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Ld suggest starting with the original series written by RD Wingfield and then move on to the seuels partly because the original stories written by RD Wingfield are brilliant and give such a back story to Frost s character each and every one is a great story when the first preuel was released I was apprehensive as I felt another author would not be able to mimic the friendly but immersive story writing that the originals had and I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised The story is easy to follow but eeps you interested and the relationships occurring throughout the book are lovely to see evolve Since I actually saw the programme a Touch of Frost before I read any of the books I remember finding the first one I read in the local library in a large print book and excitedly showing it to my dad I may of been 1011 years old and the librarian checking with him that I was ok to borrow it due to it s adult themes Since then we have both been fans of the books and have eagerly awaiting the new releases So whenever I read the books I cannot help but imagine David Jason as Jack Frost and I did the exact same thing with this bookTo sum up I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I have all the other Frost series and I would recommend everybody read them A good read let down by the ending which seemed to have just been thrown together by the author uite disappointed overall For those who loved RD Wingfield s original crime series featuring DI Frost James Henry has recreated this dishevelled detective in earlier times Frost at Midnight is the fourth preuel in the seriesIt s 1983 and Denton CID are confronted with a dead body on top of a tomb in the local graveyard the case is instantly a PR nightmare as the body is Rachel Curtis a domestic violence victim who acting under coercion was jailed for murder but had now been released early Added to the now increased workload there are immediate problems as Detective Sergeant Waters is getting married and he s unable to attend the rehearsal with his best man Detective Inspector Jack FrostWith The Jack FrostWith the station in a state of flux a the officers get to grips with the new fangled computers and pagers everything is taking longer than it used to Jack isn t the only one who is sceptical of the use of these new additions to crime fighting Superintendent Mullett as ever has his priorities at total odds with Frost and it is only thanks to the habitual nifty footwork in ignoring his orders that the team have any chance of solving the crimeMeanwhile DC Sue Clarke has finally reached the end of her tether looking after a baby and having Frost sleeping on her sofa following the death of his wife is not compatible with a good life Sue wants to return to work but Mullett aka Hornrim Harry is reluctant And then a prostitute goes missing leaving a young boy to fend for himself and CID need all the help that they can getI ve enjoyed all the preuels that James Henry has written and found that the language and the characters have been ept faithful to the original books The sense of time with all the accompanying misogyny and racism along with the emerging new technologies are present and correct and a huge amount of my enjoyment is on a nostalgic level The plotting is well thought out with the sense of urgency mounting as the team try to wrap multiple strands of the investigation up before the wedding takes place It isn t just dead bodies and missing women there is also the mystery of the missing money left by a newcomer to Denton in a cement mixer along with the ever present worry of where Frost s next meal is coming from On that note the Frost in this book is chaotic even shabbier and perhaps a little less sharp although he has time to woo a couple of ladies I m really not sure of the appeal here as he deals with his changed personal circumstances In a modern crime book there would be trips to the force doctor and supportive colleagues discussing grief but this is 1983 and there is no DOUBT FROST IS STRUGGLING WITHOUT A SINGLE NOD TO Frost is struggling without a single nod to healthFrost at Midnight is another excellent preuel one that ept me thoroughly entertained as Denton once comes to life with all its myriad of characters and Frost s caring and clever mind fighting to the fore. Clarke but with a baby to take care of and the imminent arrival of her mother she’s given him his marching ordersBut as best man to Waters he’s got a responsibility to solve the mystery of the dead girl in the churchyard Can he put his own troubles aside and be the detective they need him to be All in all August looks set to be a wicked month in Denton.

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Frost at MidnightThe preuel Frosts have grown on me Yes there s still some things that feel wrong about another author s interpretations and some events inexplicably clash with occurrences explained elsewhere Frost s first name the timeline of his wife dying and his fashion and transport choices seem incongruous but the spirit is there It probably helps that there is far continuity with the supporting characters that in Wingfield s originals so we see Clarke Waters and Simms the younger develop alongside the few original cast members that have featured
throughout the spirit 
the spirit the times is also fairly well done being set in the early 80sGiven all that this was a pretty enjoyable read with a gripping enough storyline and just enough humour to overcome the exasperation with Frost s behaviour to eep the reader entertainedThe next one in order has a different author again I gather so will be interesting to see how that goes I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House UK Transworld Publishers for a review copy of Frost At Midnight the fourth preuel to R D Wingfield s original Frost seriesIt is summer 1983 and Frost is gearing up for his role as DS Waters best man but first they have to solve the murder of a young woman found dead on a gravestone in the church they were about to rehearse the wedding in The victim is Rachel dead on a gravestone in the church they were about to rehearse the wedding in The victim is Rachel jailed the previous year for shooting a security guard but recently released on mental health grounds not a popular decision in Denton At the same time 10 year Richard Hammond reports his mother Jane a local prostitute missing I thoroughly enjoyed Frost At Midnight It never drags and is full of sly humour from the dialogue to the way Frost runs rings round Superintendent Mullett aka Hornrim Harry I particularly liked the running gag about the stolen line marking paint and its very neat solution The plotting should appeal to most readers as Rachel s iller is unknown to the reader and provides a good old fashioned hunt the The Arcav Princes Captive (Arcav Alien Invasion, killer mystery while the readernows what happened to Jane so it s a watch the police catch up scenario It is hard to review a novel about Jack Frost without recalling David Jason s television role which I understand R D Wingfield hated but it s eually hard to remember the original creation as it must be at least 20 years since I read them I like this incarnation His personal life and hygiene might be in absolute chaos and outwardly his work life appears the same but he has a mind like a steel trap well able to best Superintendent Mullett and solve his crimes He is also a good judge of character and a ind man to his very loyal team when the situation reuires itFrost At Midnight is a very good addition to the series which I have no hesitation in recommending There are so many characters and possible culprits it s uite easy to get a bit lost when listening to the audio version of this novel But it certainly is a fun read so unlike the gritty and gory police procedurals that seem to be very popular today Homeless grimy and unkempt DI Frost enjoys winding up Superintendent Mullet who is such a pretentious buffoon I hope Mr Henry writes of these preuels This is the latest preuel in the DI Frost series that is being continued now by James Henry It is August 1983 Jack Frost is homeless after the death of his wife results in the upcoming sale of the matrimonial home He has been thrown out by DC Sue Clarke and scrambling around to find somewhere else he can lay his head A wedding rehearsal for DS Waters and Kim Myles with Frost as best man is delayed when a body of a young woman is found posed on a grave at the church by the lay verger Ben Weaver It turns out to be the notorious Rachel Curtis a woman involved in a previous high profile Denton police case Jack and DS Waters investigate her murder with the eye of the media firmly following developmentsAnother investigation is opened when a young boy Richard Hammond reports his mother Jane a local prostitute missing Frost has a bad feeling about this is convinced she is dead and organises a search for the body which turns up eventually The ineffectual Superintendent Mullett is desperate to be elected the Golf Club Chairman Hudson the banker is making his vote for him contingent on Harry Baskin firi. The fourth preuel to R D Wingfield's A TOUCH OF FROST for anyone who loved watching David Jason as Jack Frost and readers of sharply plotted detective crime novelsAugust 1983 Denton is preparing for a wedding Detective Sergeant Waters should be on top of the world with less than a week to go until he marries Kim Myles But the Sunday before the big day inste. Ng a pole dancer Karen Thomas FROM THE COCONUT GROVE CLUB AN the Coconut Grove Club An pressure Mullett tasks Frost with the job Mullett and Frost are locked in battles that Frost invariably wins in the end This means That DC Sue Clarke Returns To Work DC Sue Clarke returns to work maternity leave New resident Dominic Holland reports that cash left in a cement mixer for a local builder has been stolen after a party where the police were called Denton s traffic problems rocket when 200 gallons of yellow paint is stolen from the council Frost and his team are pushed to the limit to solve their cases in attempts to ensure that DS Waters nuptials go to planThis Frost preuel successfully capture the Frost and Denton of 1983 with the period details culture and the prevalent attitudes and prejudices of the time such as the casual sexism and racism Frost is in fine fettle utterly dishevelled hygienically challenged yet somehow successful with women He doesn t have a clue about computers but he cares about the people on his team His dogged determination to investigate despite obstacles and life getting in his way endears him to the reader A great addition to the Frost series Thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC I was in my teens and already well into crime fiction when the first TV episode of A Touch of Frost starring David Jason was aired I became a huge fan almost instantly I loved the scruffy insubordinate and yet compassionate detective The self obsessed Superintendent Mullett who is the sort of boss we all love to hate was portrayed to perfection by Bruce Alexander and the typically working class setting of the storylines was a welcome change for me from the Oxford University elite settin With only days to go until his wedding to fellow police officer Kim Myles Detective Sergeant Waters finds his preparations thrown into disarray when the body of a woman is found on a gravestone at the church where the ceremony is due to take place Coupled with the fact that his best man is the dishevelled Jack Frost this marriage looks doomed from the start When another local woman goes missing Frost nows that time is of the essence if he is to find her aliveFrost at Midnight is the fourth of the preuels to R D Wingfield s Touch of Frost the book that was the inspiration behind the incredibly popular TV series starring David Jason I can remember reading and enjoying Wingfield s books but feeling as though the character of Frost compared to the portrayal of him on TV was completely different a problem with watching the series before reading the books In Frost at Midnight however I found that I was imagining David Jason delivering the lines making this book a must read for all fans of the ITV showBy setting the preuels in the 1980s we get the opportunity to experience the opinions of the time such as the attitudes some people had towards black officers There are also some great cultural references firmly placing the book in 1983 Watching Frost attempting to come to terms with the new computers and his much hated pager was very reminiscent of the TV show where his filing system or lack of it left a lot to be desiredThe crimes within the book are well thought out and entertaining One of the cases is particularly gruesome and I had much sympathy for the poor officer who chanced upon the body Like all Frost books though there is an element of humour running throughout making this a gripping and enjoyable read There is definitely scope for further preuelsWith thanks to Random House UK Transworld Publishers and NetGalley for the ARC I have been a TV fan of Frost for years and then had the delight of finding the books and was totally charmed by them You can not help but associate David Jason as the wonderful rumpled Jack Frost To start reading him as so dirty and vile as this totally put me off and just could not put the two characters together Totally missed the mark for me and could not get past the first couple of chapters If you are going to carry on with a beloved character like this please do not take it upon your self to change them I would recommend the Frost series of books to any body that wanted a good police story the characters are well written likeable and I think really add a great dimensions to the stories I wou. Ad of a run through with his best man the church is sealed off The body of a young woman has been found in the churchyard and their idyllic wedding venue has become a crime sceneDetective Inspector Jack Frost has been homeless for the past three months ever since his wife’s family sold the matrimonial house He’s been staying with Detective Constable Sue.

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