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Of all the weapons ever used to commit regicide the murder of a King none has been as freuently used as poison And no one has greater knowledge of poisons than a magician I thoroughly enjoyed osing myself in this fantasy This was my first Stephen King novel I don t really ike horror so I wanted something different from him and I wasn t disappointedKing Roland has been killed presumed murder His eldest son Peter is accused of the crime and sentenced to imprisonment in the needle the tallest tower in the Kingdom Meanwhile his younger brother Thomas now sits the throne despite not being fit for the role as the old King s magician and advisor Flagg whispers in Thomas ear and stirs up trouble There are those who are still oyal to Thomas who suspect Flagg after all he seems to have ived for an unrealistically ong time surely there is some evil at play hereI noticed a ot of parallels between this and Robin Hobb s Farseer trilogy it is set in a similar world which may be why I iked it so muchA simple enough story of good vs evil where each character has flaws of some sort Where people have to decide how far they will go to prevent the spread of evil and to protect their royal family NapkinsNapkinsAnd than enough too Much Nose Picking And nose picking and I dressed up ike Jack Vance for Halloween King made a noteworthy switch from straight up horror to a better than passable high fantasy in his 1987 novel The Eyes of the DragonThe King of American horror though is also a better than average writer and knows a thing or two about moving some copy and though this is a ittle out of character ike Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West it is also entertaining and delivers a fantasy gemVaguely reminiscent of Neil Gaiman s Stardust in tone if not in theme this change of pace to this humble reader at east most notably features his epic villain Randall Flagg in this work simply Flagg the king s magicianKing has created in Flagg a universal boogeyman a timeless and undying human darkness that plays in a score of nefarious roles But than just a plug and play antihero Flagg becomes a recurring evil in a mythos built on badA good fantasy At its time of publication way back in 1984 The Eyes of the Dragon was a bit of a departure from Stephen King s typical horror fare I wouldn t say it was his first venture into the fantasy genre When the majority of individuals think about Stephen King s credentials it is generally about his amazing work rate at producing memorable and top uality horror stories With that in mind in addition to The Dark Tower saga this novel is one of Mr King s esser known creations that is definitely Tolkien than Tommyknockers It is an easy story to get into and I was intrigued from the first page My grandfather gave me this book when I was a wide eyed eleven year intrigued from the first page My grandfather gave me this book when I was a wide eyed eleven year A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, lover of Goosebumps books as I possessed pretty good reading skills for that age and Ioved every second of this tale back then Memories of the book from 19 years ago are of course hazy so I am glad I picked it up again half for the nostalgia but also to delve back into the mythical The Shadow Reader land of Delain whichurks somewhere within Mid WorldThe book is presented by an omnipresent narrator who may very well be Stephen King himself This story was written and dedicated to his daughter Naomi after all The storyteller keeps us updated with his opinions Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies lets us know the personae s thoughts and motives throughout the plot and reverts back to us as a reader to find out how we are getting on It is a nice touch for a pleasant story It follows the royal family of Delain King Roland the Good is an average monarch Heoves his alcohol hunting and is just generally an okay guy He reminded me of Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones His defining feat was killing the ast known dragon the head of which remains in his drawing room as a trophy In his ater years when his subjects are worried at a The Power Of A Choice lack of an heir he is introduced to a witty charming youngerady called Sasha and thanks to a couple of magic potions to aid sexual prowess two children are born Peter and Thomas All seems nice and happy so far Peter grows to be a strapping proud and honourable young gentleman who everyone agrees will make a great next king Well all except one personI forgot to mention The Eyes of the Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Delain King Roland is murdered and his son and heir Peter is framed for the crime Peter and his o.

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Eyes of the DragonThat you re a kid and you still believe that you know Be noble be kind do the right thingand everything will work outRemember that sighSo that s why I ove this oneThe EndRe read 2020I just finished istening to the audiobook and it was amazing Bronson Pinchot did a fabulous job and I can t recommend this one enoughBronson Pinchot NarratorPublisher Blackstone Audio IncEdition UnabridgedAwards Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime AchievementGrand Master Award When I was a ittle girl my mother and father would tuck me in at night and read me a bedtime story At Christmas and Easter I would have the pleasure of The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right listening to bedtime stories made up by my father just for me Delee The Adventures of the Pink Kittyabout a very special kitten making his way to a very special childand his adventures along the way trying to find a home with the perfectittle girl ME It wasn t a ogical storyit probably wasn t the best story out there but to me it was magical THE EYES OF THE DRAGON is another kind of bedtime story A bedtime story KING style Noooo pink kitties hereIn a fairy tale past there is a relatively happy Kingdom of Delain With The Dragon with the dragon King Roland his young wife ueen Sasha and their sweet perfect ittle boy Peterbut there also is evil in Delain a magician by the name of Flagg Who is also unfortunatelyRoland s adviserFlagg s goal is to make this Kingdomless happy and he comes up with a plan A plan that doesn t involve ueen Sashaor a sweet perfect heir to the throne So he schemesand he schemes Sasha dies in childbirth and Thomas is born A not so perfect child who Flagg takes under his wing and when the time is right all the pieces fall into placebut there are a few snags in his wicked plan Flagg is not aware of that may or may not come back to haunt him Monsieur Pain laterThis is one of my Favorite King books It speaks to my inner childand from time to time SHE still enjoys fairy tales and bedtime stories A an easy read with a really interesting narrative style Unfortunately the narrative style was really the only thing Iiked about it The characters weren t much for me to atch on to and they didn t have much development I was numbingly board throughout most of it and if I have to read one ine about napkins their history and storage and WHY it makes sense they l be used to form a rope I might dieApparently fan s reactions to this book is what inspired Misery So I do feel bad for King that the reaction was so intense but I am glad such a great book came from it i need to preface this by saying that this was the first stephen king book i ever read he is my father s favorite author and i grew up staring at the dozens of hardback books all in a row on the shelves of his office all with king s name on them i really wanted to read one see what it was dad read and the reason he handed me this one was the same reason king wrote it so his kids could read something he had written in other words it s kid friendly and actually written as a children s book don t be fooled though there is plenty of poisonings death betrayal etc and the villain is flagg of the stand fame that said it could be that my ove for this book the second time around as an adult is deeply rooted in that first reading as a kid meaning it could be that if you read it for the first time as an adult you might not feel the way that i do about it think reading the hobbit vs reading ord of the rings and that s about the comparison to it and normal king fare the story itself could almost be considered stock fantasy but the characters are brought to ife with the amazing skill that you come to expect from stephen king you have the kingdom of delain ruled by king roland roland has two sons peter and thomas the elder peter is the golden child with thomas always iving in his shadow roland himself is the elder peter is the golden child with thomas always iving in his shadow roland himself is weak KING A VIRTUAL PUPPET OF HIS ADVISER FLAGG WITH a virtual puppet of his adviser flagg with poised to take the throne after roland dies flagg must see to it that somehow thomas the weaker son who resembles his father is the one actually crowned king this doesn t sound to original does it but i doubt you can find a story in which you feel such compassion for the spineless king roland awe and respect for the venerable prince peter and sympathy blended with shame for thomas it s a uick read engaging and skillfully told if you want. Ape plan that will take him years to execute before taking on Flagg the powerful sorcerer who has masterminded this coup stephenkingc. ,

Ragon includes one of the most infamous notorious villains in fiction a gentleman or demon perhaps called Flagg happens to be the King s aide and black magician Flagg goes by many names in Stephen King s novels The Man In Black The Walkin Dude Randall Flagg etc If you are familiar with King s books you probably know this dude from Dark Tower and The Stand amongst others To summarise He is one evil muthaphuckka On a grim day in Delain The King is poisoned with a vile substance called Dragon Sand which burns victims from the inside out and next in ine to the throne Peter Is Incorrectly Judged To Have Committed is incorrectly judged to have committed said regicide therefore is placed on the top floor of The Needle for eternal imprisonment 300 feet above the ground In ieu of this Roland s younger weaker impressionable son becomes King and guess who is whispering in his ear about how to rule the andFollowing this we are dealt a slightly predictable but still utterly entrancing narrative that composes a state of mind to the readers where hope belief friendship and desire are the real magic in a story that is polluted by Flagg s plotting deceit and all sort of macabre magical nastiness The story revolves around a dolls house an endless supply of napkins a mouse a two headed parrot and a very clever wolf dog called Frisky who is presented with charming childishly human ualities by the narrator A Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, lot of the supporting cast who I have not even mentioned are well created and add to the overall uality of the tale My copy of the novel also included some amazing fantastical art including Frisky the dragon aost Il morto di Maigret looking rabbit the wizard and such which was a very nice touch I guess you need to read this so you will know what was seen when someone on the secret passageooked through the eyes of the dragon and how it impacts on this awesome storyJames Tivendale It was pretty good I enjoyed the ittle graphics Mel Book you have the right to a speedy trial review THE DEFENSE He may have switched from horror to fantasy with this one but Stephen King s trademark gripping prose is still in full force A scene stealing villain who creates chaos and is just so much fun to watch Flagg would fit right in at Gotham City Despite the fantasy setting the emotions of the characters always feel real King takes some narrative risks that really pay off The segments told through the POV of a dog are particularly effective THE PROSECUTION Very ittle action for a fantasy novel putting Dragon in the title when the dragon is only in the book for about two pagesthat s downright cruel Mr King The book s fairy tale narrative voice may not be for everyone King often speaks directly to the reader ike Aesop speaking to a crowd which some might find off putting Story drags a bit in the final act THE VERDICT A fractured fairy tale as only Stephen King can deliver this book is perfect for someone who wants to see an author step out of their comfort zone and try something new 45 starsHands down this is my FAVORITE Stephen King bookI m not saying this is his best piece of work but personal preferences n all this is just what I happen to enjoy the mostSo Erica has a stellar review that explains why this book should be revered above all other King books And also touches another review that is total crap written by a man who can normally be counted on to give good by a man who can normally be counted on to give good recommendations Even though he tends to ramble and add musical yrics to all his reviewsAnd doesn t actually talk about the book half of the time Or Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition let s face it make sense Because he s old And weird Probably even smellybut I have no proof of that oneStill He s our friend Most daysAnyhooThis one is actually a fairly simple fantasy ish taleThe Fearsome DragonThe Wise and Beautiful ueenThe Evil SorcererThe Decent but Stupid KingThe overlooked sad spiteful kinda stupid Baby Brother Prince Prince actual size may vary Oops WaitThe Good and Decent Hero PrinceThe thing that Iove about this story is that it has that classic good over evil vibe to it There are twists but nothing mind blowing It reminds me of the kind of fairytalefantasy stuff my mom would read to me before bedtimeWellOk She never read me anything with adult content in it but that s not what I m talking about This is justGood wins and Evil takes a beat downSometimes it s nice to pretend. Yal friends must battle an evil wizard and Peter's usurper brother Thomas for the throne Imprisoned in a tower Peter conceives an esc. ,