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A Marked Man / Alaska With Love (Assassin-Shifter, oAdmiral humanoid fox to be very humann the inside I had a *hard time maintaining the visualization f the characters as described with their foxgriffin *time maintaining the visualization f the characters as described with their foxgriffin halves and long pointy ears I don t do long pointy ears so I just imagined them as human to myself editing that visualization when things like tails Newborn Daddy or paws were mentionedThe story is engaging and well written Gerard and Silveo who can t stand eachther are assigned to work together to find the elusive leader Diary of a Domestic Goddess of the Resistance Understanding and trust gradually grows between them which going by the reviewsf later books eventually turns into considerably as they face danger and track down clues I enjoyed their interactions and seeing their characters unfold through the storyI found a few things besides the half animal appearance Bayou Dreams of the characters a little difficult particularly the fairly bleak naturef the world and the fact that sentient beings hunt and eat Snowbound with Her Hero other sentient beings The book ends abruptly it s the first partf a serial and the reason given for cutting the story into smaller parts is to accomodate the illustrations without making the ebook file too big So be warned that this isn t a complete story this installment doesn t even have its Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, own complete story arcLater installmentsf the Guild f the Cowry Catchers veer into definite not my thing territory so I won t be reading n It s a good well written story not continuing is just a matter Her Man From Shilo of mywn on It s a good well written story not continuing is just a matter The Agents Secret Past (Military Investigations of mywn preferences Also be aware that Guild Champagne with a Celebrity of the Cowry Catchers is very much for adults not a problem for me but it appears thatther readers have been taken by surprise not noticing the author s very direct warning to that effect I would suggest before starting that you read the descriptions and reviews Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, of all the books to decide if it s for you If you do decide to go for it I would recommend buying the individual installments to get the beautiful illustrations which aren t included in themnibus edition Gambled The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer on this free downloadf a self published book and lost A potentially interesting world but the author tells everything and shows very little It feels like a play where a few characters make comments while the backdrop is hazy and all the real action happens Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, offstage From reading reviewsf the later books it seems sex becomes Mortimer, Mallory and Allen Taster Collection of the small action in later books all the reason to not read any Right let s get started The plot So hot hotdamn Easily worth all fivef my stars But it s not five star as you can see It s four star and that s mainly because when I first started reading this I was so angry at the fact that the writing was mainly telling instead Mustang Wild (Wild, of showing I cannot tell you the sheer amountf times I nearly rage uit The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea outf this before the plot picked upA few things actually nearly put me A PHYSICAL AFFAIR off Onef

them was when 
was when was describing what exactly a grishnard was This is f course a person with the bottom half f a griffon And so Brief Lives of course that popped me right backut Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of the book and I had to rage a little bit because the bottom halvesf griffons are lions Of course lion shelts are mentioned later Condor on and were their pelts were described to be near indistinguishable from griffon pelts so that was something I grudgingly accepted There was the writing which I already mentionedGerard disgraced princef a small kingdom and Deception our protagonist he was described as extremely honorable and becausef my Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß own weakness towards that sortf character I predicted that I would probably like him best That is completely utterly fantastically incorrect Do you know why Two words Silveo Lamire the snarkiest little manipulative shit I have ever seen At first I was dragged along with Gerard s dislike The Bride in Blue of Silveo until he was mentioned to be sexuallymnivorous who says that Which gender is the carnivore and which is the herbivore Let s just say pansexual and then I went The Life Lucy Knew offn Of the High PriestessUnfortunately his superior The Lone Sheriff officer Silveo takes an instant disliking to Gerard Silveo has a reputation for cruelty cunning and a biting wit Rumors claim that he wasnce an assassin who clawed his way to power from a childhood The Bridal Suite of poverty and abuseIn spitef their differen. Warning This is not an mm romance this is not even a bromance Just two guys forced to work togetherNever mind the The Troublesome Angel overwhelming amountf species in the end they all sound like drones At 45% I feel like nothing is happening The story is too slow with too many unnecessary info dumps On the face f it this seems *LIKE A DECENT SET UP A DISINHERITED PRINCE OF *a decent set up a disinherited prince f lesser kingdom becomes Captain The Desert Princes Proposal of the Police for the slightly sinister ruling Princess and with the helpf a cynical and threatening admiral who dragged himself The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho outf the lowest classes embarks The Million-Dollar Question on an investigationf a growing resistance force that puts both their lives in danger But the PRINCE GERARD VOICE BY THE ESTEEMED Gerard voice by the esteemed Lowell who I hope got a lot f money for doing this is a grishnard the ruling CASTE OF SHELTS WHO ARE HALF HUMAN AND HALF of shelts who are half human and half with fuzzy ears tails and hooves Silveo the admiral is a foxling and Gerard s best friend is his trusty griffin who flies him all around and ta Guild f the Cowry Catchers Book 1 is an engrossing fantasy Abbie Hilton has a gift for character development and story telling Whether you read the regular The Book of Pride or the illustrated version this is a great story The illustrations looked nicen my black and white ereader but are stunning in color I know just a 5 star rating by itself doesn t really tell The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) others exactly what is so good about a book So I am adding a few sentences to back up the stars First I have read the authors Prophet series as well as severalf her shorter fiction having just finished the first book in the cowry catcher s series I feel like I can safely say this No The Counts Blackmail Bargain only is Ms Hilton an author who should have been scooped up by a major publisher long ago her commitment to the audio versionsf her works is extraordinary and that she Conscious offers those freely for her readers is beyond extraordinary This is an author who truly writes for the lovef creation and bringing her creations fully fleshed to life for the reader each with all their character traits good r bad I have rarely picked up books where I not nly feel like I know the characters well so uickly but also where I rapidly become invested in their lives and adventures based Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, on my reading thus far she is also an author who continues to hone her craft and it shows in the readingf Embers One last thing if you are debating as to which version Violentology of the Cowry Catchers series you will purchase before you decide please download Embers first it is free and you really need to experience the fully illustrated versionf the books in this series If you can afford to pay the 499book for books 2 5 do so If you can t go ahead and get the 5 book non illustrated combo so you can read it now but when you can afford it go back and get all 4 individual illustrated versions First time after I read Embers I could not afford to purchase either now that I can I have purchased books 2 3 and will buy the thers as soon as I finish reading those The illustrations take words that already beautfully bring this story and the characters truly to life and add ever so much to the pure enjoyment f Ms Hilton s words Each and every Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle one is a awesome piecef art even if there was not the masterful story to go along with it I applaud and commend Ms Hilton for the many hours The Forgotten of pure gold she has spun for me so far and look forward to many hoursf incredble action adventure and romance in the world First Night Memories (Rot Ruin, of Panamindorah Embers Guildf the Cowry Catchers 1 is an interesting book I m not uite sure how it ended up n my TBR list because I m usually not drawn to fantasy with non human characters The characters in the world f Wefrivain are shelts humanoid The Shadowhunters Codex on top and animaln the bottom Except for a few details though I found Gerard the honorable new Chief The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs of Police for the High Priestess who is a humanoid griffin combination and Silveo the corrupt ruthless and damaged. A tortured prince A snarky assassin An assignment that’s about to land them in a worldf troubleGerard lost his birthright in his small island kingdom when he married the court minstrel He fled to the Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen Series, Book 5 only place thatffered protection from his father and his vengeful local deity the service. Rant that went something like WHY ARE THE UEER ONES ALWAYS VILLAINIZED That then led to my determination to love Silveo best which I didn t even have to force nce he was fleshed ut a bit If I have a critiue n his friendship between Silveo was fleshed ut a bit If I have a critiue Play Something Dancy on his friendship between Silveo Gerard it s this the point where the two become friends is just kindf shoved in Stella our faces They get scolded by their boss who incidentally wants to tap Gerard s ass so badly that when she had her first interaction with him I thought she was so thirsty she would drink an entirecean and then there s some awkward so you re a person I m a person I did a bad thing I apologized things happening and suddenly they re friends There isn t given Silveo s personality enough suspicion towards Gerard Phoebe and Her Unicorn Activity Book or animosity He gives him the silent treatment threatens him a bit and then whoops they start becoming friends like they tripped bass ackwardsver themselvesI kind The Tenant of really love Silveo He s great and snarky and a manipulative little shitBut yeah the plot eventually got so engaging that I kindf forgot about the writing style It solidifies a lot as you go Unstoppable (Tracers, on there are hilarious hijinks between Silveo and Gerard there are some not so hilarious hijinks between them and I just got suckered into the I love Silveo Lamire bandwagon so entirely I might as well become a raging fangirl shouting headcanonsn tumblrThis is a good distracting read The Moon and the Thorn once you getver the initial hump that is the beginning f the novel Keep trucking through even if it starts with describing things you kind f forget about as soon as you read them The plot The Schooled Society once you get there claws itself into your brain and makes you want to throw something across the room as soon as you hit the cliffhanger at the endSmart move Hilton Smart move Making me want to shellut cash for the next installment What are you the next Dickensian serial writer Or maybe Tom Jones writer That was also a serial with multiple books although admittedly those books were like 3 5 chapters longAnyway I am probably vehement and emotional about this book than I should be That s what you get for having Silveo as a character though He s far too delightfully snarky and with deliciously dark backstory Far interesting than a disgraced prince in my Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography opinionAlso I m calling it now There was a throwback comment that Silveo s and Gerard s boss lady was maybe related to Gerard s wife and I m saying now that it s going to build into a major plotline latern I could be paranoid but I feel like it ll become a thing I have to say I am very conflicted when it comes to this book On the Whooo-Ku one hand the writing was decent especially considering it was free I liked the main characters by the end even thene you start the book hating BY DEFAULT BECAUSE THE PROTAGONIST DOES default because the protagonist does world was fairly well developed and the worldbuilding exposition not too intrusive The flipside f this The world *That Was So Well *was so well makes my skin cr While I m typically am harder n books that are fond Oxford Examined of using itswn terms for things I don t want to have to work to follow the author s dream this was a surprisingly well written story and worth the extra patience in my Einsteins Generation opinion Thenly Engendering Song other uibble with it was that the characters seemed muchf a piece with all Come Hell or High Water of the main characters being good guysr people who would be good if it weren t for their background Bad guys who are just misunderstood strike me as the author being afraid to write disagreeable characters And there wasn t much in the way The Great Railway Bazaar of character development which strikes me as the author knowing that this is a series and just waiting for subseuent books to put in development which gives the story an incomplete feeling It also endsn a cliffhanger which and feels gimmicky The characterization and the story line was interesting but I got lost amoung the races and bored with the reference work chapter preface. Ces the Priestess insists that Gerard and Silveo cooperate to destroy the charismatic pirate Gwain and his mysterious Rue Marquis De Sade organization the Guildf the Cowry Catchers Gwain has been killing Five Farthings off the Temple Police for years and he seems likely to make a swift endf Gerardif Silveo doesn't do it firs.

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Embers The Guild f the Cowry Catchers #1
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