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Down that if ou think Five fags a day you navigate them wellou still subconsciously increase survival instinct in these spaces Do Better is an important insightful read Not only did it draw attention to all of the ways that white supremacy plays out including ways ou may not have previously considered but it actually provided action steps that can be taken to fight for racial justiceAs a white cisgender woman I ve action steps that can be taken to fight FOR RACIAL JUSTICEAS A WHITE CISGENDER WOMAN I VE racial justiceAs a white cisgender woman I ve to learn about racism and white supremacy including looking within to determine what I could be doing better Because this book involves a lot of inward work and soul searching I think it s a great way to get in tune with where ou are currently at and then take the action steps to start improving I ve read multiple books about racism and white supremacy and feel that this has been the best in terms of giving me actual spelled out steps in terms of what I can do It can be very easy to get lost in the research and reading about these subjects without taking action but this book URGES Jane of Gowlands you to take action throughout as well as onceou ve finished readingThis book has many journaling prompts uestions to ask The Piper in the Wind yourself and meditations weaved throughout I think it s ideal to own the physical book so thatou can take The Proposal your time with the journaling prompts and to put in the work It ll also be great to have to reference back to as being an anti racist is an every day lifelong commitment First off thankou Atria Books for sending me an ARC copy of Do BetterSuch a meaningful book I love how in depth the author goes into the different ways white supremacy plays out and describes the factors of it to racism I appreciated the journal entries in the book that allow the reader to absorb the reading and reflect The author provides research and gives personal examples that really bring ou into the reality of what s happening This book is a great read especially with the way the world is now The author s language takes away from the very important message. It really helps me connect with the story..

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Lead with folks dont get to decide to if they are an ally or not It is up to the community ou are trying to align Addicted to Womanhood Book One yourself in allyship to decide It s decided byour actions because intent alone can still breed violence perpetuate the very system Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth you are thinkingou are standing up against This is the book to read after all the Antiracist book stacks have been read Its also a hard read for anyone outside of the black community because this is the mirror that makes folks uncomfy she explains how Once is Never Enough you are part of the issue no matter howou have convinced Successful Employee Communications yourself thatou aren t This is REAL soul work as Rachel describes The First Step To Dissembling The System Is For People first step to dissembling the system is for people look inward and for many to stop assuming white supremacy is a stain they aren t connected to She makes it very clear and explains how no person outside of the black community can say they aren tDo Better explains every crevice and root of supremacy AND how to truly combat them refutes with facts all these off the wall rebuttals often made by folks them refutes with facts all these off the wall rebuttals often made by folks prefer deflecting detaching or gaslighting and validates the righteous rage of blackpeople She walks us through that rage explain how it effects our health on all fronts whether Vikings in Wales An Archaeological uest you think it does or not breaks down the cycle of oppressed oppressor ship and how to break it She ALSO breaks down how mixed races individuals white passing individuals and POC also perpetuate this systemI LOVE the soul checks after each chapter the journal prompts that walkou through the triggering parts the ancestral meditations she integrated Rachel doesn t cut cards but also acknowledges Antiracist work is hard work and it s internal before it could ever be externalThis is also great for black readers interested in processing the trauma experienced due to systemic supremacy and whom wish to navigate white spaces better especially without coddling the fragility of those around them which she explains perpetuates the problem as well she even breaks. Etts The way the author shows is genius and. I received this book from NetGalley in return for a honest reviewThis book is both easy to read and extremely challenging Rachel has A Way Of Writing That way of writing that My Life with Princess Margaret you in and makesou think about the world in a way writing that draws Un amor fora ciutat you in and makesou think about the world in a way than ou have been Through a whole variety of topics the author delves deep into the ways that White Supremacy infiltrates every part of life and how to address these issues from a rounded and spiritual approach Each chapter ends with concrete and practical steps to take and where we are not doing enoughThis book is challenging personal and deep and is a book that everyone should read I could not finish this book the author cursed too much said words I hate Do Better is about spiritual activism and how we can all work towards dismantling white supremacy in our country from the inside out This book specifically addresses white women and talks about how we are part of the problem and how we can all be part of the change Racial justice is work that everyone in our society needs to tackle This book made me realize that white people can learn to acknowledge that white supremacy has existed in our history and made me realize that white people can learn to acknowledge that white supremacy has existed in our history and exists in our communities and in our whole system This book challenges white people to do the inner work reuired to make real change happen To listen to my interview with the author go to my podcast at Ricketts is a very good writeras she covers a verysensitive topicWritten with compassion sincerity and a straight forwardapproach this is a book for everyoneVery well written and researcheda must read in today s world Amazing knowledge sharing and vulnerable experience led teaching Through her work Rachel teaches and demonstrates empathy and compassion A must read for anyone truly interested in anti racism and social justice work There s an opportunity for healing for anyone willing to dot he work and Rachel lays out exactly how to get started Interesting read Thank ou to the publisher for a free copy I enjoyed it I ll. Popular Ebook, Do Better Author Rachel Rick.

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