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Ing being adopted by a family who showed her little love after her mother died and her father lost Macy and her sister Noel because of their father s drug addiction Noel and Macy were separated Noel being adopted by another family Mark has I grabbed this audio book off the library shelf to satisfy my summertime need for a Christmasy story I was halfway through the book and becoming annoyed by the minute The reader added nothing to the telling his voice flat and without emotion I finally was bothered enough by his lackadaisical rendition to look to the telling his voice flat and without emotion I finally was bothered enough by his lackadaisical rendition to look the cover to see who the reader was Oops read by the author Even he sounded bored by his own novel I m sure I m in the minority but I failed to find much inspiration from this tale Maybe it would be better in print but the audio version seems to be filled with short choppy sentences and sappy dialogue It failed to give me a warm fuzzy feeling I was reminded of a boring lecture You know the kind where ou are supposed to be taking notes but Self-hypnosis in 48 Hours you findourself doodling and staring at The Watchmakers Lady your watch willing it to move faster Obviously I am not a fan of the author and ifou are Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living you may see something here that I have missed I think this story would have been better as a short story the author lost me long before the story ended Richard Paul Evans amazes me with his skill of telling a heartfelt and inspirational story of a soul that seems brokenet all along has been whole Though growing up was a struggle and loveless while as an adult Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood you search for whatou thought was missing during とんび your childhood and found that duringour search The Concubine you located where home was the whole timeyour current life and not inour past Life is like a Rose We get transfixed on the bloom but its the thorny stem that keeps it alive and aloft I think life is like that The things we value are worth fighting for and in the end we value the stem than the bloom I am a sucker for just about any book by Richard Paul Evans and as my kids will tell ou also

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Christmas The that this one is about someone named Noel although ou don t find that out for awhile just helped draw me to it Most of Evans books are uick reads and this one was no exceptionMark Smart has been dealt with one life s blow after anotherhe loses his scholarship and has to drop out of school his girlfriend dumps him his mother dies in an auto accident and now on a cold snowy night his car breaks down He makes his way into a coffee shop to phone for a tow truck he meets a Very Cute And Interesting Young cute and interesting oung named Macy She changes his life in ways than he ever thought possible Macy s life has not been an easy one either and she and Mark start on a journey together that will help them both learn just how powerful the power of love can be. Ever Macy Wood has little memory of her birth parents and memories she'd rather forget of her adopted home A Christmas ornament inscribed with the word Noel is the only clue to the little sister she only vaguely remembers a clue that will send her and Mark on a journey to reclaim her past and her famil.
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A book Richard Evans tells of these characters in a fascinating way Even reading for fifteen Minutes There Is A Connection there is a connection the reader and charactersAlso with these characters it makes a exciting and moving book I could never put the book down because I did not want to go on with my life until I knew how Mark s life would turn out I was literally always on the edge of my seat In essence I think Evans couldn t have written a better book He teaches us that love and understanding is what we all need to give to each other for Christmas in to each other lives Even though Macy s previous families did not work out she found a loving mother named Jo I recommend this book to everyone this Christmas season It is not a waste of time or a book for the trash Consider this book for a gift I have never read a Richard Paul Evans book that let me down and Finding Noel is just another example of this author s superb story telling I would highly recommend not listening to the final disk of this audio book on the way into work when ou need to be upbeat and in an early meeting without tears running down The Divers' Game your face I learned the hard way so I thought I would share this nugget of wisdom withou Mr Evans has a way of making his characters feel like family I wanted to drive around the block time and time again just so I could find out what was going to happen Unfortunately the earlier referenced meeting could not be put off and I had to stop the car and go to work It gave me time to reflect though and savor the fantastic story the Richard Paul Evans has brilliantly put together Added 51613I read this book in 2007It s a good story and an easy read A great story teller Evans always brings a novel to life As the Christmas season approaches Mark has to drop out of college due to finances and has just learned his mother has died and on one snowy night in November when he car dies he stumbles upon a girl Macy who has had a horrible childhood and living with a lady who took her in She has little memory of her birth parents and a horrible adopted family Her one hope is to find her sister Noel as they were separated when they were children and kept apart by the system Macy and Mark are meant for each other and fate has something in motion as when one door closes God places someone there for ou An amazing story loved it I heard the bells on Christmas dayTheir old familiar carols play In music sweet the tones repeat There s peace on earth good will to men Lyrics by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow There are stories Christmas stories that a Mark peace on earth good will to men Lyrics by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow There are stories Christmas stories that a Mark has lost his college scholarship his mother recently died and he is feeling desperate and alone When his car breaks down he meets Macy Wood at a local coffee shop Macy has had a rough upbring. Eve that my story is a Christmas story For it has forever changed the way I see Christmas The Christmas season is supposed to be full of joy but not for Mark Smart Life had dealt him one blow after another until one snowy November night when he finds a beautiful oung woman who will change his life for. Finding Noel was such a beautiful story An emotional journey that left Heart of the Night Secret Agent Series you feeling at peace Richard Paul Evans can weave a wonderful Christmas taleMacy and Mark meet at random each carrying weighted baggage from their past Baggage that seems impossible to carry and definitely not somethingou can share with someone else It s too heavyAs each of them struggles with their battles Macy searching and Mark running away they inevitably else It s too heavyAs each of them struggles with their battles Macy searching and Mark running away they inevitably exactly what they need in life even though it seems far fetched and impossible Christmas is really no than that humanity s search for the familiar Every ear we bring out the same songs partake of the same foods and traditions and share the things that make us feel that there s someplace we belong And in the end all any of us are looking for is home Richard Paul Evans Finding NoelBeautifully written story WARNING THERE IS SOME INFORMATION GIVING WAY WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOKRICHARD PAUL EVANS CAME FROM A IN THIS BOOKRichard Paul Evans came from a family He writes many of the books for them Evans emphasizes that this book is about how people come into our life for a reason He wrote Finding Noel in honor of his mother who died in Febuary 2006In the mist of the snowy night Mark Smart feels like his life should come to an end Just days before his mother had died and he missed her funeral His scholarship at the University of Utah had been canceled and he had lost his dorm room He also lost his job Little did he know his car stopping by a coffee shop and meeting Macy Wood would change his and other s lives foreverI d like to start with the poorer parts of this book This book is almost impossible to find anything wrong with but I did find something to argue with That is that Finding Noel is very predictable Even though it is predictable it still makes A Bush Calendar you curious to see how it is all going to work out In the beginning of the book I knew that Mark and Macy would fall in love Sure enough three weeks later Mark asks Macy to marry him Also I would like to mention Macy Macy is very nice and thoughtful You could never tell what she had been through if she never toldou about her past I think her character is almost unrealistic Her mother died before she was seven leaving her to an unreliable dad She was adopted at the age of seven to the Hummels Joyfulness and Kindness wasn t even possible in the Hummel house No one ever cared for Macy at wasn t even possible in the Hummel house No one ever cared for Macy at of what she could remember The worst of all was that her non biological mother hit her Yet after living in such bad conditions Macy turned out not so bad after allIn spite of these things criticisms the positives ualities make up than 90 percent of the book Mark and Macy are the main characters of the book The book moves around them but without all the other characters it could not be. From the author of the beloved classic The Christmas Box comes another inspiring story of the power of love and the wonder of Christmas There are stories Christmas stories that are stored away like boxes of garlands and frosted glass ornaments to be brought out and cherished each ear I've come to beli. ,

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