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35 stars If you ve *kept tabs on NXIVM in the news and pop culture you will still find a *tabs on NXIVM in the news and pop culture you will still find a trove of information here that hasn t been included in a lot of other eporting And it s not so udimentary that people who watched THE VOW or other shows won t be bored I sped through it in a furyAt first this was the kind of book where you want to tell the person next to you all kinds of little tidbits But as time passes it becomes and overwhelming and and focused on such deep trauma and manipulation that it gets too heavy for it I WAS TO BE HONEST RELIEVED WHEN IT WAS OVER to be honest elieved when it was over piles of content warnings for Big Bad Detective Agency rape and basically every other thing that can happen to you without consentAll that said I still felt like there was so much to dive into that the book didn t address It would toss out a sentence that would lead me to a ton of uestions but then never spend any time with it There felt like so muchoom for deep dives here The focus is mostly on testimony from the trial itself with some other supporting documentation and interviews but even though it s a much fuller picture than any other presented so far I still ended with so many Uestions And Feeling Like and feeling like were pieces missing that I still didn t understand I don t know if it was a The Placer rush to publish understandable given the media frenzy but I would have liked a deeplyeported version of this book that does dive into all those little tangents th. They draw you in with the promise of empowerment self discovery women helping women The secretive those connections are the exclusive you feel Little did you know you just joined a cultSex trafficking Self help coaching Forced labour Mentorship Multi level marketing Gaslighting Investigative journalist Sarah Berman explores the shocking practices of NXIVM a global organization un by Keith Raniere and his high profile enablers Seagram heir Clare Bronfman. ,

At tie back to the big storyThis Is Written In A Semi Chronological Way written in a semi chronological way it does jump around a lot I suspect eaders
Who Already Know The 
already know the of NXIVM will have an easier time with it than those who come to it knowing nothing Fascinating and terrifying look into a twisted story Even if you have watched the The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, recent documentaries or listened to the podcasts there s much that is added to the puzzle This is a fantastic companion document toead alongside the Sky documentary The Vow about the Nxivm organisation This included extra content and information that wasn t discussed explicitly In The TV Documentary Such As Allison Mack S And the TV documentary such as Allison Mack s and Salzman s deeper connections and influences in the DOS element of the organisation As well as the wider and damning influences of the Bronfman sisters and their Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness roles in the organisation as a wholeI was also shocked to learn about Keith Ranieres promiscuity within the organisation and his sexualelationship with Camila who was a minor at the time This organisation has been so interesting to learn about through the documentary eleased onto Sky in 2020 I was fascinated to learn how men and women were indoctrinated into this organisation and why they went to the extent of allowing themselves to be branded and to be controlled by Raniere and his teachingsThis book was very informative and well esearched The author had a very close elationship with key mem. ; Smallville actor Allison Mack; Battlestar Galactica actor Nicki Clyne Through the accounts of central NXIVM figures Berman unravels how young women seeking creative coaching and networking opportunities found themselves blackmailed literally branded near starved and enslaved With the help of the Bronfman fortune Raniere built a wall of silence around these abuses leveraging the legal system to go after enemies and whistleblowersDon't Call It a Cult sho. ,
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Bers that were whistleblowers on the organisation like Sarah Edmondson This made the book feel authentic and closer to the victims and their testimonies which I found powerful i eally enjoyed this non fiction and I Der Bilderwächter really enjoyed this Non Fiction and you are interested in learning about Nxivm I would highlyecommend picking this book upThank you to author Sarah BermanSteerforth Press and Edelweiss for a free downloadable ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest eview wow such a good book and so detailed with information about this cult I didn t know what to expect from it liked the pictures in the book I happened to from it liked the pictures in the book I happened to a fan of allison mack from smallville and to see what happened to her and her choices OMG It actually led to ead leah about scientology This book turned out to be very thorough on the subject which has been bouncing around the news for uite a few years now It seemed that no matter how much I tried to ignore it at first it still managed to capture my attention with the and bizarre stories that kept coming out I thought I knew uite a bit for an interested eader but I found that there was much to it as I got further into itI think most are fairly familiar with the Executive Success Program which later became NXIUM When stories started coming out at long last they were almost afraid to go after the story too hard and make them angry because of the money and power that had been amassed They were known fo. Ws that these abuses looked very different from the inside where young women initially eceived mentorship and protection Don't Call It a Cult is a Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris riveting account of NXIVM'sise to power its ability to evade prosecution for decades and the investigation that finally Letters to Rollins revealed its dark secrets to the world It explores why so many were drawn to its message of empowerment yet could notecognize its manipulative and harmful leader for what he was a crimin.