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Hough she has declined sex with himThen has sex with him less than a few #Hours LaterMake Up Your Mind #laterMake Up Your Mind of priorities There has been a breach in the parameter and the king is summoned to the site with all haste After begging to go with Zane know he needs to leave in a hurry Tanya goes to the bathroom to dress But then decides its #A Good Time To Brush Her Teeth And Put On #good time to brush her teeth and put on up I mean WTF LadyUsing sex to get your way Whenever Tanya isn t happy with a decision the kings make she threatens to withhold sex to get her wayThe sex in this book was rotic but the only likable character out of this threesome was Zane I will read the next book in the series just out of curiosity and in hope that the main couple is tolerable 5 I want a vampire sandwich stars Original fun sassy and badass This series had it all If you love PNR this is a must read Tanya is chosen as a mate at the Chosen Ceremony She will mate Brant and become ueen of one of the two ruling covens in Sweetwater Only problem She is so not having it Oh and to complicate things Zane the other vampire King The Deepest Sin evokes the Mate s Lore which means that Tanya now has to curt both Having two sexy strong vampire Kings fighting over her is whatvery girl in Sweetwater dreams about Tanya She just want to return to her sweet little bookstore The Kings They Want Her Their problem They are sworn nemies and WILL NOT share Things are about to get bloody Yes pun intended I have one complain though The cover It s pretty nough but it doesn t give the characters justice AT ALL Read 01072018 1st rating 5 Stars Genretropes ParanormalsteamyromancevampiresmatingM F MCover 2 stars It doesn t fit POV s Multiple Will I recommend Yes this will satisfy your little PNR loving heart I know it did mine I don t know why I finished this book I wanted to like it It had a somewhat good concept But there was soooo much wrong with this First off the world building was non xistent Where did the vampires live They lived on arth and had human technology but didn t interact with many humans I guess They had some human lingo but then didn t know about some things like blowjobs It would have been better if they lived in a different realm or something Secondly the whole selecting of the women could have been polished up a little bit better There were plenty of women that would have gladly gone with them that they probably were sexually compatible with but of course chooses two women that didn t want to go with them Thirdly Tanya has got to be one of the worst main characters I have ver read She was so self conscience ven though in the beginning she was fine but as the story went on she became self conscience which was really annoying She was so fucking whiny She didn t want to be chosen and yet she got all pissy when she saw Brant with another woman And then she didn t want to be passed between the guys but she gets all pissy again when another woman tries to get with Zane Sorry but you can t have it both ways honey And then forbids them from being with other women from the very start ven though she was still unsure about being with them Ugh and then when they were going to fight ach other before the actually mating ceremony and she leaves and refuses to go back with them Even though they were trying to get back with her and ven showing her they could get along but still she wouldn t believe them How is it that two men wanted to be with her It didn t make any sense other than she was sturdy nough to be with them and had birthing hips She ven stomped her feet when she wasn t getting her way Hated the way she got into the business with the lves and talked Estral into her needing to date Come on if this was a true supernaturalfantasy world then she would never be able to push her agenda and views the way she did and Le valeureux guerrier expectveryone to change their ways to her views in life The writing wasn t that bad per se I have read books a lot worse but the content was bad The concept could have worked if it had better characters and had better world building What s better then a hot and sexy vampire king two hot as f k vampire kings My God these vamps are so sexually arousing and the whole good boy bad boy twist was fabulous Brant and Zane are both dominate males and. Tory she so wouldn’t be here It’s not important that the two males are ridiculously rich and handsomeDeep down she knows a plain Jane like her will never be picked by one of the kings anyway Many of the women in the town suare are stunningly beautiful and model thin Most seem Snowflakes on the Sea enthusiastic about being a ueenven if it means being mated to a blood sucker which suits her just fineImagine her surprise ,
So different and Tanya is

A Curvystrong And Not 
curvystrong and not to tell these guys what #she thinks I love her I really loved the storyline and #thinks I love her I really loved the storyline and characters were so interesting as well Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy even secondary ones were very intriguing When you ve read as many vampire romances as me it takes a lot to get and hold my attention and Hartnady writes a damn good tale I haven t read many books with multiple partners because frankly it s not my thingbut when you readrotic done well it seems almost natural I Can T Wait To t wait to of this seriesif the the other books are anything like the first Hot Damn The next book in this series is Stolen By The Alpha Wolf Listen This is what it is Macho vamp smuttysmut I don t ven know why I wanted to read this Let s blame it on the pregnancy induced insanity and call it a day The beginning is tough lots of males doing stereotypical machismo bullshit Then the fun happens and it s delightful I don t njoy this kind of smut often I usually find myself offended and pissed I dunno there is to this than that I njoyed it No shame Plot a bit jumpy at times My dition KindlePages 417Series Chosen by the Vampire Kings box set part 1 6Rating 45Review Part 1 Mate s LoreTanya is chosen to be the mate of King Brant She doesn t want to be his mate but she doesn t have a choice She has an attraction to Brant but she doesn t want to be his baby machine She is desirable to all vampires Until she can be mated to Brant any vampire can challenge him to the rights of her She decides that she has a few conditions if she is to be mated to Brant But after she has shared her blood with him and then had mind blowing sex the next morning Zane the other king has invoked Mate s Lore Tanya now has to spend Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival eual time with both kings and then choose at the mating ceremonyPart 2 Torn DesiresTanya now has twenty four hours to spend with Zane At first she is scared of him But as the day progresses she starts to like him She is feeling guilty for betraying Brant There is another big problem Thelves and the shifters are working together to kill Tanya Since she is the only one who can bare children to Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, either king IF she dies then so does the Vampire species Part 3 Love and WarTanya is now back with Brant Over the next nine days she is to be shared between Zane and Brant Tanya doesn t want to choose She would rather share both of the kings and unite the covens With her mated to both of them she can bare both kings heirs Zane is all for it while Brant is not liking the thought of Zane anywhere near TanyaPart 4 Wild HeatWhile the manor of Brant s is under attack Zane Brant and Tanya are in a bunker under the manor During this time Tanya is in heat They both as they call rut with her Sexrut They have both decided that they need to learn to get along for they have decided that both will mate with Tanya Along with this thelves have backed off and offered their allegiance The wolves have yet to do soPart 5 Red LustTanya is pregnant The The Fix elven daughterEsral was given in the last part as part of the allegiance thelves made She was supposed to mate with royalty but with Tanya fighting for female rights she got her out of that Though Xavier Brant s brother can mate her he doesn t want to ven though he finds her very appealing Tanya is to be mated to both Zane and Brant soon Brant still wanting to keep things separate for the time being has asked to do the mating first while Zane waits outside But all doesn t go wellPart 6New MoonBrant and Zane are fighting together to get their female back Tanya knows it s not going to work so she is willing to raise her baby as a single mother Something happens to Tanya and the baby Brant and Zane come together deciding that they would do anything for their female Even working and mating her togetherI actually liked this series It definitely was smutastic At first I was a little annoyed with the fact of forcing but after the ceremony both males show that they will be slow with her Letting her decide when to take the next step I also like the whole triangle Yes I m a little messed up when it comes to fantasies but hey there is probably something a little off about your s too Don t judge me Do I recommend this No it might not be for veryone It hit the right spot for me though. Hough when King Brant sets his sights firmly on her Once a vampire king has decided there’s no going back But her home is in Sweetwater Being forced to live amongst the vampire speciesbig gulpforced to mate with a vampireis not what she had in mind for herself Maybe she can convince him to let her go to pick again If not she’ll have to find a way to scape his very muscled and rather delicious clutch. So Vampires Smut I can t seem to fucking help myself right now I don t know if it s because it s the wiggles fingers help myself right now I don t know if it s because it s the wiggles fingers of love or some shit But I cannot stop reading smutty books This book irritated me with the way it s set up when you get it on your kindle It has all the books on what I thought to be book one THIS MEANS I HAVE TECHNICALLY READ 6 FUCKING SUPER SHORT BOOKS But I didn t know this till after I tried to look these fucking things up Like like who does that These are #not like supposed to be separated by 11 or 12 LIKE STOP THAT This now means that I have to #like supposed to be separated by 11 or 12 LIKE STOP THAT This now means that I have to back and fucking review ach fucking chapter as though they were books Because hello You can t get them as individual fucking books SO when you see all of my hot mess of Desire in Seven Voices epic proportions you now know why this little Dark Lord was so fucking pissed Okay Rant over On to the review now SO ahem I wasn t to sure about this particular series I was worried that it was going to go in a direction that I sooooo wasn t really digging But thank goodness I had kept at it I swear to the book gods if I was a man while reading this though would it be weird if a man read this I would have blue balls I think I ll float away on cloud nine now Ridiculous I got to 80% on my kindle and really stopped caring It was ridiculous and unrealistic reactions between characters I really couldn t care to finish it It reminded me of kids playing make believe Things just happened there is no build up I really wanted to like the book but couldn t I am glad I got it on kindle unlimited It says 18 but it is like a teen romance DNF at way too far into the bookWelp this was terrible I don t think menage is my thing But also what the hell was going on with the story Tanya was just plain dumb as shit and the vampire kings weren tven hot view spoilerPlease xplain to me how having sex with two men the first 48 hours you meet them is sexy Tanya also did verything Brant told her not to do on her first meeting with Zane I just felt bad at that moment for him hide spoiler This book has so many issues that I feel this review is about to become a rant of all the things that drove me crazyThe Choosing Ceremony is a sexist and barbaric practice for modern times All single females must attend the choosing ceremony and whomever the vampires Zane and Brant choose as their mate must comply I have a theory that has never failed me yet If I hate the heroine I will hate the book It doesn t matter how wonderful romantic perfect and sexually awesome the hero may be It can never compensate for a stupid heroine Please join me as I list all the things wrong with TanyaBody issues from hell She claims to love her big tits and luscious hipsass but is beyond jealous of the female vampires taut lean bodies with their perky tits and slim thighs She is very insecure in her own skin There is a bit of fat shaming as the female vamps insult her size calling her robust multiple times Some mean it as a compliment when they tell her she has birthing hipsbut we all know what that really meansDamn if this heroine isn t wishy washy I really needed her to make up her mind and try to be a tad bit consistent She s totally offended that the vampire kings want to feed from her and only agrees to it because she is jealous when other females offer to feed them Zane is attacked by the The Casa Mono Cookbook elves within the first hour of her visit and needs her help to remove the poisoned arrow from his shoulder He is very weak and needs her assistance in the shower afterward She refuses to have sex with Zane or allow him to drink from her which will help him heal but gives him a blow job in the shower before they vever ven kissed When another female offers to feed the king because he is so weak she gets jealous again and allows Zane to feed from her He is not allowed to touch her during the process but she proceeds to finger herself to orgasm as he feeds Aaannd then she gives him shit for jacking off I mean why is it ok for you to hike up your skirt and finger yourself as he feeds from you and not xpect he may want to get off tooShe has refused to have sex with Zane so he tells her he will have sex with other females while she is off sleeping with the other vampire king Brant Of course she gets jealous ven Every hundred years tradition dictates that all ligible females in Sweetwater assemble for the choosing ceremony Two vampire kings have separate territories within the surrounding countryside Both are ager to pick their future bridesWhat a waste of her freaking timeTanya is among the many women at the choosing ceremony As far as she’s concerned it’s an outdated sexist vent and if it wasn’t manda. ,

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