Freedom Is a Constant Struggle [Pdf Free]

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A brilliant collection of interviews and speeches by Angela Y Davis concerning racism activism feminism state violence and I read this over a period of two days but I think it would be better to read an interview or essay a week as it becomes repetitive after a while if You Read Them All At read them all at if you read them all at once world needs Angela Davises She is incredible compassionate intelligent insightful and passionate about creating an eual world for all These ualities shine through on every page of this bookThough my interest waned towards the end it was because I read it all at once instead of over time It still deserves the 5 stars I m rating it I will be reflecting on Ms Davis words for some time to come Freedom is still expansive than civil rightsI have been doing a One Too Many Blows To The Head lot of thinkingately about what was excluded from my education Why are some voices or contributions eft out Is it simply a factor of a formula that there are only so many hours in a day so many days in Black History month or could there be other philosophies in play Why do we only teach about civil disobedience that is peaceful and within a Christian framework So Martin Luther King Jr yes Malcolm X and Angela Davis no Is it that she s a woman A Communist I make no accusations I do think it is interesting to think about I finally heard Davis s name in Invisible Man Got the Whole World Watching and decided to read Davis has been a radical activist for decades She goes back to Black Panther Party days although she did not stay a member for ong choosing the Communist party over the BPP when faced with the directive to choose She still worked closely with the social justice mission of the party and has ever since This book is slim partially composed of a written interview exchange between Davis and the editor and finished up with transcriptions of recent speeches Davis has given Because of this structure there is a fair amount of repetition but this does demonstrate which issues are prominent militarization of police getti. In these newly collected essays interviews and speeches world renowned activist and scholar Angela Y Davis illuminates the connections between struggles against state violence and oppression throughout history and around the worldReflecting on the importa. Freedom Is a Constant StruggleNg rid of prisons systemic racism Palestine immigration actually et s et Davis sum up the issuesHere we are in the twenty first century and we still can t say that we have affordable housing and health care and education has thoroughly become a commodity It has been so thoroughly commoditized that many people don t even know how to understand the very process of acuiring knowledge because it is subordinated that many people don t even know how to understand the very process of acuiring knowledge because it is subordinated the future capacity to make money Davis is a radical but I enjoyed pushing my thinking farther than it usually goes A few of her ideas I wanted to do research on so I was not agreeing with her on everything but to be fair not disagreeing either just my first exposure to some of the ideas I admire her ifelong commitment to these causes I can t imagine where she finds the emotional energy to persistOh and one uotation because it made me augh We recently witnessed the reelection of Barack Obama By this time everybody who may have been hoping that Obama was the messiah realized that he was simply the president of the United States of America Simply the president of the racist imperialist United States of America We Are All So Lucky To all so ucky to alive at the same time as Angela Davis I need to talk about this one either on my channel or on my blog or both but in the mean time everyone else should read itThe discussion on my channel so far A fast paced series of speeches interviews and essays Freedom Is a Constant Struggle examines how ostensibly disparate social movements around the world in fact share deep and meaningful connections that might ink them together in a global struggle for human iberation Across ten pieces of writing I urge everyone to read this Inform yourself about Palestine the Prison industrial complex abolition movements Black freedom struggles and many other interconnected struggles This book consists of interviews and speeches by Angela Y Davis and it s such an important read I couldn t recommend it enough Interviewing is an art form It reui. Nce of black feminism intersectionality and prison abolitionism for today's struggles Davis discusses the If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India legacies of previousiberation struggles from the Black Freedom Movement to the South African anti Apartheid movement She highlights connections and.