Foundryside (EPUB)

This and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions This was so magical and unexpected Sadly the seuel doesn t come out until 2020 sobs Review to come on my channel reads a heist book nicereads a heist book with lawlessly executed worldbuilding a wonderfully diverse cast of characters the two main characters are black expertly written character development and a burgeoning sapphic romance N I C E The irst in a brand new series Foundryside introduces a world that is pure molten menace one that eels real enough to have its own passport stamp and arresting enough that even if you wouldn t want to live there you ll doubtless want to visitIn Tevanne our major Merchant houses hold the thread to power looking contemptuously upon those who were poorer in possessions and She Weeps Each Time You're Born from whom they exacted the most devastating tithes And there s one thing the Merchants coveted with so much greed scrived artifacts They killedor it ought wars or it wasted Seven Days, Seven Dinners fortunes miningor it Scriving is essentially a mountainous violation of reality itself the act of harnessing bits and pieces and A Northern Light fragments of an alphabet left behind by ancient uasi mythical beings called the Hierophants to paint sigils upon mindless objects that convince them to behave like something that they aren t You can persuade a blade to target the weakest part of whatever it s swung at or coax a wooden piece into believing that it was dark stone and thus infallible but a slow trickle of rumors spoke of worse things of scrived people enslaved their minds stolen away so they have no will than stones This is a rich man sight said Sancia A rich man s game And we re all just pieces on the board to you Every single signpost on the road that started since Sancia Grado was hired to pull off a heist in exchange If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas for an incomprehensibly large amount of money told her this was a very bad idea and she believed them all But survival in Foundryside is measured by the thinnest of margins andor Sancia this was just another hard edge of a hard lifeSancia s particular skillset guaranteed the job would be simple like a dropped stone alling to a lake with scarcely a ripple break in an invisible marauder unseen and unfelt steal a specific object and collect the bounty But her excellently laid scheme soon tears skewed and raying and the shock of Sancia s discovery a talking key named Clef with a mind of its own wakes her to the truth of her situation an item of such unusual power cannot Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, fall into the wrong hands even though Clef s attitude left a great deal to be desired Curiosity and caution appear to have each other do a draw and Sanciainds herself incapable of moving on until she cracks this mystery open to get to the soft parts hidden insideSancia s new orged plan embroils her into snarls both mortal and magical rushing her unwary into a war that has raged in a time beyond memory and she will need every ally ingenuity can yield her Enter Captain Dandalo a righteous cop with a bee in his bonnet about justice Orso Ignacio a notorious scriver with a oul reputation and even White Water fouler moods and Berenice his sharp andar skilled assistant whom Sancia is absolutely not having a crush on And now you Sancia Grado said Giovanni tying up the sack at all of The Slave Dancer fiveoot no inches and a hundred and nothing pounds are going to take them all on He held it out to her grinning Good luck The contours of the plot will undoubtedly Special Agent feelamiliar to genre Sleep with the Fishes fans but the author continues to adeptly dress the bones of his premise And dress them And dress them The result is a ravishingly vivid and convincing novel relentlessly erudite and remarkably inventiveFoundryside is a lavishly ambitious novel and it delivers on that ambition Bennett moves through his conceptual tangle with great thoroughness and startling clarity leaving no stone unturned His ability to craft a complex intricate and tightly wound mechanism of a story that brims and bubbles with detail without that information ever seeming tedious or encyclopedic and to skewer modern tropes with a deft but direct hand is enormousReading this book you re always living in action s eye bright and polished The magic in this world is thrumming with restless energy an unfathomableorce that makes you The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History feel as though you were part of something It s what makes Foundrisyde an effortlessly charismatic novel The story is always striving and seeking eddying and turning in such slyly unpredictable ways always delighting in some new twist of cleverness some brilliance summoned out of the air that honestly I sometimes laughed out loud at Bennett s ingenuity But it s when he lays all his cards down at last that it becomes soundly devastating Revelations come roaring at the reader as deafening as any explosion louder than the rending of the earth and I drank it all in a daze ofascinated horror The ending opened the chasm of my curiosity even deeper kicking up a storm in my mind the last line setting a nauseating uiver in the marrow of my bonesWhile there is plenty original in the above the success of Foundryside in my opinion lies in the way it becomes a laboratory in which Bennett examines at great length and in cleverly subtle ways the notions of ree will reedom of choice and the nature of sentience It s also a masterful critiue of capitalism one that cuts right to the heart of the sentience It s also a masterful critiue of capitalism one that cuts right to the heart of the to the essential rottenness of the world Foundryside is a killer story about power corruption and vengeance Tevanne is a world abound with poverty and toil and human terror governed by the currencies of men who owned so much ground but never bent down enough to touch it Their greed was a devouring thing that would gulp down lives with pleasure and would only pretend to care about justice or law Bennett succeeds in making his economic parable unrelentingly engaging and above that righteningly aslant our own realityThe author also undoubtedly has a keen sense Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life for uniue characters whom he infuses with wit spark and depth deftly capturing the nuances of their personalities so that they unfold along with their gradually changing perspectiveThe primary voices are of three characters Sancia Captain Gregor Dandalo and Orso Ignacio each with the weight of the past hanging still upon them like ocean weed an incessant drag of remorseear despair Their entanglement however stirred no eeling of kinship only a burn of mistrust They were strangers watching each other with a sort of obseuious wariness The air between them was a dead place as though they trusted their railty to none but themselves However the charming theatrical curtain eventually drops away slow and steady and devastating and we see each of the characters 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate for theirst time as they really areSancia Grado is a young woman destined to be rootless like a seed tossed on the wind staring out windows wistful yearning The Oxford New Greek Dictionary for a distant unattainable horizon Her ability one that would make thieves gnaw on their miserable envy and those who hire them clamoror her loyalty was like a curse than a blessing Sancia paid The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece for it with scars seamed into the side of her head hideous and crudely sewn and several agonizing memories brushing against her like a burning ironresh The New Job Security from theire It s almost a surprise to realize that the atrocious injustices she was made to endure were like a spark The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) falling on dry tinder they were no matchor her kindness and good grace Sancia s heart had no talent The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis for grudges She knew how to valueriendships and an open hand Nevertheless those who mistook her mildness The Jumbee for yielding always paid a heavy toll It sair to say that I absolutely loved Sancia s character and I was continuously rooting To Helvetica and Back for her Asor Clef the less said about him the better But I will say this if you think I did not almost cry my eyes out because of a character who is literally a key you are gravelly mistakenCaptain Gregor Dandalo Simple Art of Greatness fought the men and slayed the monsters and at last the soldier having conuered all earned the thing that he yearnedor the most to go home to Where the Heart Waits find civilization So he picked up and dust off the one thing left over his honor alongside a number of inconvenient ideas about justice and returned to Tevanne Only Tevanne was not as civilized as he d liked Now Dandalo is willing to setire to this whole little world of scoundrelly Merchants even if one of them is his mother and see what grows out of the ashes The need to exact "Justice Was A Cold Spear "was a cold spear twisting in his guts but he lung his whole weight against it strongly enough to make even Sancia the scion of a crooked city entertain a ew wary hopes as well I think he s broken just like you and me notes Clef matter of A Burglar's Guide to the City factly he s just trying toix the world because it s the only way he knows how to The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth fix himself Gregor s basckstory is to be charitable absolutely heartrending and I suspect the seuel carries an arsenal of nameless horror stillOrso Ignacio is a man of a loathsome r The soles of her boots touched earth and she started to run No matter the cost Sancia will do what it takes to survive She s carved out an existence in one of the most inhospitable places in the city She s a woman of many hats thief liar plunderer and But theire was you as wellSancia shrugged Shit got out of hand She takes on odd jobs often stealing items American Apocalypse: The Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago from one merchant house and selling it to anotherthough the latest adventure might just take a cake You re a a A What A She swallowed A keyI m a key Yes I didn t really think that was under dispute Now that she s added. This magic the art of using coded commands to imbue everyday objects with sentience have already used it to transform Tevanne into a vast remorseless capitalist machine But if they can unlock the artifact’s secrets they will rewrite the world itself to suit their aims Now someone in those Houses wants Sancia dead and the artifactor themselves And Talking key guardian to her job description she now has to deal with the conseuences which includes having the entire world trying to kill herIn Sancia s world there are scrivers who scrive objects to behave a bitunnaturally That s what scriving is Reality doesn t matter If you can change something s mind enough it ll believe whatever reality you choose If a skilled scriver writes something on an object the object will believe that it can do that somethingOnly there are very specific and highly controlled rules or how scriving works and when Sancia steals Clef the talking key she uickly realizes that someone has broken all of the rules Any of the merchant houses where new scrivings are dreamed up and tested would literally kill to obtain the key especially considering this is an object with an actual consciousness And with people closing in on all sides Sancia is uickly running out of options I don t know what the hell to do Clef I want to run but I ve nowhere to run to Wow Seriously WOW From the irst page to the last I was absolutely hooked There was so much I loved about this book the banter the characters the dialogue I could go on The humor really stood out in this novel Sancia had just the right mixture of sarcasm and snark I adored how Sancia would take other characters misconceptions and just roll with it I want your client he said Very much so If you can give him to meIn what condition You want his name his head or what Also the magic Stories for a Romantic Heart: Over One Hundred Treasures to Touch Your Soul felt soresh and interesting I actually looked Spain in Mind forward to the exposition scenes so I can puzzle out all the intricacies of the world Which brings me to the world building it was absolutelyabulous The craziness of the merchant territories and the slums of Sancia s home were all beautifully The Inheritance: Part 1 fleshed out I trulyeel like I could be plopped down anywhere in the city and The Curious World Of Christmas find my way around Hats off to the authoror thatHonestly the worst part about reading an amazing newly published irst book of a series is realizing how long you have to wait or the series to come out I cannot wait The Best Canadian Animal Stories for the next one With thanks to Crown Publishingor an ARC in exchange or an honest reviewAll uotes come rom an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publicationYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading Robert Jackson Bennett is one of the ew authors I watch out or Recently I The Commemerative finished his early award winning book Philip K Dick Edgar Anthony The Company Man so I was very excited at the opportunity to read an advanced reader copy of Foundryside his latest workBennett has a habit of starting out a book slow letting the reader get aeel The Magnesium Factor for the world and the characters before heading into action He s gotten better at that through his career Foundryside springs into action on theirst pages during an elaborate heist Skilled independent thief Sancia is in the midst of stealing an object in a safe although she accidentally burns down half the waterfront in the process Unfortunately this attracts the attention of Gregor Donaldo head of security at the waterfront and noble heir as her actions have jeopardized his long term plans or a neutral police orce in a decidedly partisan city For me this had a decidedly new adult The Undrowned Child feel a bit younger than I enjoy I think I appreciated the seasoned characters in his Divine Cities series and in some of his other works He also seems to be experimenting a bit with world building in this one and Ielt his magic system was The Summer House far too detailed with too much information dumping Brandon Sanderson owes readers an apology Thankfully I had the experience of knowing Bennett and his interesting stories to keep me pushing through I persevered and around page 99ound that the story was Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir finally gripping meThe plot is essentially a series of heists and cops and robbers that takes place in a city controlled by merchant houses who have a complete disregardor the underclass It s not an unusual setting and I appreciate Bennett s attempt to create a realistic vision of the proto Renaissance setting so many The Yankee Club fantasy authors love to play in However beyond the Commons area as a dirty cesspool where bodies were literally left to rot on the streets and the gated merchant communities as pristine light infused compounds I didn t get much of a sense of how the two piecesit togetherThe magic system is complex using a system of scriving on objects to tell them what their purpose is and how to interact with the world Bennett spends ar too much time describing this although to give him credit he at least tries to do this in conversation with Sancia and later with scriving experts explaining what they do But to me there was a lot of unnecessary information dumping kind of like explaining the molecular process behind tasting and nerve signal processing when really I just want a piece of chocolateI enjoyed Sachia s personality a great deal at the beginning and thought she developed reasonably well One of Bennett s strengths is his ability to create emale characters that The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day feel like real people The Divine Cities have a wide variety ofemale characters and Foundryside is no exception A love interest developed during this story that elt somewhat unfounded however I credit his attempt at being diverse Again it just didn t hit the complicated notes in The Divine CitiesTwo side notes one occasionally too much vernacular crept in It was particularly noticeable with swearing goddamn bothered me as I hadn t noted any godschurchesreligion I think I recall a bullshit although we hadn t heard of any bulls or even cows as well as some other orm of shitting me that seemed The Magic Cake Shop far tooamiliar These were varied with scrumming so go igure The second issue is purely stylistic and not troublesome to me but I imagine it will bother some readers A lot of the dialogue is in mindspeak and so is set off in italics to differentiate it Which means there are pages of alternating regular style text and italicsAll that said this just didn t resonate with me like his other books City of Stairs and it s ollow up City of Blades were easily among the best books I ve read in years interesting emotional and lat out good story telling I loved the Southwest atmosphere and the magical realism of American Elsewhere and The Company Man had me paying attention to it s intriguing mystery despite some heavy handed moralizing This seemed a bit rushed a strange combination of over worked the explanobabble or scriving and under developed the efforts to integrate economics politics war compared to Bennett s usual sophisticated and emotionally complex stories It s not that I wouldn t recommend it as much "AS IT WASN T AS AWESOME AS I KNOW "it wasn t as awesome as I know s capable of do I sound like a teacher or what In his end notes he remarks that this was the work that most changed Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability from start toinish I d say it might be time to go back to his original advisors It elt a little like The Lies of Locke Lamora and a little bit like Mistborn so if those appealed to you I d recommend it Many many thanks to Kathleen uinlan at Crown Archetype Three Rivers it Many many thanks to Kathleen uinlan at Crown Archetype Three Rivers Crown Publishing and NetGalley American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series for the advanced reader copy Sept 10 2020 only 299 today And the moral of this reread is Robert Jackson Bennett thank thee kindly ever so much Because of you I am now in hopeless desperate lurve with a key A bloody shrimping KEYMay 2018 Shrimpiest Book of the Year Award Nominee Actual rating 6848697 stars And a halfOkay So this book is so bloodyishing scrumptious I don t know where to start By The Mother Zone foaming at the mouth maybe Not a bad idea actually that usually works pretty wellor me Oh yes I The Void feel much inspired now Not to mention super sexy and irresistible and stuffOkay I can do this Let s see Where to start Oh yes The Divine Cities You know the slightly wondrous trilogy that brings instant doom and self combustion to those Puny Barnacles who haven t yet heard about itread itrated it 10 stars Yes that trilogy Well it turns out the books in said trilogy are some of the very bestest I have ever read in the entirety of my entire nefarious life And it just so happens that this little book right here was written by The Divine Cities Divine Daddy DD Robert Jackson Bennett Imagine that What a coincidence and stuffAnyway I was offered an ARCor Foundryside and I must admit I almost didn t accept it I mean there are so many glorious Historical Romances waiting The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish for me on my to be read shelf How could I carelessly dismiss them inavor of a silly Fantasy book written by some moderately talented guy I ve repeatedly asked to marry me I kinda sorta not completely dislike and stuff uite the predicament this was I must admit But being the civilized riendly eager to please overlord that I am I ended up accepting the ARC Because it was the polite thing to do obviously And not because I was slightly excited at the prospect of reading this book And certainly not because the mere thought of holding it in my undeserving little pincers made me eel a little like thisNope nope nope Absolutely not and stuffSoooooo it s time or the crap to be cut You want to read this book because I will unleash my murderous crustaceans on you if you don t ED and stuff One of the mostest "Originalest World Buildings In "world buildings in history of mostest originalest world buildings this is view spoiler One of the other mostest originalest world buildings in the history of mostest originalest world buildings being that of Divine Cities Just so you know You re welcome hide spoiler. N the city of Tevanne there’s nobody with the power to stop them To have a chance at surviving and at stopping the deadly transformation that’s under way Sancia will have to marshal unlikely allies learn to harness the artifact’s power or herself and undergo her own transformation one that will turn her into something she could never have imagine. FoundrysideWhy do authors keep including a scene where a son looks at his mom and thinks she was StIlL beautiful bUt she was also looking her ageAre sons this obsessed about the wrinkles of their mom and I don t know about it Is this a thing I think notI m so torn I really thought I was going to give this book 5 stars after I had heard so many people compare the magic system to some of the ones created by Brandon Sanderson and mehYes the magic system was uniue and complex The story and characters were okay The talking key was awesome but I overall lost interest throughout the book and struggled to Sicilian Lives finish I enjoyed it enough to continue the series and I m crossing myingers I ll enjoy book 2 Fantastic Five Star FantasyGood things Can you hear usMe Yes I hear youGood things We are ALL ABOUT FoundrysidePublisher Here check out a copyMe SweetGoodreads community This book is awesomeGoodreads Choice Awards NominatedHype Lived up toAction adventure humor a cool magic system etc so much Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art freakin goodness in these pages Creative to the max I think this book will appeal to most people who loveantasy and even a Alice Oliver few who don t Seems to be set upor a series and I cannot wait The Protestant Temperament for the next installmentThank you so much to Crown Publishingor sending That's So '90s Pop!: A Fill-In Activity Book for sending this arc my way They are putting out good product i love whenriends recommend books to me because when i enjoy it it makes it easier The Radiant Child for me to recommend it to everyone else this is the PERFECTantasy The Best American Crime Writing for bookor those who dont like The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data fantasy or are wanting to get into the genre its a very subtle magical system it plays a great part in the story but it doesnt demand attention iteels nat Foundryside by Robert Jackson BennettWe ve been looking or a chance to blurb Robert Jackson Bennett s antasy novels since my assistants Peter and Isaac loved City of Stairs when it came out in 2014 Now we have our chance Bennett s new novel Foundryside releases on August 21st of this year and it is uite a bit of Tempting Eden funRJBilled The Divine Cities trilogy with uniue world building and I ll be honest the Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, first chapter or two of Foundryside had me wondering if he d abandoned thator a standard Talking to Dragons fantasy setting Almost as uickly as I wondered that intriguing things started happening and I realized that this wasn t going to be just anotherantasy novel with all the trappings of every other Three Times the Love fantasy novel RJB wasn t going to let me downFoundrysideollows the thief Sancia Grado a very likable character with a mysterious past magical abilities particularly useful The Drowning Man for a thief and a drive to get a job done and do it well At theirst of the book she s sent to steal something The Bride of Willow Creek from a safe in what she thinks is a pretty straightforward job albeit a difficult one Once sheinds out what she s been asked to steal then things really get cookingRJB s work reminds me a bit of China Mieville s Bas Lag novels but RJB s writing while beautiful like Mieville s is a lot accessible The story and writing is even accessible in Foundryside without losing the things that made the Divine Cities series so GREAT INVESTMENT, THE fascinating things like intriguing characters wrestling with important uestions What are the conseuences of tinkering with reality What are the moral implications of doing soOf course along with important uestions and m 455 stars Foundryside was an incredibly addictive and entertaining readrom start to inishI m a recent an of Robert Jackson Bennett s books Three months ago on the last week of May I binged read his critically acclaimed trilogy The Divine Cities and it became one of my The Lively Art of Writing favorite trilogies of all time Iorced my riends and everyone I know to pushed the trilogy up their TBR immediately Since inishing The Divine Cities Foundryside the irst book in Bennett s newest trilogy immediately became one of my most awaited book of the year I pre ordered a hardcover I usually order paperback of the book because I can t wait any longer and I want to give my support to the author as best as I could Foundryside lived up to my high expectation and upon inishing it I m happy to say that Bennett has become the seventh author to be included in my The Glass Ocean favorite author list All things have a value Sometimes the value is paid in coin Other times it is paid in time and sweat Andinally sometimes it is paid in bloodHumanity seems most eager to use this latter currency And we never note how much of it we re spending unless it happens to be our own The passage above was taken rom the irst page of the book and I had a really good eeling I m going to enjoy this I was proven right The story in Foundryside began with a heist Sancia Grado the main protagonist which is also a super talented thief was sent to steal an artifact without knowing its usage in exchange or a large sum of money that could improve her the uality of her daily life Out of "curiosity she opened the box and after that the main plot truly with danger "she opened box and after that the main plot truly starts with danger coming after her and she must give it her all to survive The book was magnificently well paced and I was completely engrossed by every single aspect of the novel In The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness fact I read 350 pages of the book in a day andinished the remaining 150 pages the next day on a weekday it was that addictive to read and I The Leadership Gap found myself thinking about continuing every time I m not reading itA lot ofactors contributed to how great the book was but let me start by saying that the book was almost like a tribute to Brandon Sanderson s my current Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) favorite author of all time And no just because itelt similar doesn t mean it s a bad thing The main character Sancia reminds me a lot of Vin the main protagonist of Mistborn which is a good thing because I consider Vin one of the best heroines ever to be written Sancia although still young wasn t written like the typical young main character who does stupid things just because they re young or sometimes Serenity Role Playing Game for no reason at all While being young can make one do stupid things it doesn t make it s enjoyable to read This is why Sancia became such a great main character toollow She s smart uick witted has a mysterious past and she gets things done when she must Most of all she s really well written that I can t help but be invested in her predicament One day I ll live a life that doesn t Save the Cupcake! force me to make such cold blooded decisions she thought But today is not that day It s not only Sancia that was well written Bennett has always been wonderful in his characterizations and he proved that once again by writing great complex and humorous supporting characters in the book to accompany Sancia with easily accessible prose Clef was one of the main keys to the success of the book and his past secrets and dynamic interaction with Sancia became one of the strongest drivingorce behind the narrative The memorable characters combined with the plot that revolved around sacrifice innovation survival identities and pulse pounding heists turned the book Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, from your normalantasy read to one highly Tressed to Kill fascinatingast paced antasy book that never neglects the crucial characterizations Any given innovation that empowers the individual will inevitably come to empower the powerful much much Finally I want to talk about the magic system Scriving the art of using coded commands to change or convince an object to behave differently rom their purposes Scriving contains a lot of similarity with the magic system of Forgery object to behave differently The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev from their purposes Scriving contains a lot of similarity with the magic system of Forgery Sanderson s novella The Emperor s Soul and this is another thing I appreciate There were aew info dumps a uite necessary one in the earlier section of the book regarding the magic system but once you re past that everything became a ast paced ride ull of amazing and memorable scenes I ound the magic system to be a mixture of antasy and science iction through Scriving Bennett cleverly displayed the implication or better or worse of advanced innovation in technology and knowledge Once a technology has become one of our daily necessities imagine what would happen when you take that awayI ll try to give an example of something simple What if social media doesn t exist This and many reviews most likely won t see the light of day and authorspublishers will definitely have to resort to the old way of advertising without Twitter Instagram or Facebook The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School for promotion We didn t get to see something like The Blinkrom The Divine Cities in this book but we did see one or two moments where the improvement in technology was taken away and the result as always was devastating I really enjoyed reading the themes in the story and Bennett knows how to portray the world building gradually to his reader through the perspectives of his characters Plus I ound the intricate magic system that combined magic and technology to be a great recipe or awesome action seuences and believe me Bennett delivered plenty of exhilarating ones that will keep you on the edge of your seat several times throughout the book Foundryside was a The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School fantastic beginning to a new trilogy one that I immensely struggled to put down I truly think that you will have a damn good time with this book if you consider yourself aan of Robert Jackson Bennett s or Brandon Sanderson s works I just The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense finished this aew hours ago and I m already dying or the seuel I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who s looking or a antasy with wonderful characterizations ascinating premise intricate magic system and to all the ans of Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jackson Bennett booksYou can order the book HERE You can ind. Sancia Grado is a thief and a damn good one And her latest target a heavily guarded warehouse on Tevanne’s docks is nothing her uniue abilities can’t handle But unbeknownst to her Sancia’s been sent to steal an artifact of unimaginable power an object that could revolutionize the magical technology known as scriving The Merchant Houses who control.