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Forgive Us Deliver Us #3Ff the books and without Lilianna s knowledge to Trace Though Micah and Trace s affair may have begun because of pure mutual attraction they began to rely on each other or other types of support as well Micah also began to train and work as a Dom at Diadem As a switch it gave him a chance to experience the other side of things but also gave him an excuse to be around Trace as often as he liked That s where Forgive Us picks up Micah has developed this multi layered relationship with Trace most of which Lilianna is oblivious ofJack Sounds like a complex web of lives and loves Now Forgive Us is the main novel in the Society of Masters project Can you tell us a little about the SoM project What is it exactlyLynn The Society of Masters project is the merging of the worlds of the Deliver Us series and the Don t series That means all of the characters rom both series Gabe Dare Trace Micah Gray Jack and Jan to name a ew all exist in the same universe on the same timeline A ew of them share history which you ll learn about in Forgive Us and all of them will be interacting with each other in a lot of different ways across multiple worksSomething many of my readers might not yet realize is that most of my books exist in the same universe and there are subtle connections sprinkled across them to unite the storylines Forgive Us is directly connected to characters and organizations in Whatever The Cost and my orthcoming release Song of the Lonesome Cowboy The Society of Masters project means that this broad universe just got a hell of a lot bigger by also encompassing the brilliant work of my co conspirator Jack L Pyke and the Don ti series It opens doors to endless tantalizing possibilitiesJack What plans do you have One Good Life: My Tips, My Wisdom, My Story for the Deliver Us seriesLynn My next two releases in the Deliver Us series will be preuels both of which will be included in aorthcoming anthology of Deliver Us shorts The irst is a short story titled Divine Surrender and it s the tale of how Kyle and Ben irst met and became involved with each other Kyle was only a teenager Ben was a Dom at Diadem The second is a short story titled about Gabriel and Darrek s tropical anniversary trip to a private BDSM resort This trip was mentioned briefly in From Temptation but Pleasures of Paradise takes a in depth look at what happened I m really excited to share these two They re both a lot lighter in tone than the rest of the series and meant to be un sexy readsI am also about to begin work on the 4th book in the Deliver Us series titled Our Sins Thus ar in the series a lot of what the guys have dealt with centered on coming to terms with their pasts Our Sins will ocus on the present and uture of the group They ll begin to look outside their small circle or help support and riendship rom the larger BDSM community around them There will also be tie ins with a ew of my other novels including Whatever the Cost Song of the Lonesome Cowboy Bound by Lies and my Natural Blonde forthcoming book Loving the Master a spinoff of Bound by Lies with David and Shea David was also trained by the Master s CircleJack I know what music you listened to during the writing of From Temptation it was very dark and emotional Did that change at allor Forgive Us What did you listen to when you were writingLynn I did have a different musical strategy Crazy train tries to become a daisy chain The runaway train is brought back under control as the insanity prevalent in the irst two books in prevalent in the irst two books

in series is 
series is back That doesn t mean there isn t the wild carousel of acts and surprise appearances it just means the main characters aren t wielding deadly weapons against each others mental well being Enter Gray the calm in the storm and meet Trace as you ve never known himThere is a series crossover occurring with this book rom Lynn Kelling s Deliver Us and Jack Pyke s known himThere is a series crossover occurring with this book Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda from Lynn Kelling s Deliver Us and Jack Pyke s Circle Gray Jack and Jan are the stabilizingorce in chaos of Diadem The synergy turns out well Gabriel and Darrek are still a mess Events paranoia and their own issues are driving that train And Micahyeah no big surprise that this is the implosion of the book The total disregard or mental health counseling is upsetting beyond belief I HATE the use of BDSM in lieu of appropriate healthcare The situation in this book is something that reuired counseling and not talking about it is the problem and perpetuating the myth that the magic penis will save you is gross negligence in this instance Honestly the weakest point in this series or me has been that every character has been completely mental and in need of assistance and while it is addressed there is the implication that only persons suffering psychologically would be BDSM participants If this was levied against other groups it would be chastised and as entertaining as the series maybe I m going to call it on the mat What un is in store Wax play sounding electric play medical play whipping strapping and the list goes on As usual the raw grittiness and sensuality of the sex scenes are the highlight of the book So plan some Me time when starting Love the scenes and their creativity and sadism but the story itself due to the sheer wtfuckery makes me disengage at times Before it was bed and uck with your head roulette Now Gray is reaming Trace over his handling of Diadem and the boys Gray s running roughshot over everyone and everything That said there are some If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song fun scenes as each person is run through and set straight Lives are torn apart and pieced back together again slightly differently And the suspense aspect of the story is ratcheted up big time including the psychological and physical torture Gray s on top of everything Everything Let s just say some of the three letter agencies mentioned in this seem to be a bit mixed up in regards to jurisdiction Overall of a suspense than melodramatic ending to the series which I appreciated Gray s appearance in the story toned down a lot of the absolutely mental behavior and substituted it with ironisted Dom ination And manages to end with a pretty bow on it Wag of the Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford finger to Ben s endeavor at the end of the story Something I really despise but thankfully it was reservedor the end and was minimally distracting but still annoying Author commentary about writing should be saved Ready for Summer for another venue and not within the book one is writing I know it may not bug everyone but it is a major pet peeve of mine My rating was affected by my need and hopes after reading the series that the characters wouldind a good place in the end and I have to admit I was satisfied I strongly advise these books not be read individually Favorite uote because it shows reinsertion of sanity Hallelujah He doesn t need your apologies He needs you to make him Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech feel safe Reviewedor. For help A coerência textual from the world he tried to leave behind the Master’s Circle in England Tensions rise to aever pitch as Trace’s hidden truths shake up the lives of everyone in his tangled tight knit Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller family MM For content labels and excerpt see details on publisher's si. Loved these men that Lynn Kelling gave to us the second time around But with this book I could not have loved any of them than I did Trace Micah and especially Dare had my heartluttering and me reading as Dogs Behaving Badly fast as I could even though I never wanted this book to end But not only did I have the great joy of spending time with Lynn s wonderful men I had the chance to spend time with three other very special men Forgive Us has some very special visitors and they are Jack Jan and Greyrom Jack L Pyke s wonderful world that we all First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There fell in love with in Don tAll in all this book was very close to perfector me the only improvement would be Dare and Jack with a book that never endedLynn Kelling had written a ew of my avourite books and this one is being added to that special list This was the book in the Deliver Us series I was most looking April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers forward to in my eyes Lynn has saved the best to last Trace and Micah the two men in this series who have played their part on the periphery but remained a constant the two men above all the others that have had my heart racing at the glimpses we have had at their relationship and the roles they play within the dynamics of these Diadem men The anticipation of their story has kept me on pins as characters they have intrigued me the most and I so wanted to love them Well let me tell you I WAS NOT disappointed Trace brings an edge of danger to this series his resolve unwavering he is aorce to be reckoned with calm resolute steadfast in his loyalty and iercely protective of those he loves Trace is all power in a cocky self assured way he s rough around the edges wild raw and powerful He commands attention and demands submission by sheer presence alone I have loved Trace rom the very Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome first scene in book 1 with Darreck and he has certainly wormed his way in to my heart and my dreamsuck the man is HOTYou don t get this good without some serious goddamned practice at your uckin craftFor my ull review pop over to the blog where you can also enter the giveaway to win a copy Giveaway ends 13th May 2014 My ReviewA ratingIn my opinion this is not a book that you can just sit down and read This is the third book in the series ollowing this group of guys who all work at a BDSM club called Diadem There s a lot of backstory that leads into the story in this book so to ully understand all that is going on you need to read the others in this series beforehand It would also be helpful to read Don t by Jack L Pyke which is AMAZINGLY good so you ll just want to read it anyway And the second part of this warningthis book and the entire series is hardcore erotica involving BDSM practicesThis book really starts with Trac Forgive Us introduces the Society of the Masters where Lynn Kelling kindly kidnaps my guys Space Kid from Don t and does wicked things to them over in America We both came to the conclusion that reviewing each other s novels isn t something that you guys want to see of course we re both gonna say the works are than worth it Instead we thought we d offer two nice private interviews on each of our reviews of both Forgive Us and Antidote here I m talking to Lynn about Forgive Us Hopefully it will help introduce what our novels are about and how theyit togetherThere s a Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town full disclaimer before we start I receive noinancial gain rom Forgive Us Lynn receives no inancial gain Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water from how I use her characters in Breakdown and Gray Matters We share characters worlds and just have a whole load ofun in the processSo Lynn waggles eyebrows It s the start of the Society of Masters project combining two worlds that already have a Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus firmooting with readersDeliver Us introduced everyone to Darrek and Gabe From Temptation then brought in Ben and Kyle and the very dark connections between Kyle and Darrek Forgive Us builds on that heated complexity and brings Trace and the very dark connections between Kyle and Darrek Forgive Us builds on that heated complexity and brings Trace and into the mix What role do you think Trace takes in
the dynamics of 
dynamics of whole group How does it impact on his personal life Lynn Trace is really the person tying everyone together Because Trace ounded Diadem WITH BEN THEY MET GABRIEL WITHOUT Ben they met Gabriel Without Kyle would never have met Ben and Darrek wouldn t have met Gabriel And it s the specific set of circumstances created by Diadem which unearthed Kyle and Darrek s secrets in From Temptation It s all been one long domino effect of one piece knocking into another and another Forgive Us looks at the bigger picture of where all of the events so ar have led because of things Trace has set in motion Trace is also the person who has established the group as of a Troubled Waters family than a disjointed group of co workers orriends and there are complex reasons or why he s done that which are revealed in Forgive UsTrace definitely takes a paternal role in the group and not just because he s slightly older than the others It s a conscious decision on his part to take responsibility or the safety of everyone he cares about or even the loved ones of people he cares about If something is wrong he tries to take action to correct the problem Sometimes he acts secretly sometimes not It s the increasing level of secrecy that really begins to affect his ability to manage everyone s troubles yet Gabriel Ben and Micah are leaning on him than ever The cracks have ormed and it s only a matter of time before all of Trace s carefully guarded secrets come spilling outJack Can you tell us something about Micah How did he irst meet Trace or exampleLynn Micah is a pretty complicated guy In order to understand how he ended up with Trace you have to know where he came rom Micah is married to his irst love Lilianna with whom he has an open relationship They re both bisexual and they have an agreement that they are each allowed to take lovers of the same gender It s understood that those lovers are meant to be a sexual outlet only When Micah and Lilianna s only child Moira died three years prior to Forgive Us many of their agreements and good intentions began to come unraveled Lilianna began to spend time away rom Micah and with her lover Saoirse At the same time Micah became Ben s submissive through Diadem It was a business relationship which Lilianna knew about and approved of However when Micah began to have sex with Trace their affair was not at all professional and Lilianna wasn t aware of it As Micah and Lilianna grew Owls: Birds of the Night farther apart emotionally Lilianna again tried to sate Micah s unrest by bringing Trace into their marital bed so that they could have threesomes together Trace was also bisexual unattached and interested so it made sense to a certain extentrom Lilianna s perspective Trace and Lilianna both love to dominate so naturally and happily Micah would submit to them both Micah ended his contract with Ben and instead began to submit Be Master and lover Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, for Micah Trace is the one they all depend on to step in when anything or anyone threatens his closestriendsBut even Trace is in over his head when haunting events of the past endanger all their lives Trace is orced to call on old connections.

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This third book in the Deliver Us series is really a turning point It had less of the darkness of the irst two and wrapped up a lot of the storyline while opening up a whole new avenue or the characters I would not go into this if you haven t read the irst two as it really is a continuation of the storyWhile Trace and Micah are the ocus Gabe Dare Kyle and Ben are very much involved Although their secrets have previously come out the effects are still rippling through the group and there may still be someone looking to hurt them We now ind out that Trace has a secret past that is threatening the business he has built and could potentially bring harm to the riends he considers his A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency family Traceinds the greatest comfort in his collared sub and lover Micah Into the middle of all this worry Trace s ormer lover Gray is paying a visit under the guise of an inspection of Diadem by the Master s Circle but they too have unfinished businessMicah is also struggling to overcome his own personal losses He has had an open marriage with Iliana and although she is aware of and involved with Trace she is unaware of the extent of Trace and Micah s relationship Although they had problems long before Trace entered the picture Micah still loves her and does not want to end the relationship view spoilerthere are some MF and MFM scenes in the story hide spoiler Like many ans of Jack L Pyke I was a bit worried about Jack and Lynn Kelling crossing over their two series to create a new world The Society of Masters but I have to say my Ravishing Ruby fears were allayed Lynn did good and the anticipation of them being on page had my heart racingReally really loved this one Can t waitor the the next seuel in the new universe The Society of Masters Highly recommendedIf you want details read Moniue s wonderful review on Sinfully Sexy I know a lot of tags There was lots of smexin Not a complaint mind youThis is book 3 and the culmination of everything that s happened in Deliver Us From Temptation and these guys are messed up but there s hope or change redemption and healingThis is primarily Trace and Micah s story but Gabriel and Darrek and Ben and Kyle are interwoven and we have the additions of the visiting Gray Jack and Jan rom Don t Gray is Trace s ex and they have unresolved issues of course and Diadem s rogue club status has brought the attention of the Master s Circle upon the club and the Doms of Diadem and Gray is there to evaluate and bring them into line on behalf of the MCGray watches and helps to enforce the boundaries and rules or the various characters view spoilerGabriel using Darrek or Trace or his daddy issues Ben and the others not allowing Darrek and Kyle to be alone together hide spoiler What an amazing series I loved this story and the characters were absolutely incredible The way Lynn Kelling can weave a story line this intense and vast throughout the three books just blows me away As soon as I Old Yeller finished I just wanted to start back at the beginning and read the whole thing over againThroughout all three books I ve got to say Kyle just held a special place in my heart with Gabriel at a close second All of the characters develop and reveal aspects of their lives and personalities as the story progresses but something about those two just really got to me but I love them allThe pacing is perfect and as the relationships develop and the plot intensifies there are wonderful moments of deep heartfelt love and a bit of humor too Absolutely perfect book It s complicated definitely describes Trace s life In Forgive us by Ms Kelling Trace s past and connection to the Master Circlerom London becomes clear Full disclosure I never read the Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer first two books and now I have to go back and read them I m intrigued Ms Kelling is a new to me author whom I m going to be watching Her characters are interesting The tangled web of relationships isascinating Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography for me toigure out and connect Basically everything seems to revolve around Trace Trace is barely holding himself together to keep his people safe and protected Trace also seems to have a split personality struggling with Patrick trying to take over After A BIT IT ALL MAKES SENSEMS bit it all makes senseMs does a good job of writing an easy to On Being Human: Reflections on Life and Living follow plot There are aew twists and turns yet she guides the reader through each of them Her writing voice is smooth with gentle ebbs and Frommers Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World flows The sex scenes she writes areilled with erotic tension They tease and tantalize a reader into a sexual renzy Several of her Ds scenes are less set up scenes and rough sex with clear dominance The way she writes the yielding of the submissives is divine Many of scenes reuired a bit of time out or #me to enjoy some me time If I need to stop a book in order to satisfy my #to enjoy some me time If I need to stop a book in order to satisfy my several times it s definitely a pleasurable book Ms Kelling does come up with some clever edging scenes Some of the rules or protocol are odd at times until the past becomes clear Then it makes perfect sense and tugs on the heart strings This story is about secrets revealed which causes big waves or all of Trace s inner circle Perhaps I am jaded and these types of reveals do not impact me as much as the characters For some reason they Who's There on Halloween? feel totally misled and a bit betrayed I can never understand why loverseel they must know every little detail about the other person Sure Trace does have a Jurisdiction few large pieces he needs to share It is good to see Micah s response as accepting thaneeling wronged Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks for never knowing the details of Trace s pastWhat is really good about this book is the way Ms Kelling blends two different worlds so well together Seeing Gray Jack and Jan in this series is a delight Oddly enough a reader learns about Gray in this book than in Don t and Antidote Gray still comes across as an omniscient dominant The relationship between Gray and Trace is what really sheds light about Gray Gray is a bit of an ass and the reader learns about the young Gray who did make mistakes It s not clear exactly how Gray changedor the better It is unfortunately depressing to see how bad Gray was Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets for Trace In the present Gray is now an agent of good influence and tough loving support It s nice to the contrast between younger and older GrayOverall this story pulled many emotionsrom me Mostly my heart elt constant sorrow or several of the characters Because I Clawback feltor these characters I became engaged and enjoyed the story ully The BDSM is smoking hawt and enjoyable or me As a Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America first bookrom Ms Kelling it rocks Cooking for Company for me Recommended to read this series in order Definitely recommendedor mm lovers who enjoy complicated BDSM pairings ARC provided by the author Empire of Sin for an honest review I re read theirst two Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China full length books to this series not long ago and I must say that Novel 90000 wordsGenres Contemporary Gay BDSM EroticaTo everyone else Trace is an enigmatic and carefully controlled Dominant He runs Diadem a private BDSM club and is a Master and mentor to hisellow Doms and their lovers Gabriel Darrek Ben and Kyle while trying to. .

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