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U two have penned Visiting the Body Farm in Tennessee would be my idea of a good day out A scientific research facility which treats death as an informative transition period rather than something static and final the Body Farm has become world famousAs someone who has been routinely staring death in the face or accurately into the faces of hundreds of deceased recent or otherwise my desk is usually awash with Texts And Field Manuals Produced and field manuals produced William Bass and his colleagues People often mistakenly believe that archaeologists only deal with the driest of bones This is not true and a number of my experiences have been remarkably similar to those of Prof Bass bodies appearing recently buried turning out to have been in the ground for over 120 ears like Colonel Shy body bags really not being leak proof being two examplesDeaths Acre takes ou inside the body farm providing detailed descriptions of the advances in forensic research as well as an insight into the inspiration and relationships which led Prof Bass on his remarkable journey from army researcher to forensics lecturer and founder of the worlds most infamous research facilityI have to admit to reading this for the forensic case details rather than info on Bill s personal life but despite being a ghosted volume perhaps in the literal and literary sense it was an informative and educational read Some of the descriptions and images are not for the sueamish so if ou re not in possession of an ironcast gut then maybe Sodoms Sons you should just stick to Patricia Cornwell novels Ifou re feeling double tough and want further access to forensic material then Bass s field guide to human osteology should be our next port of call I loved William Bass s engaging writing style and dry humor He works with passion and dedication to unravel the truth of violent death to provide closure to those that mourn the victims According to Bass Truth like that can be a humbling and sacred gift for a scientist to give I picked up this book because the Body Farm fascinates me Seriously I m so taken with that place that I would consider willing my future cadaver there someday if my family approves In Death s Acre Dr William M Bass his tale written by the vastly capable Jon Jefferson takes us on the journey of his exciting career as a forensic anthropologist professor and founder of the Body Farm There are some very graphic descriptions of human decomposition in this book which doesn t bother me but I know some readers may want to take that into account before reading Bass manages to remain respectful throughout all of the tough stuff though from outlining the case of a murdered toddler to commenting on charred human remains That undercurrent of respect for the decedents and the work really sets this book on a pedestal for me Because I m hardly a for the decedents and the work really sets this book on a pedestal for me Because I m hardly a scholar I was relieved to find that Bass and Jefferson explain the processes in layman s terms At times I felt like one of Dr Bass s students called to class to study another pile of bones As the book went on I got better and better at figuring out the rationale behind time of death estimates and cause of death explanations No wonder the man is a legend in his field I would recommend this story to anyone who has the stomach for and the interest in forensic science This book is based on the University of Tennessee s Anthropological Research Facility aka The Body Farm The 1st facility of it s kind The Body Farm researches the decomposition process of the human body in varied controlled settings Results in these studies have helped federal and local law enforcement solve murders and missing persons casesThe author who joined UofT s anthropology department in 1971 and founded the original Body Farm in 1981 injects a nice balance of humor to off set the scientific language of the book Thanks to the author explanation and the internet I thought this book was uite easy for the layperson to understand The author is also half of the writing duo Jefferson Bass author is also half of the writing duo Jefferson Bass writes The Body Farm series After reading this book I am looking forward to reading The Body Farm series This was fascinating It really shows the importance of forensic science and what it can prove If I had the stomach for it I think this is a fascinating fieldbut I can t lo. Urderers to justice and cleared the names of the innocent Within a riveting narrative he details his own career and the many criminal cases he has been involved in bringing forensic science vividly to life and highlighting its crucial role in modern day polici.

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Oache s book on corpses Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers She has a chapter on the body farm does a wonderful job too I can t remember if my friend Keely bought me this book or I bought it myself because she loved it so much With that being said I want to thank my friend Keely for making me read this book It s an amazing piece of non fiction that I highly recommend readingOn the front cover of the book it says foreword by Patricia Cornwell A relative told me in college if ou like crime books ou have to read Patricia Cornwell I picked up her first book of the Scarpetta series and was hooked I was happy to read a book that Patricia had a small hand IN I ALSO LOVE ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO I also love anything that has to do death I m odd like that So picking up this true crime non fiction was a real treat Dr Bill Bass is the creator of the Body Farm a scientifically run facility that recreates different scenarios where a body could decompose Through this scientific research we now can tell when a body died Time of death is an important marker for police in murder investigations Through the body farm Dr Bass and his fellow forensic anthropologists entomologists medical examiners forensic dentists and other scientists and law enforcement have learned the stages of decomposition Through decades of research the body farm has helped to broaden and create a accurate analysis of death We know what to look for in order to catch that killer This book doesn t just talk about the body farm it also follows Bill Bass s journey from getting a masters in counseling and taking an anthropology class just for fun to becoming a world renowned forensic anthropologist Death s Acre or the body farm is where Bill Bass became famous but it was his coming up that was the most fascinating We get is where Bill Bass became famous but it was his coming up that was the most fascinating We get cases that Bass worked on over the ears We get to read about his aha moments and his oops moments With the help of some anthropology pioneers Bill Bass and his body farm would not be possibleIf Freezing Point you like true crime forensics non fiction mystery and death in generalou ll really enjoy this book Those with a weak stomach be aware there are mentions of bugs body liuid juicy flesh horrendous smells and other unpleasant adjectives to describe a rotting corpse I ate while reading this so I m fine teehee Check this book out You won t be disappointed Examining one of the Bass non fiction books the reader will discover that the world of forensic anthropology and crime scene analysis is nothing like that depicted on television or in most crime novels Bass seeks not only to delve into the real world exploration of what he has been doing for the past 25 at the time Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by years or so but also to shed some light on techniues variations and the creation of the Body Farm for which he has become known since its creation in 1980 Adding some personal stories to many of his professional read work ones Bass enthrals the reader with true crime solving and anecdotal tales that shed a thorough light on forensics in general and forensic anthropology in particular It is much than BONES or CSI could offer and far interesting especially for the reader who has enjoyed Bass complete series of fiction novelsI come into this reading experience having devoured the entire fiction series to date and being a major fan As he does in his works of fiction Bass injects a pile of humour and a ton of teachable moments to show the reader what it is that is going on and putting it in a larger context for the layman Additionally many of the story lines of the fiction series are taken from Bass experiences and people with whom he has worked As an aside many of Bass former students have gone on to have careers with world s foremost expert attached to their titles I found this highly entertaining and thoroughly captivating While I am sure there is a research component to writing his fiction books much can also be called life lesson and experienceI highly enjoyable book fitting right in with the fiction collection Fans of Bass work will surely love this and fans of BONES CSI and even Patricia Cornwell fan and friend of Dr Bass will also raise eyebrows and utter many a hmm Kudos Messers Bass for this wonderful journey into the world of forensic anthropology I cannot wait to read the other non fiction booko. Sting cars They are serving the needs of science in the cause of justice In Death's Acre Dr Bill Bass the facility's founder and one of the world's leading forensic scientists describes how he created it and how the work of he and his colleagues have brought As someone who has had a lifelong fascination with death decomposition murder funerary and burial practices and all manner of morbid stuff I was eager to read Death s Acre I had read a little about the Body Farm previously so I couldn t wait to get the whole story from the man who started it all Bill BassI expected the book to focus very narrowly on the Body Farm itself but that isn t the case The reader does get information about Bass s background and how he got into anthropology and then forensics in the first place This moves into logical background about Bass s initial work with Corpses And The Eventual Founding Of The Body Farm I And The Eventual Founding Of The Body Farm I the eventual founding of the Body Farm I it was interesting that the Farm got started not only as a much needed research facility for learning about an uncharted area of science but it also seemed to have been started because Bass was running out of place to store messy dead bodies a broom closet at the university and even the trunk of his beloved Mustang proved to be not the best places after allThe book then gets into some of the difficulties the Farm has had protests about its location protests about the use of unclaimed cadavers particularly those of US veterans and some of the projects it has hosted including an adipocere formation experiment and an experiment suggested by crime author Patricia CornwellBut most of what comprises this book are stories about Bass s career his failures and successes The failures most notably the Shy case point up the need for a facility like the Body Farm and the successes point to the value of the data gathered at the site All the workers at the Body Farm living and dead are doing a great deal to aid forensic science In the future justice for murder victims will be served swiftly and accurately because of the work done at the Body FarmAvid readers of true crime will enjoy the specialized professional view of cases that may already be familiar to them I was familiar with the Madison Rutherford and PerryRubinstein cases but getting the technical details from Bass shaped for maximum readability by his capable co author Jon Jefferson gave the stories a new dimension Especially fascinating was the description of the study Bass s student made of the effects of different types of saws upon bone which helped lead to a conviction in the death of Leslie Mahaffey one of the victims of the diabolical Paul Bernardo the male half of the Canadian Barbie and Ken husband and wife murder team There s also an inside look at the infamous Tri State Crematory case from 2002There s a lot of eye popping detail in this book some of it horrifying some of it poignant some of it dare I say hilarious See if Pure Excitement you can keepourself from laughing when ou find Out Why Bass Had To why Bass had to his first wife two new kitchen stoves or why he had to buy his third wife a new blenderEven when the tone of the book becomes humorous Bass is always professional and respectful Bass sees himself as a scientist first and foremost and his ultimate goal is to use his science to bring criminals to justice He s humble big hearted and always willing to learn from anybody be it a colleague one of his own students or the voiceless dead who speak to him with their inert shattered bones What a fascinating book to read I learned a lot A LOT about what happens to the human body when a person dies What a journey Dr Bass had leading up to the creation of the body farm He shared many different cases and some were truly heart wrenching to read He also shared anecdotes about his life leaving me smiling and chuckling uite often I think one of the things I admired the most was how respectful Dr Bass was of every body he examined I loved how he grasped any and every opportunity to learn even when it included learning from one of his studentsThe first time I heard of a body farm was on the original CSI Learning that one actually exists and the long road bringing it into existence makes for an engrossing read The writing could be tighter but his wandering through his life is interesting How he an anthropologist developed into a pioneer in the field of forensics is interesting funny in rather horrible ways A corpse in the closet over the weekend the poor janitor The development reasoning behind the body farm is also interesting See Mary On a wooded hillside in Tennessee blowflies bacteria and buzzards feast on human flesh unhindered by coffins or mausoleums They're buried in shallow graves; submerged in tanks of water; concealed under slabs of concrete; locked in the boots and backseats of ru.


Death's Acre

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