(Il posto di ognuno L'estate del commissario Ricciardi) [E–pub] Ý Maurizio de Giovanni

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O could have become a caricature but instead us a wistful humanity This is a beautifully written crime story with a cast of memorable characters This is the third book in the series and the author continues to bring together a a rich and compelling mix of class struggle love and loneliness I can t wait to read book our The Day of the Dead The Autumn of Commissario Ricciardi A duchess is ound murdered in 1931 Naples This is number 3 in the Commissario Ricciardi series The Duchess is not well liked so Ricciardi has several suspects The author contrast the rich lifestyle of the Duchess with the poor in Naples who are struggling to survive A woman is murdered in her home while her bed ridden husband is upstairs and her stepson is not home While investigating this murder Commissario Ricciardi CR learns that the woman is having an affair with the head of a newspaper and has to tread carefully Also involved in this mystery are Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, fascists who CR investigates who may or may not be involved in this investigation There is a number of pages dedicated to the philosophy of love in all it sorms I ound it to be a little redundant rom other books by this author As ar as the romantic portion of the story be a little redundant rom other books by this author As The Slave Dancer far as the romantic portion of the story is in a uandary over hiseelings Special Agent for Enrica Plus we have the added intrigue of having Livia back on the scenerom a previous book She has warned CR that she is going to pursue him and move to Naples I do Sleep with the Fishes find that too much time is spent on CR and Enrica as I wish the author would just get them together and put us out of this misery of wondering when they are going to actually go on a dat. The beautiful and mysterious Duchess of Camparino whose connections to Neapolitan privileged social circles and the localascist elite make the case a powder keg waiting to blow. ,

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Il posto di ognuno L'estate del commissario RicciardiVery nice well writtenThis noir mystery set in 1930s Naples is the third in the series although the irst I ve read The
detective commissario ricciardi 
Commissario Ricciardi investigating the murder of the Duchess di Camparino an aristocrat by marriage amidst the growing Fascist overtones of city life He is a loner isolated by his affliction of seeing the ghosts of those who have died violently everywhere around him wounds still gaping and uttering their last thoughts But their words are too brief to identify the killers so he must pursue the usual procedural path amidst in their presenceThere are several convincing potential murderers and the suspense is maintained to the end But there are many things going on at the same time making a rich and satisfying novel de Giovanni deals with the politicization of the police department the Fascist muzzling of the press the inadmissability of homosexuality and the irst tentative inadmissability of homosexuality and the irst tentative of the protective shell around the commissario s tortured isolation as two women tug at his A World on Fire feelingsThe secondary characters are a bit predicatble the irascible medical examiner the loyal pudgy dieting second brigadier who assists Ricciardi and the pompous incompetent boss But they are well done and enjoyable The most pervasive character in the novel however is 1930s Naples itself The stress and stench of poverty populate First Sentence The angel of death made its way through theesta and nobody noticed The beautiful Duchess of Camparino has been ound dead of a gunshot woundor was she smothered It is up to the solitary Commissario Riccardi and his partner Brigadier Maione to Book three in the Commissario Ricciardi series Naples 1931 Together with his indefatigable partner Brigadier Maione Ricciardi a man driven into solitude by his paranormal gift”. .

Olve the crime while dealing with the Set in Naples Italy just before World War II as ascism is beginning to take hold Commissario Ricciardi and his aithful subordinate Brigadier Maione are instructed to investigate the murder of beautiful Adriana Duchess di Camparino The Duchess was the elderly duke s nurse before his irst wife died When they married the general assumption was that the duchess was a gold digger There are plenty of suspects especially Ettore the bedridden and dying duke s son who cannot hide his hatred of Adriana Meanwhile the blinding summer heat puts both our investigators in a bad mood Brigadier Maione Has Put Himself Maione has put himself a severe diet wife has been 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate flirting with a localruit vendor and Maione has the idea that the thinner man might be trying to take her away Commissario Ricciardi a compulsively private man is haunted by his the ability to see and hear the dead repeating their inal moments The only joy he has has in his life has been looking out his bedroom window to the sitting room of Enrica Colombo a young woman who spends each evening working on her embroidery Even though they met only once they both are attracted to one another At the same time Enrica s mother sets up a surprise dinner with a suitable young man Enrica sees Ricciardi with the beautiful elegant Livia the widow of opera singer Arnaldo Vezzi who was murdered in *an earlier book They both become heartbroken and this misunderstanding is a major part of the story I *earlier book They both become heartbroken and this misunderstanding is a major part of the story I love this series but admit it definitely is not or everyone Ricciardi is an especially sensitive character wh. Of seeing the The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece final seconds in the lives of victims of violent deaths a talent that also makes him a highly effective investigator is conducting an investigation into the death of.