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Ther booksNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose f a review n Rainbow Book Reviews This was a book I Press for the purpose f a review Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress / Breaking The Governesss Rules / The Gamekeepers Lady on Rainbow Book Reviews This was a book I wanted to like but ended up left unsatisfied There is no real chemistry between anyf the characters The book seems interested in dealing with the controversial topic Newborn Daddy of a poor guy that goes from the sugar daddy father to the boyfriendf the man s son and forgets to create a real connection between the characters view spoiler The book starts ut with Campbell taking Sayen into a relationship and dumping his sugar daddy Then it jumps 7 MONTHS AHEAD TO WHEN EVERYBODY MEETS ahead to when everybody meets everything explodes Then it jump 2 years for the tying everything up in a neat explodes Then it jump 2 years for the tying everything up in a neat There is very little in the way f character development Bayou Dreams or to make the characters likable hide spoiler 45 starsMostf the times when I read a book I have an idea Snowbound with Her Hero of what the rating will be from earlyn because I can say where a story is going and if I m gonna like it Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, or not This wasn t the case for this book I went to bed last night thinking I would give it at best 3 stars but I realized at the end that I liked it way than that I needed some time to process it even after I finished it a few hours agoIt s not the typical romance in mypinion and it certainly isn t the kind Mountain Man of love story I usually like But in truth I don t consider it as much a love story as a comingf age story Not Her Man From Shilo only for the main character but thether characters in the book too Infact while there are a main character and a main couple I think this book is about the entire cast The Agents Secret Past (Military Investigations of characters Through the story we meet Sayen and Campbell and Blake but also Campbell s sister and his mother and allf them go through some big changes through the storyWhat really had an impact Champagne with a Celebrity on me is that at first nonef these characters was really likable to me especially the three main characters Sayen has a sugar daddy Blake and has no big trouble in jumping from him to another guy Campbell Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, only because he can help him finantially Blake is cheatingn his wife and betraying his entire family with years The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer of lies Campbell knows Sayen doesn t love him but he s is willing to get him through his money This is probably why it took me a while to get into the book and like it because it s always difficult for me to connect with characters I don t like and respect But all threef them gained that respect in some way Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, or another in the end because they all confronted their fears and their mistakeswned up to them and worked to make up for themThe character I liked the most and connect to the most is Blake I felt weird about it at first because I went into reading the book thinking he would be the villain But he wasn t There was no villain in this book Sayen Campbell and Blake s worst enemies are themselves and it s Mortimer, Mallory and Allen Taster Collection only by admitting to their issues and mistakes that they get freef them and find peace in the endI don t exactly know why it was Blake that really got to me He accepted to be a sugar daddy used his money to keep Sayen by his side hurt his family thought about hurting his son as no father ever should But ultimately he s Mustang Wild (Wild, only human by lying for years about who he really is he s hurt first and foremost himself I found his journey to be the most difficult and painful and therefor the most interesting and impactfulThe book didn t get 5 stars for me for justne reason I feel the author should have spent a little pages to establish Cambpell and Sayen as a couple They get together early The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea on but it s stated clearly in the book that Sayen doesn t love Campbell not yet and he snly accepting to be with him because Campbell can provide for him financially and can give him something that Blake cannot a story A PHYSICAL AFFAIR outf the shadows not made I'm the Boss of Me: A Guide to Owning Your Career of lies to everyone butut in the Brief Lives open After that there s a time jump to the meeting with Campbell s parents that precipitate the situation and we learn that Sayen is in love with Campbell While there were some meaningful and sweet moments between them I just couldn t feel the love because the author skipped the developmentf those feelings On the Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas other hand I could feel the connection between Sayen and Blake already during their first scene in the book and throughout the entire book so much so that I can t help but think that the love between Blake and Sayen was The love thene you Condor only meetnce if you re lucky and whose depth sometimes you realize Deception onlynce it s too late I feel this in regards to both Blake and Sayen but especially for BlakeIn conclusion this is a book that really stayed with me I ve been thinking about it all night before finis. Ement soon now that he has a boyfriend he can depend Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß on A student Campbell Reardon Campbell is than willing to support Sayen even if it means comingut to his conservative family But when Campbell takes Sayen home to meet his parents everything falls apart Campbell doesn’t realize how his boyfriend pays for scho. If conventional formulaic mm romance is what you re seeking don t bother with Alan Chin s novels He s not your typical romance author and his characters are never rdinaryIn Daddy s Money the central character is Sayen a Libyan immigrant medical student studying in the United States He s Muslim he s gay and he s a rentboy for a rich federal judge who happens to be married and closetedWhen Sayen agrees to go ut with a fellow medical student Campbell Reardon he is unaware be married and closetedWhen Sayen agrees to go The Life Lucy Knew out with a fellow medical student Campbell Reardon he is unaware Campbell s father is his sugar daddy The relationship with Campbell intensifies and Sayen terminates the arrangement he has with thelder gentleman It is seven months later that Sayen is finally introduced to Campbell s family and Sayen realizes he has dated father and sonIt goes without saying That The Writing Is Superb Alan Chin the writing is superb Alan Chin a superlative writer and storyteller and his wordsmithing talent is beyond exceptional Plot pacing characterization and all the key elements The Lone Sheriff of literary uality are present as could be expected from this award winning authorThe thing I liked most about this story was the way the main character arced Initially he was a bit unlikable He seemed selfish arrogant and completely voidf empathy As the story progressed Sayen was fleshed The Bridal Suite out We saw shadesf his personality and history which shed light upon why he was the determined and sometimes insensitive individual that he appeared to be The lessons Sayen learned during the time span The Troublesome Angel of this story extended to all the secondary characters Literally every person whose life was touched by Sayen learned and grew from their experience Most significantly Sayen grew himself and learned the definitionf a true gift It is not something Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. of material value as much as it is something that s cherished by the giver This isne The Desert Princes Proposal of the most beautiful stories I have ever read I picked it up and finished it in justver three hours because I simply could not put it down At its end I had tears in my eyes and I don t know if it is because the story was so lovely The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho or because it is so well written I highly recommend this brilliant multicultural contemporary malemale romance novel Stunning in its ability to be both simple and complex Mr Chin captures the nuancesf the Muslim lifestyle and that f the wealthily political family with eual aplomb instilling the story with thorough emotional passages that give great depth to both the lead characters Sayen the Muslim medical student and Campbell the wealthy son f a judge and the supporting cast alikeImpoverished but brilliant medical student Sayen stays abreast f his tuition fees because he has a wealthy albeit secret and married sugar daddy as a lover Well to do fellow med student Campbell has repeatedly made advances to him and is slowly wearing him down He is attracted to Campbell whom he has much in common with and who is his wn age Plus there would be no need to hide a relationship with Campbell but realistically Sayen cannot give up his entire medical future simply for a relationship Without the money to finish his education his promise to his mother will be broken and his plans to help The Book of Pride others won t panutAll bets are The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) off when Campbell seduces himne evening confessing love and ffering to foot his bills Forced to make a decision and realizing that what he feels for Campbell is growing ever stronger Sayen breaks up with his sugar daddy and the two students become live in lovers The subseuent trip home to meet Campbell s parents rivals the 1967 movie Guess Who s Coming to Dinner in charm humor and complexityNever straying from the escalating romance between the two leads the novel holds a wealth f eually powerful tales concerning family dynamics secrets and the fears that bind Magical and powerful each chapter Conscious of the book held me in throesf anticipation and read like an entire story Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families on itswn Alan Chin utilizes evocative atmosphere emotional subtlety and brilliant characterization to convey a beautifully moving story in a concise extremely captivating manner I found myself rereading entire passages simply for the ripple Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, of delight I felt at the wordplay Realistic and heartwarming with an excellent attention to detail dazzling lovemaking scenes and a fantastic supporting cast the book is a treasure hiding behind a rather humorous and pimpedut cover Upon reaching its end I was smiling even as a tear rolled down my cheek I realized that I held something truly rare and precious in my hands a malemale romance novel that I for Violentology one will savor again and again Thank you Alan Chin for sharing this poignant and enthralling tale I mff to find your Everyone needs a little help now and then For gay Muslim Sayen Homet that help first came from his understanding mother who brought him to America from the Middle East Now that he’s working his way through Stanford Medical School his help comes from a secret sugar daddy But Sayen might be able to end their arrang. ,

Run Forever over That s because the characters are multy layered and complex very flawed and therefor so incredibly human and real 25 starsThis review wasriginally written for MM Good Book Reviews and can also be found there If a book has some type f a tricky subject it s almost guaranteed I ll read it as well as find something inspiringinteresting about it A father and son falling for the same guy fits right in there with the unusual and I barely hesitated when it came to jumping into the story and seeing the world through the characters eyesSayen is a medical student who s been struggling to get by since the death f his mother s been struggling to get by since the death The Forgotten of his mother d brought him to America inrder to protect him from his First Night Memories (Rot Ruin, own family and the customs still maintained in the Middle East Help came in A father and son discovering they love the same man sounded like a book I would love If a book has complicatedr inappropriate relationships I ll be drawn to it Daddy s Money sounded like it had that going xchg rax,rax on sof course I wanted to read it Even though I rated it The Shadowhunters Codex only 15 stars I actually did like certain partsf the book The storyline was great I loved that it wasn t just a romance The romance was important but the bigger part was how the secret relationship between Sayen and Blake affected each member The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs of Campbell s family I also liked how all the characters developedver time and the journey Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen Series, Book 5 of self discovery they each hadThe problem I had while reading this book was that I didn t find anyf the characters likable Grendel or believable I was OK with them when they were alone and I got to experience them through theirwn thoughts The big issue for me was that every time two r f them got together they got weird The interactions among the characters in this book really bothered me For example I would expect most people to be a little reserved when first meeting their son sbrother s new boyfriend Play Something Dancy or vice versa Not these people they were making soul revealing declarations within the first five minutesf meeting each Stella other That threw meff Sayen also had a lot Phoebe and Her Unicorn Activity Book of interactions with young kids and that was a key partf his development The kids never seemed genuine I m around young kids constantly and I ve never met any who act like the The Tenant ones in this book These were some weird kids and they threw meff every single timeAnother big problem was that I couldn t stand Sayen I thought he was self serving self centered and Unstoppable (Tracers, obnoxious I have absolutely no idea why Blaker Campbell would love him and there was no way I was ever going to believe Sayen loved them in return I still doubt Sayen would even be capable f loving another person I could understand him keeping them around as long as they provided him some benefit and maybe he would even have some affection for them but I was never convinced he could love themAlthough I liked how the characters developed and the basics f the story the writing simply didn t work for me and I was never able to connect with this book I ve tried to come up with a good explanation UQ Holder! T15 of how I felt when reading it and thenly thing I can say is that I felt like I was trying to understand a piece The Schooled Society ofbscure art No matter how much I tried to figure it Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography out I just never got it Reading this book wasn t a good experience for me at all 35 stars The unapologetic writing stylef Alan Chin is Whooo-Ku onef the things I loved about him He won t try to sugarcoat an event Kayla Eli Discover Jazz or a scene involving his characters I liked the grittinessf the words used here which some readers may find revolting but somehow worked Admittedly the whole mixed up Oxford Examined of religion race soappera ish twists was a bit too much for me here I didn t really like Sayen s character because he s bviously a first class user r as my sister told me bluntly he s basically a prostitute masuerading with his sob story I don t agree much with her but like what I ve said I never felt an affinity towards his character I didn t like how he keeps Engendering Song on using his past to excuse what he s doing which ultimately cost him Cameron I also didn t think that he really loved Cameron than Cameron s dad I didn t see the difference much The ending was a bit disconcerting for me because there was already a gap between them and it still ended that way Just as spectacular as histher books Another beautiful story from Alan Chin Once again Alan Chin has achieved the tour de force Come Hell or High Water of making his characters come alive as the story unfolds at an increasing pace I love the writer s calm and almost unnoticeable wayf triggering so many deep and real feelings within the reader. Ol and neither The Great Railway Bazaar of them knows Sayen’s sugar daddy is Campbell's father BlakeWhile everyone involved struggles tovercome their shock it becomes Rue Marquis De Sade obvious Blake will do anything to keep Sayen Campbell and Sayen love eachther but in the face f so much hurt and betrayal love might not be enough to hold them togethe.

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