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Ask Me I m From is a must read for 2020Full ARC Reviewadditional notes to come eah this wasn t ithooray for representation black rep colombian rep dominican rep salvadoran and guatemalan rep etc but other than that this book was really boringas a central american i was really excited to read this seeing centam representation in books is very rare latino representation in general is rare but especially centam rep so i couldn t wait to read about a half salvadoran half guatemalan girl adding on to that liliana is afro latina which was even cool but the excitement just wore off after page 50 or sothe book touches on many important and common issues but regardless it was really boring the rep was barely there as well mostly because liliana was not connected to her roots like at all which is very common especially for central americans because hi hello central american erasure is a thing but whether lili was a victim of central american erasure or not i couldn t tell it wasn t ever specified she didn t know her parents were undocumented and she barely mentioned how her parents were from central america so i couldn t tell the writing was also justboring easy to read through but boring read like a middle grade novel sometimes liliana was a character i did like admittedly i loved how strong she was and how she stood up for herself as a human and as a student but even with her courage and bravery i was so boredthis book is contemporary realistic fiction but i just didn t feel anything there were some moments where i could wholeheartedly relate but overall i didn t enjoy this one bit i rate books based off enjoyment and even though there were minimal realistic and relatable moments they weren t moments that changed the way i feel about the bookthis could be a fun sad important and beautiful read for others but it clearly was not a book made for me i just didn t feel it didn t connect with any of the characters and didn t feel like it was worth reading which is why i skimmed everything after page 72 april 2 2020i don t think anyone will ever understand how happy i get when central america is being represented in a Escape (Secret Diaries, young adult novel For a moment I thought the blurb in the GR giveaway said Don t ask me for an advanced reader copyAnd I was like Wait I found this story to be both compelling and informative as we got to look at living in American through the eyes of a Latinx main character who is trying to navigate living in two different worlds Liliana Cruz is attending a poor school in Boston when she gets into a ritzy mostly white school through a program called Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity METCO a desegregation program meant to give non white students from Boston s under performing school districts educational opportunities Meanwhile she is struggling to emotionally support her mother andounger twin brothers when her dad disappears again but this time for far longer than he has before The title ends up being her six word autobiography and it really resonated with me as I used to get the uestion Where are Rebelle du dsert - tome 03 : La Tempte (3) you from from all the time when I was growing up I could feel a lot of her anger frustration fear and sadness as she navigated her personalfamiliar struggles and the racism and other challenging situations that occurred in her school I would absolutely recommend this book to my students both to those of color who struggle with similar issues and to those who don t to offer them up a different perspective and perhaps open up a dialog Special thanks JenniferDeLeon AtheneumCaitlynDlouhyBooks SimonandSchusterChildrensPublishing and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review Interesting story ofoung immigrant girl thrust into unfamiliar surroundings and how she adjusts Lol I is a strong female character and inspirational Good story that held my interest. Ed her to thrive So what if "Liliana is now going by Lili So what if she’s acting like she thinks she’s better than "is now going by Lili So what if she’s acting like she thinks she’s better than old friends It’s not a big deal It’s fine But then she discovers the gutting truth about her father He’s not on one of his side trips And it isn’t that he doesn’t want to come homehe can’t He’s undocumented and he’s been deported back to Guatemala Soon nothing is fine and Lili has to make a choice She’s done trying to make her white classmates and teachers feel comfortable Done changing who she is denying her culture and where she came from They want to know where she’s from what she’s about Liliana is ready to tell the. ,
Two high schools compare I have been to both and I have taught briefly in both Physical descriptions were truly believable3 Why didn t I give the book 5 stars There was one unanswered uestion bugging me throughout the book how did the family make it to pay rent pay for utilities and buy food especially since Dad wasn t around there was no family close and mom couldn t get a job Yes the mom would pick up little jobs here and there but there was no constancy in this to justify covering a family of 4 living in the city4 I liked that there was no dreamy ending with race relations at school but just a seed that was planted the paper markers mural It s up to all of us to make a change5 Would I buy this book for our library and recommend it to teachers and students Yes Thanks to NetGalley for bringing my attention to this book and sharing it with me Rating 4 Stars Don t Ask Me Where I m From is a fantastic debut from De Leon that follows Liliana whose navigating a new school when she s accepted into the METCO program Character driven introspective and discussing various topics from immigration to racism this is a YA Contemporary A Child's Garden of Grass: the Official Handbook for Marijuana Users you need onour TBR Where to start with this bookwell I absolutely loved it Lilana s voice is just so funny personal and filled with so much energy that it keeps ou turning the page She s an avid writer and makes miniature sets in her free time her voice just leaps off the page she was a fantastic main character and if this wasn t a standalone I would ve absolutely loved books with her in the future So Liliana is accepted into a METCO program which means she s leaving her Boston school and heading to Westburg a predominately white HS With her father having disappeared since the summer she s navigating the new environment making friends with the other METCO students trying to connect with her best friend Jade a bit of romance all while dealing with microagressions among witnessing race related issues at Westburg She s struggling to show her true self at school and she s feeling lostAs someone from a Guatemalan family I truly can t put into words what it meant to read about a Guatemalan teen from a Guatemalan author I m literally sobbing at just how personal this book felt to me reading from Lili s POV All the little details like pepian relative visits and just seeing Liliana learn about her Guatemalan roots was just so relatable to me to discuss in review Lil s experience learning about her Guatemalan culture The plot is very slice of life seeing Liliana at school home with her friends it was all great to read She s also rightfully feeling sad because her father has been deported so she s reminiscing on her childhood with him and how he helped shaped her passions and much Themes of family coming of age friendship even tackling many topics from immigration to racism were all such vital parts of the story and De Leon really takes the time to navigate all of them Also as a whole its very much discusses and delves into contemporary topics through the lens of a Latina living in Boston through such a vibrant and wonderful character Although this book is ABSOLUTELY one of my new favorites my only issue which has me leaning towards 4 is that the writing reads very much like stream of consciousness where the story moves incredibly uickly at points and because our really in Lil s head its like our going from one thing to the next But I will say the writing style itself really gives ou a sense of who Lil is she s someone who feels the need to hide and not fully be herself she s also witty observant and if Douze nouvelles contemporaines: Regards sur le monde your looking for a personalintrospective narrative this is the book forou Don t Ask Me Where I m From is a fantastic debut ou don t want to miss Liliana is adjusting to her new school while confronting microagressions racism and learns to find her voice in order "to take a stand Character driven thought provoking and wonderfully writt. Dad did leave one thing behind besides her crazy "take a stand Character driven thought provoking and wonderfully writt. Dad did leave one thing behind besides her crazy Before he left he signed Liliana up for a school desegregation program called METCO And she’s been accepted Being accepted into METCO however isn’t the same as being accepted at her new school In her old school Liliana half Guatemalan and half Salvadorian was part of the majority where almost everyone was a person of color But now at Westburg where almost everyone is white the struggles of being a minority are unavoidable It becomes clear that the only way to survive is to lighten up whiten up And if Dad signed her up for this program he wouldn’t have just wanted Liliana to survive he would have want. This is honestly one of the prettiest covers I ve EVER seen on a contemporary book and I think I need it in my life DON T ASK ME WHERE I M FROM by Jennifer De Leon is a mixed bag for me On the one hand a oung teen is dealing with excelling in her diverse inner city neighborhood After being offered the opportunity to attend a special mostly white school in an upscale suburb I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 3 Trigger warnings racism sexism violenceI get what the author wanted to achieve with this but it missed the markTo begin with the summary of this book leads to believe that most of the plot will center on people finding out aboit Lili s dad being deported Except that s an afterthought for the first half and the secret getting out happens at like 70% This book is really just a latina girl trying to fit in at a makorly white school in a rich suburbs There s nothing wrong with that but I wish it had been marketed as suchBut the real reason I didnt love it is the writing This kind of teen thought writing has been gaining in popularity recently and I don t love it I find it hard to immerse myself in a story that looks like a bad fanfiction written by a 15 ears old Great if it pleases #the teens but it makes it a dozen time difficult for me to enjoy the storyI also have a bone to #teens but it makes it a dozen time difficult for me to enjoy the storyI also have a bone to with the double standards here It s great that Lili uestions and voices objections about racism but the author only had her react to sexism when it came from white characters though there are plenty of examples where latinx characters were sexist and in some instances obvious than that done by white characters If ou re going to call out harmful behaviour be consistent It won t hurt Petit cahier d'exercices de communication non-violente your main objective to also point out whatour own culture does wrongFinally talking about main objective it got blurred in the crowd of side plots We had Lili at school her friendship with Jade her dad being deported her mom s depression her relationship In a well executed novel all those plot lines could have worked well together Here it just felt murky and caused some of the secondary character to fall flat I have ZERO sympathy for the way Jade treated her simply because she has a boyfriend nowI applaud the intention but wished for a polished product FYI Despacito is not annoying And Oriental Magic yes I am glad how Spanish is taking over TV Varietyou know As long as we enjoy the art This book is just multicultural amazing One of the best YA contemporaries I have read till date I am so glad one of my most anticipated releases of the ear went beyond my expectationsIt gave me the The Hate U Give vibes but in the tone of immigration and racism I love the writing so muchThe characters are so real and the plot development amazingThe story gives such a positive vibe and it definitely represent hopeTrigger warnings domestic violence child abuse racist remarks Oh great Now I am going to be labelled the angry Latina who told off the blond white girl See this is why I never say anything in classMore words will be up in 10 tea cups time You know I am that random character who said this in the bookI don t speak Spanish I would love to study Japanese in college actually I must confess "I began reading this book and did not stop until I read the last word Looking back on my "began reading this book and did not stop until I read the last word Looking back on my of the book made me aware of the different lenses I used throughout the story 1 First and foremost how did the story compare with my Latinx lens with a constant eye for using what I know about my culture my education my family stories or the stories of Latinx people I have met to either believe or be turned off by the writing How believable was this author Check plus There were so many true little details among the Guatemalans Dominicans Puerto Ricans or altogether the children of families who migrated to this country and live in that dual culture world2 How did the. First generation American LatinX Liliana Cruz does what it takes to fit in at her new nearly all white school But when family secrets spill out and racism at school ramps up she must decide what she believes in and take a standFifteen ear old Liliana is fine thank ou very much It’s fine that her best friend Jade is all caught up in her new boyfriend lately It’s fine that her inner city high school is disorganized and underfunded It’s fine that her father took off again okay maybe that isn’t fine but what is Liliana supposed to do She’s fifteen Being left with her increasingly crazy mom Fine Her heathen little brothers Fine fine fine But it turns out.

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