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There isn t a way to reproduce the oral cadences and rhymes of the original so a system of rhyming prose is used as a suggestion The stories themselves are fascinating particularly the portraits of traditional women who are sought in marriage because they can best their fiance in riding archery and killing One mother leads men to war to recapture the son her husband allowed to be kidnapped If you ve read lots of folk tales these will often sound familiar There are orphaned babes suckled by animals fairies who haunt ponds women who are trapped in human bodies because a There are orphaned babes suckled by animals fairies who haunt ponds women who are trapped in human bodies because a has stolen their animal skin a one yed giant tricked by a has stolen their animal skin a one Obsession eyed giant tricked by a hiding among animals and trials to win brides Turkic tribes have such a long lineage it is impossible to tell if they are the source of such tales or if they borrowed them In addition there are purely Turkish components such as the gall bladder as the organ governing fear that lice can t live on a coward the rental of teeth at a banuet fate written on the forehead and ancestors who are trees If any of this sounds fascinating you willnjoy this book Dirse Khan came home He called to his wife Come here luck of my head throne of my house my sugar melon my honey melon great sorrow cam Easily the best and most interesting Cabaret: A Roman Riddle epic fantasy about the Oghuz Turks I m really glad I found this got it from Scribes book shop with the last of my birthday voucher I love mythology and ancientpics but I had no idea this one ven xisted These are the stories of the Oghuz Turks a Muslim Mongol like culture that were the ancestors of the OttomansThe most refreshing aspect of these stories are The Powerful Women The Women powerful women The women just as battle ready as the men not afraid to stand up for themselves or to rescue their lovers if needed The men are much as you d xpect from a warrior culture and tend to be a little rash and foolish than their female counterpartsI like to think I really njoyed this collection of 12 Oghuz Turkic All Roads Lead Home epic poems partly because they are similar to some of the Central Asian and Karakalpak heroic dastans It is a must read for people interested in Turkic and Central Asian literature and culturespecially since so little of it is available in English The pics in this book are ven njoyable stories. Lan her şeye verilen değer gibi vrensel temaların yanında hikayelerin her satırına ozanca bir duyarlık sinmiştirÖzgün adı Kitab ı Dedem Korkut ala lisan ı tarife i Oğuzan olan bu başyapıt Adnan Binyazar tarafından yalınlaştırılıp genç okurlarımıza kazandırıld. ,
Gift from gods and their recognitionIn this lies my comparison

With La Chanson De 
La Chanson de Beauty is contested not for itself or individual love but for status and community reasons lust and attraction The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis existing butnveloped in status symbol made for history and retelling and destiny This poetry is the work of Turkic status symbol made for history and retelling and destiny This poetry is the work of Turkic mythical Dede Korkut To follow this splendid acheievement of Dede Korkut most certainly after books on my listsMaybe I have made an rror of writing however briefly of this pic without touching on the heart of it its magnificent subject with the singer Dede Korkut singing the glory after such act of bravery magnifying verything times past But the will followin six or four or five months Entre temps lisez cette chanson de geste de Dede Korkut ui n st pas un depaysement t ui parle a nos coeurs Well read the first legend and conclude that it won t be worth much to continueThe poetic Topics are always the same blood a lot of blood mountains horses camels and sheep In a way it reminds me of some biblical texts It s a much monotonous book with only male heroes head cutter badges And one of the legends the third is a blatant copy of a Greek writingIn Conclusion The Reader Will the reader will to be very patient and ager to praise the Arab culture Sorry for my English A great collection of Turkish myths and folk tales A fairy is raped An ogre is so terrifying that camels piss blood and die at the very sight of his approach Good times The stories of Dede Korkut are the pic history of the Oghuz Turks who crossed the steppes of what Rory Stewart called The Land In Between ultimately to settle in Anatolia after several centuries discarding their shamanist traditions and picking up Islam on the way The original stories tell of battles between heroes and their traditional nemies the Kipchak Turks with the nemy changing along the way to Christianized tribal nemies This English version is translated from a written late 16th century version that was actually written down It has tons of footnotes because the subject matter is so unfamiliar to most English readers It s also illustrated with photographs of one Oghuz tribe that has kept its traditional ways into modern times to help the reader visualize the impact of these tales. Olan bir Türk atasıdır 14 ve 15 yüzyıllarda yazıya geçirilen ama öncesinin çok ötelerde olduğu bilinen bu hikayelere destan da denilmektedir Dildeki sadelik ve açıklık anlatımındaki akıcılık bu yapıtın bugünlere ulaşmasını sağlamıştır Doğa sevgisi insanca Dede Korkut Kitâbı

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