks that I finish this book feeling highly dissapointed and uestioning whether I should pick up the 3 book What tainted my book feeling highly dissapointed and uestioning whether I should pick up the 3 book What tainted my experience was the fact that this book seems like the fraternal twin to Intercepted and that just bothered me to no end Like eally This book could have gone in another direction and explored so many other things and did at times the synopsis gave me the impression of this book holding so much potential instead this book chose to stick close to the first SmhIntercepted and Fumbled similarities Marlee and Poppy both are independent black women wit. A second chance doesn't guarantee a touchdown in this new contemporary omance from the author of InterceptedSingle mother Poppy Patterson moved across the country when she was sixteen and pregnant to find a new normal After years of hard work she's built a life she loves It may include a job at a nightclub weekend soccer games an. ,
Fumbled by Alexa MartinH jobs living in a low income area barely making it financially who fall for white football players from their past Marlee one night stand Poppy highschool sweetheart who both unexpectedly and City Schools: Lessons from New York randomly bump into them after years of having no contact with one anotherBoth uestion the idea of proceeding into aelationship with their love interests due to misunderstandings Marlee thought Gavin just wanted a fling Poppy thought TK wanted nothing to do with her after she breaks some news to him Both are wrong about their assumptions Both are hesitant to proceed into a The Widow's Lawman relationship with their love interests because of another person Marleeher ex boyfriend Chris who ends up hurting her and thus leaves her insecure and feeling unable to trust being in a committedelationship Poppy her son Ace whom She Wants To Protect And Not Have wants to protect and not have ending up getting his hopes up high and thus getting hurt in the end Both carry unconfident thoughts throughout the entire The Story Within relationships which plays aole in how they behave in their elationships and how much they present and hold back in their elationships Both have white woman who are envious of them which appears to be for no valid God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace reason at all Marlee any and all women except 2 that come in contact with her Poppy Rochelle groupies and some wives And some of these envious woman plot to hurtsabotageexpose the protaganists to the internetmediaBoth haveandom people who try to hurt them Marlee the drug dealer and a Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris random pair of drunk pedestrians on the train Poppy unknown stalkerBoth face confrontation from members of their love interests family Marlee Gavin s sister Poppy TK s momBoth have to deal with putting fans in their place after overhearing them talk bad about their love interests Both had obstacles within theirelationships which both ends with them having a break and not having to speak to their love interests for a time and then ends with them getting back together and living happily ever afterBoth work at HERS The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education receiving special treatment from the manager and both uit in the end because of theirelationships Both men are gorgeous Thor like football Gods who are the favorite out of all the football players on the team Nobody wants nobody else but them in the books Which is funny because in book 1 nobody talked about falling out in the middle of the damn street over no damn TK in book 1 Honestly I thought TK was black in book one but I m not even sure any lol Both seemed to magically activate present and past thoughts of Marlee and Poppy and hoardered them for years once they came in contact with them To this day it s hard for me to believe that Gavin couldn t stop thinking of Marlee for years after having a one night stand with her For TK it s believable because they have a long history together but let s NOT forget he was insistent and consistent on letting Marlee know if Chris didn t marry her he would I get he had other elationships but TK told Poppy he never stopped loving her relationships but TK told Poppy he never stopped loving her the other girls were nothing serious Both play their oles as super heros coming in to save the day whenever Marlee or Poppy ends up in danger Both are injured and both Marlee and Poppy are blamed for it Both come off as waaaaay too poetic in expressing and professing their love to Marlee and PoppyThis book was just waaaaaaay to similar to the point where I couldn t not notice and have it not effect my The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism reading experience And to make matters worse the writingcharactersdialogue came off as juvenile and wack I couldn t STAND Poppy sticking her tongue out Sadie and that damn glitter Like serious who the hell carries glitter around flinging it on people or throwing it in the air like they just don t care Who what when where WHY and how sway Just like Marlee Poppy had some issues she clearly needed to considerelease and heal from Poppy having a tough upbringing and being a young mom it seemed like she had a bit of anxiety or maybe she was just overly dramatic in how she Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution reacted to stuff ie constantly having to count to ten and breathe before sheesponded vomiting and nearly fainting when having to come to terms with the changes that would take place in her and her son s life Pinching herself to keep from fidgeting being emotional which I excuse Poppy seriously needed to meditate or do some yoga to clear her blocked and clogged chakras Both Marlee and Poppy where hesitan. D stretch marks than she anticipated but it's all hers and nobody can take that away Well except for one personTK Moore the starting wide A Kangaroo's Life receiver for the Denver Mustangs dreamt his entire life about being in the NFL His world is football parties and women Maybe at one point he thought his future would play out with his high schoo.