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Everything Is Illuminated

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Sometimes eading makes me so angryDammitI m a freaking mess I Ferdinand, der Mann mit dem freundlichen Herzen realize this and I accept itUghWhy Jonathan Safran Foer Why Why do you do this to me And why the hell are you so young I know that some call you gimmicky and think that you are just a phosphoresce in the pannikin yes I too have access to Thesauruscom but I justjust spleen them They canead their Anderson and their Coetzee and leave us dreamers alone I am Team Foer others be damned I still wish you weren t so freaking young thoughThe story is fragmented told through letters and hodgepodges of writings that might story is fragmented told through letters and hodgepodges of writings that might might not be parts of a novel There is the story about the people of Trachimbrod which might be Trochenbrod a city in western Ukraine that was decimated during WWII by a Nazi Invasion There is the story of Alex and Jonathan and their journey to find out Who is Augustine And to thank her for saving Jonathan s lineage There is the story of Grandfather and Herschel copious amounts of tears during that one And then there are the stories within the stories The story of Brod Jonathan s great great great great great grandmother and her struggle with loving the idea of love and her 613 sadnesses Mirror and her struggle with loving the idea of love and her 613 sadnesses Mirror Sadness of not knowing if your body is normal Beauty Sadness Sadness of Hands Sadness of knowing that your body is normal Kissing Sadness Sadness of wanting sadness Sadness of feeling the need to create beautiful things What if Sadness Sadness Secret Sadness The story of the would be Augustine and her house with its many labeled boxes SilverPerfumePinwheels WatchesWinter Darkness Pillowcases PoetryNailsPisces Dust MenorahsInksKeys Death of a Firstborn In Case I loved them all I love the awakenings and the not truths I love the humor and the tragedies and the friendships I am giddy and heavy hearted I am in love with the idea What I loved most what I clung to after I finished the book was this Jews have Six SensesTouch taste sight smell hearingmemory While Gentiles experience and process the world through the traditional senses and see memory only as a second order means of interpreting events for Jews memory is no less primary than the prick of a pin or its silver glimmer or the taste of the blood it pulls from the finger The Jew is pricked by a pin and Alcora - O Acordo Secreto do Colonialismo remembers other pins It is only by tracing the pinprick back to other pinpricks when his mother tried to fix his sleeve while his arm was still in it when his grandfather s fingers fell from stroking his great grandfather s damp forehead when Abraham tested the knife point to be sure Isaac would feel no pain that the Jew is able to know why it hurts When a Jew encounters a pin he asks What does itemember like The idea of memory as a sense okay i ve admitted as a sense Okay I ve admitted before and will again and again I m a shiksa a French CanadianGermanNH bred Shiksa I can t fathom the horrors of having the Holocaust in my past I won t even begin to pretend to imagine the amifications But I can appreciate this idea What does it emember like Aren t we all tied to the past Aren t all of our future actions predetermined by a memory Everything is the way it is because everything was the way it was So much for Free Will At one point Alex begs Jonathan when writing their story I beseech you to forgive us and to make us better than we are Make us good We have that power in writing To take away the bad and to ecreate We usually choose not to It has to be grittyfairytales are for the youngwe need to set the story straight we need to exorcise our demonsand so on Make us good God that just about killed meAnd this is why I will always defend Foer His ability to bring me to this awareness and to break my heart in 300 pages or less I watched the movie of this first and loved it It was basically a movie about cultural misunderstanding and how people can be cruel without eally knowing it It is a story about what happens when you put an American and someone born out of the Soviet era in the same oom and try to make them explain to one another why the other one thinks the way they do In a word hi. With only a yellowing photograph in hand a young man also named Jonathan Safran Foer sets out to find the woman who may or may not have saved his grandfather. ,

LariousAfter eading the book I still like the movie but it seems obvious to me that the filmmakers missed the point entirely The book while still a hilarious exploration of an American immersed in post Soviet culture is so much deeper and weirderThe story is sort of about the author Jonathan Safran Foer He is
an aspiring writer 
aspiring writer his early 20s who travels to Ukraine to try to find the small Jewish village of Trachimbrod where his grandfather grew up and to find the woman who helped him escape the Nazis during the the woman who helped him escape the Nazis during the He speaks no Ukrainian or Russian and his only maps of the area are 60 years old so he enlists the help of Alexander an Odessa native of about the same age his blind grandfather who acts as their driver if you have ead any modern Russian literature you will understand not to uestion this kind of thing and their deranged seeing eye bitch Sammy Davis Junior JuniorHalf of the story the half on which the movie is based is ostensibly written by Alex He write in English with an accent in that I assume it was written then ewritten by looking up every third word in the thesaurus and Health and Wellbeing in Childhood replacing it with the least appropriate synonym This section is a humorous touching narrative touching on the nature of friendship grief andegret among other things It is accessible and easy to understandThe other half which is entirely ignored by the movie is written by Jonathan and covers the history of the village from the day it got its name in 1791 until its destruction by the Nazis in 1941 following the exploits of his ancestors All of these sections have a very surreal uality They jump around in time different eras have glimpses into the past and future Everything that happens is completely bizarre and makes no sense It explores much difficult topics such as the nature of life love and art and is in general much philosophical and harder to get your head aroundThese sections are split by letters from Alexander to Jonathan commenting on Jonathan s sections and introducing his own next sectionThe weird thing about this book is that at least for me it gets frustrating to ead the author s crazy attempts at philosophy He wanders around so much it seems like he is trying to write a little mini story for every emotion he s every experienced in his entire life Normally I would discard a book like this and say Well it s a young author s overeager first attempt and he tried to cover too much However there are so many parts in Alex s letters and narrative where these things are addressed once Jonathan says something like I want to be a writer but I m not good yet and Alex asks a lot of uestions like Why do you write like this and Why did you have the characters do that The incoherence of it all becomes a part of the greater logic of the novel which in turn provides an answer To The Uestion Why the uestion Why Jewish people stay in Poland and Ukraine when they knew the Nazis were coming This books answer I imagine would be Because nothing anyone did in the village s 150 year history made sense why should they have done the sensible thing in 1941The book is hilarious moving and disturbing among other things I can t help but be annoyed by its weird narrative and pointless philosophical musings but given that it bathes itself in its own strangeness it aises itself up and becomes a pretty awesome book One of the nice things about being stoned is the added dimension of humor or profundity that otherwise inconseuential things can assume in our impression of them I L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution remember once having my mind blown at the idea of language and how any two unrelated people having beenaised in the same country and while having no connection at all to each other or there being any crossover among those who have taught or influenced them can meet each other one day and have a mutually intelligible conversation Fascinating ight Well no not eally but it sure as hell seems fascinating when you The Organization Man re highI feel as though the only way I could haveead this book and found it as funny and profound as other eaders found it is if I were com. From the Nazis Accompanied by an old man haunted by memories of the war; an amorous dog named Sammy Davis Junior Junior; and the unforgettable Alex a young. ,

Pletely and totally baked Everything Is Illuminated is essentially comprised of two narratives interwoven in a nonlinear arrangement The first is the account of a small Jewish settlement in the Ukraine which along with most of its uirky inhabitants is wiped out by the invading Nazis in 1941 The writer of this section is a fictionalized version of Foer himself who is a direct descendant of some of these villagers The second narrative is that of a present day Ukrainian who ecounts his experiences with Foer as They Try To Locate try to locate mysterious woman who Foer believes helped his family escape that aforementioned invasion The Ukrainian whose name is Alex is hired by the fictional Foer as a translator in his endeavorsWhile Alex is the source of much of the book s comedy In His Unintentional Misuse Of The English his unintentional misuse of the English the comedic value stemming from this uickly The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945 ran dry for me I think there is also an absurdity with which Foer describes the ancestral characters in the Ukrainian village called Trachimbrod but to me most of the uirkiness seemed forced and unnatural anduined what could have provided an endearing element to the story I mean we The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo re talking about a village wherein characters collect each other s tears in thimbles and send each other pieces of string that match the length of their body parts in order that theirecipients be assuaged of any fear that their loved ones have changed BlechAnd then there are the sentences the ones I think are meant to sound deep and awe inspiring but which only come across as shallow and trite in my non Coloradan state of sobriety Sorry Coloradans but I guess that s your thing now Sentences for example like these We burned with love for ourselves all of us starters of the fire we suffered our love was the affliction for which only our love was the cureThey The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student Introduction reciprocated the great and saving lie that our love for things is greater than our love for our love for things willfully playing the parts they wrote for themselves willfully creating and believing fictions necessary for lifeShe neveran from his fists but took them went to them certain that her bruises were not marks of violence but of violent loveThe Kolker was trapped in his body like a love note in an unbreakable bottle whose script never fades or smudges and is never The United States and Peru: Cooperation -- At a Cost read by the eyes of the intended lover forced to hurt the one with whom he wanted most to be gentle Yes there is a lot of talk of love in this book I think JSF wrote it before he got himself hitchedAnyway there is a section toward the end of the novel during which Alex s grandfathereveals an atrocity that occurred in his presence and in which he was involved and that Information Security Governance revelation was very heartfelt and exemplifies possibly what JSF can be good at But it wasn t enough toescue this book from its overall effect of having kind of irritated the crap out of me Gimmicks as substance Funny In a Tragic WayWhat would the English of a bright Ukrainian who had learnt it largely from local pop culture and a thesaurus sound like Hilarious actually Especially in the telling of a tale which has both been told so many times and can never be told adeuately the Holocaust There are two protagonists the author a young Jewish man off to find his oots in a now famous but obliterated shtetl near the PolishUkrainian border and a young ambitious lad from a disfunctional family in Odessa who acts as guide and subseuent interlocutor The author writes history of a post modernist sort the lad writes of the trip and comments on the author s text It is these latter comments that are most compelling because they eveal both the essential compelling because they Atala / René reveal both the essential of the destruction of European Jewry to the lives of those who have inherited the unexpurgated guilt of the massacres and the way in which that guiltemains an essential but unspoken feature of life Without the comedic language to make this contradictory point the book would likely fall flat With that language and it s gradual normalisation during the course of the tale the book becomes a story of Widow of Dartmoor revelatio. Ukrainian translator who speaks in a sublimely butchered English Jonathan is led on a uixotic journey over a devastated landscape and into an unexpected past.