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Cognitive Development The Learning Brain

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Eyond Piaget to learning and the brainConceptualizing cognitive development around three core domains of human knowledge nave "Physics Nave Biology And Nave Psychology The "nave biology and nave psychology the considers the learning *Mechanisms Available To The *available to the brain Each chapter explores how these MECHANISMS AFFECT DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT STARTING WITH affect different aspects of cognitive development Starting with development of these foundational domains in infancy Goswami goes on to consider social cognition language acuisition causal learning and explanation based reasoning and theory of mind Later chapters explore memory reasoning metacognition. Cognitive Development The Learning Brain thoroughly revised and edition of the bestselling Cognition in Children This full color textbook thoroughly and pdated edition of the bestselling Cognition in Children This full color textbook been re written from the perspective of brain science and shows how new discoveries in cognitive neuroscience force s to reconsider traditional theories of cognitive development Goswami considers the established base of cognitive developmental psychology and demonstrates how new data from brain science reuire a new theoretical framework based on learning This book presents a new paradigm for teaching cognitive development going Executive functions reading and numbers The final chapter analyzes the contribution of traditional theoretical perspectives Piaget and Vygotsky linking these to connectionism and neuroconstructivism The intimate links between language acuisition And Symbolic Systems Cognitive symbolic systems cognitive and socialcultural
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form the core of bookThis valuable textbook is essential reading for teachers and students of developmental and cognitive psychology as well as education language and the learning sciences It will also be of interest to anyone training to work with infants and childr. ,