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Excellence in the Workplace is full of Wisdom On Every It Is Definitely on every page It is definitely shift I wish I had read this book sooner My stress level has one done and I am able to enjoy my work after reading it I think I will take it to work and keep it on my desk to remind myself to stay focused If you want to change your attitude capture a kingdom mindset I read this book 3 years ago and this helped me a lot. Stuck in a rut at your job Does it seem like you've been oing nowhere fast in your career your business or your place of employment Well Robb Thompson has the tools you need to pull yourself out of that rut and onto the high road of excellence that leads straight to promotion and success In this book Robb applies his lifelong passionate pursuit of excellence to the arena applies his lifelong passionate pursuit of excellence to the arena the workplace By the time you have finished reading this book you will be co. .

Excellence in the WorkplaceR work A must read anyone who is looking To Change Their Perspective On Work To Make The Day their perspective on work to make the day day enjoyable Leave your pride at the door become indispensable and focus on pleasing the right people Many of the principles are based on the Bible but I recommend for all because everyone has to work and feeling pressure at work is universal i have to read this book seems it will help us to our work place. Inois Robb is honored to be the President of the Family Harvest Ministerial International which at this time is on four continents and includes a membership approaching 2000 churches And Ministries His Television Program ministries His television program in Life is seen nationally as well as in many parts of the world Robb is also a much sought after teacher on the topics of Relationship Character and Excellence mnistering at churches and leadership conferences around the wor.

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In achieving and maintaining excellence in the workplace This Book Taught Me The Importance taught me the importance showing respect and honor to my boss which leads to success and favor in the workplace Dr Robb Thompson insights on the bible are just awesome So if you want to be excellent at and in your job this is are just awesome So if you want to be excellent at and in your job this is must read I recommenmd that you read this book It will change your mindsets on how you look at your boss and you. Nvicted to change inspired to pursue and fully euipped to become all God has called you to be at your place of employment So make the decision to et unstuck once and for all and then start moving on up to a whole new level of Excellence in the Workplace Robb Thompson has authored than a dozen books and is on the advisory board of several ministries Along with his responsibilities as founder and SENIOR PASTER OF FAMILY HARVEST CHURCH NEAR CHICAGO ILL. paster of Family Harvest Church near Chicago Ill.
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