(Pdf New) [Daughter of the Alien Warrior Treasured by the Alien #3] by Honey Phillips

4 Stars What an awesome storyA special love for two incredible people Inzen who lost a mate and a child to Red Death and Jade whose baby irl was kidnapped people Inzen who lost a mate and a child to Red Death and Jade whose baby My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA girl was kidnapped year ago It was nice to see Abby and the family back It s cute butAnother cute fairly low stakes addition to the series DotAW is not my favorite of the bunch There s a lot ofnotreat in this one Our heroine is super TSTL impulsive to a fault and unable to learn her lesson from past mistakes Judgy Nose In Everyone s Business and No Filter Abby barges in when no one asked her And at least two of the younger women rescued in the first book decide to be rude and hostile little beasts for no real reason totally unnecessary It really kills my enjoyment of a story when women are horrible to each other for no reason In Romance there s a real issue portraying female characters in a balanced light it s almost always about extremes which leaves them feeling flat and unrelatable And despite how many books there are out there with just as many heroines we still The Book of Leviathan get stuck with a handful of tropes In this one Jade was cast as Fiery Woman Who Jumps Into Everything Including The Worst Conclusions totally at odds with who she was intended to be based on her backstory Strategy reading other people and predicting situations and long term planning was literally part of her job on Earth with her companies There s even a scene in this story with a strategyame that she excels at She s meant to be strategic and able to map out her moves yet she was an impulsive TSTL mess when her abilities would have been the most useful Becausedrama or something It didn t make sense

to me that 
me that who was this clever and Nine Ghosts gifted with vision would throw it all away and start making a lot of really terrible decisions that self sabotaged once she was able to make headway toward finding her babyAdd to this several characters in particular Abby who should know better make it a point to ues. Can arieving alien warrior and a desperate mother overcome their painful pasts through the shared love of a childOne year ago Jade’s husband was killed and the baby she had wanted for so long disappeared She has been searching for her daughter ever since Nothing not even being abducted by aliens is oing to stop herShe doesn’t expect to find a daughter who doesn. .

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Daughter of the Alien Warrior Treasured by the Alien #3Ake but together they made each other whole again So Good 4 Finally a Family StarsI am loving this series It s sweet and spicy Happy reading MoreThis story was reat I adored Inzen and s sweet and spicy Happy reading MoreThis story was شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى great I adored Inzen and the love he had for his daughter even if she wasn t his biologically So not only was he aood dad protector but also smart hot kind The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) giving and accomplished and just alien enough to add some zing and up his hot factor even This book was a fairly uick read but itives you a little bit of everything from romance to action You also Riding Hard get plenty of emotions and they all seemed real reasonable wetherood or bad which I always appreciate This was just a very ood Hot Sweet Romance With An Alien That sweet romance with an alien that alien and a human woman who had to overcome some preconceived notions issues to et to their HEA And the HEA was everything I would have wanted for this couple and I hope these authors can ive us at least a few stories with Cire warriors because they are just so delicious Good book would recommend WARNING story is meant for adult readersWonderful characters Great storyline I like the mix of aliens The main character is fierce brave and determined The main alien is sweet intelligent strong and protective It s everything a SFR story should be with the HEA I love this series Inzen is a Cire warrior strong loyal fierce and protective We met him in the first book and he has suffered much in his life and not from being a warrior Many of the civilizations in space were stricken with the Red Death a horrible plague The Cire were hit hard because it took all of their females Inzen lost his wife and his beloved daughter to this horrible disease In the first book two of the babies taken from Earth were taken without their mothers He adopted one and has been a Wonderful Father To Her father to her over a year Jade let her child when her husband was out for a walk in the park he as murdered and her child stolen She has trained to defend and attack. Of the childrenThen a luscious human female appears demanding the return of her daughter and he is faced with once again losing a childWhen danger threatens can Jade and Inzen come together for the sake of the child they both loveEach book in the Treasured by the Alien series can be read as a standalone romance This sweet and steamy HEA is intended for mature readers. Tion if Jade is LilyHana s mother because of race and wellyeah super not happy About This One I Have this one I have friend who for this same reason has always been mistaken for her childrens nanny instead of their mother their entire lives It s ross and it would have been nice to see any of the characters involved actually learn something from it but white women amirite And this is why I pinged this one as problematic Less because of the issue and because it was simply lossed over and swept under the rug NO It s simply lossed over and swept under the rug NO It s not OK We re on an alien
planet let s 
let s that in this world white people can ILLERAMMA Kathalu get called out on their BS self reflect learn and apologize for itEven with all of that I still enjoyed Inzen and Jade s story of having to overcome some deep emotional hurtles to make a family That aspect was really well done and provided plenty of angst without the help of the messes mentioned above I treasure these alien books filled with exotic places and interesting people I loved this story and our little HanaLily was so precious I hope there will be books to come Big fan of this series and this book did not disappoint Even though they say it can be a standalone read I recommend reading the previous books as they make references to the personality of some of the characters you meet You would be missing out of the full feel of the interactions if you didn t understand the struggle all these folks went through as you only read that they are happy on this planet after being abducted Oh I just love this series It takes women who are at their lowest most hopeless points in their lives and these wonderful Cire warriors help lift them up andive them the HEAs they deserve Jade was so distraught and empty searching for her missing daughter for the last year Sweet Inzen had overcome the loss of his mate and child and never thought he s et a second chance They definitely had some bumps in the road and many compromises to ’t know her; one who clings to a huge reen alien instead Despite her own attraction to the older warrior she will do whatever it takes to Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance get her daughter backInzen lost his wife and daughter many years ago in the terrible plague that threatened to destroy the Cire race When his ship rescued aroup of abducted women and infants he willingly took on the care of one. .

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