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Ery soothing rhythm The pictures are lovely especially the irst double *spread and the last double spreadWould be a brilliant book to calm children down in an Early Years Setting This is * and the last double spreadWould be a brilliant book to calm children down in an Early Years Setting This is cute simple bedtime story about creatures in the woods It teaches that no matter what or who ou are bed time comes along and Mom s all have the babies best interest in their heart This book would be great to learn about the animals in the forest I think students could relate to not going to bed at night The boys rarely chose this book to read but when we did it was a good uite book for "bed time they re too old for it now but I m keeping "time they re too old for it now but I m keeping for their ounger brother It s very beautifully illustrate. Ul wordplay and Vanessa Cabban's winsome illustrations evoke a playful woodland world where tots of all types try to elude bedtime until wise Grandma Owl affirms with a story that the time is right to say goodnig. E illustrations make ou relax the colors are calming "AND IT S A THAT KIDS CAN CONNECT "it s a story that kids can connect Animals Bed time Yada There are so many of these books that I love and this one just isn t one of them All the The Piper in the Wind young animals throughout the woods are having too much fun playing to answer their moms attempts to get them into bed Finally wise grandma owl lures them all to bed with a story It s a sweet book that the kids asked for over and over again so they could join in with theoung animals as they said Uh uh to protest bedtime This story is about a forest of animals trying to get its oung ones to sleepLovely illustrations and beautiful use of words A very calming story with a Dgehogs are hungry the bunnies are peek a booing the toadlets are singing and their mamas are at their wits' end Will Grandma Owl finally find a way to settle everyone down to sleepCarole Lexa Schaefer's delightf. .

SUMMARY Down in the Woods at Sleepytime

Down in the Woods at Sleepytime
Shattered Heart
Cute A Wonderful personable characters 2 page "Impace With Minimal Text That Introduces The "with minimal text that introduces the of the adult animal and the name applied to the babies of the same species Mama rabbit and her bunnies good facial expressions on creatures Down in the Woods at Sleepytime by Carole Schaefer is a book about different animals in the woods oung bears rabbits and hedgehogs who don t want to go to bed until an old owl comes and reads a bedtime story to all the animals that make them all go to sleep This book would be a great bedtime story to read to kids The words are reptitive and the story is easy to follow Children could easily relate to the baby animals who didn t want to go to sleep Th. Soothe a child to sleep and meet the most fetching menagerie of woodland babies everIt's sleepytime down in the woods but not one of the baby animals is ready to go to bed The bear cubs want to play the little he.