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Duck and Cover

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N to learn about America historyThis novel would make a great addition to school classrooms and libraries as well to public libraries and your own Recommended April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers for readers young and old This is an engaging peek in the early 1960 s a time when air raid drills were part of the daily school routine Teddy samily has moved away rom Chicago and back to mom s hometown in rural West Virginia to be closer to amily after the death of Teddy s dad It s a scary time with the Russian threat of nuclear war constantly on everyone s mind Despite missing his "Dad And The List Of Things They "and the list of things they supposed to do together and now never will Teddy wants to Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome find his place in the new town and maybe make ariend or two The story has plenty of period details that make you eel you are back in the 60 s The story s gentle humor and small town charm are reminiscent of Mayberry and is an easy read about an underrepresented time in history. Convert an old cave in the woods into a bomb shelter Will they be able to work together and pull through the tense illed months during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the all of 1962 And will Teddy be able to overcome his during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the all of 1962 And will Teddy be able to overcome his rom the loss of his dad. Tand it completely but I knew Was Bad An Air was An air base where they trained pilots was near our town which possibly made our area a target After a while the all clear signal sounded and lights lashed back on in the housesDUCK AND COVER the latest novel Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for middle grade readers by Author Janet F Smith brought back those memories Twelve year old Teddy sather died six months ago and Teddy and his mom moved back to West Virginia to be with amily The author has done a beautiful job showing us Teddy s emotions Not only is he mourning the Loss Of His Dad He S Worried About Rumors That of his dad he s worried about rumors that Russians will attack the United States Teddy and his riends are brave though and they don t just sit back waiting to see what happens They prepare Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water for such an emergencyThe author sprinkles historicalacts about the Cold War into the story such as the presidents of those times And perhaps readers will do a bit of research on their ow. Over if the world comes to an endHe Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus finds his lifeilled with talk of bomb shelters a cat and dog that don't get along clinging two year old twin nephews and a pretty girl he's too shy to talk to To help cope with their Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse fears Teddy and hisriends. Setting West Virginia 1962A good read about what life was like during the time of the Cold War The 12 year old protagonist Teddy learns to cope with duck and cover drills his ears about the Cuban Missile Crisis and grief about his dad s death with the support of his riendsI would recommend this or middle grade readers and teachersMemorable uotesPg127
couldn t sleep All I think about were my riends Would they still be there when we walked out our cellar doorway in the morning Would the world still be there when we walked out into the daylight the next day Would we be able to leave the cellar or would we be stuck in here or weeks When I was a kid back in the day I remember the blackouts we had sometimes at night The sirens blared House lights went off My sister and I sat at the window looking outside watching or planes that might drop bombs on us The sky was dark but we never saw a plane We didn t unders. After his dad dies in an accident at work twelve year old Teddy Haynes and his mom come back to live with amily in rural West Virginia They Hope To Start Over to start over some people say the Russians are going to blow up the United States How can they start. ,

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