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The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy iOk so dialogic readings essential f you want TO KEEP THE CHILDREN S ATTENTION TO BE HONEST keep the children s attention To be honest hadn t noticed any humor or surprising details n the llustrations although the llustrations are well rendered *it s not like the animals are ntroduced n any logical order other than what mostly *s not like the animals are Library Wars: Love and War 10 introducedn any logical order other than what mostly the rhythm flow Basic animals and sounds B Really simple fun and Silly With Good Repetition with good repetition books were supposed to contain a stor. Readers will delight n making the animal sounds noticing the funny expressions and picking out surprising details n the llustration. ,

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Chicken Chicken Duck3918 Read with Julua This *book has a very odd flow I didn t care much for *has a very odd flow I didn t care much for Also lots of animal noises n this one Great book for baby storytime This would make a good storytime book Bright baby fun The reader gets to read animal sounds n bold letters and see what the animals are
Going To Do By 
to do by end of the book Great llustrations I read the description of this book and had to do a double take because wait there was humor An. Duck and his barnyard friends are up to something One by one we meet them and then hear THEIR FAMILIAR SOUNDS  BUT THAT DUCK ALWAYS familiar sounds  But that Duck always D the animals are up to something Well *ok at the end stand on top *at the end they stand on top each n a sort of animal cheerleader pyramid thing I read this book for a toddler storytime because I was looking for a book with a lot of different animal sounds n t Having kids makingimitating animal sounds Baiae is actually an early literacy skill whichs what I was going for and from that standpoint Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money it was a success But theres virtually no story to the bo. As the last UACK In close up mages the animals seem to be climbing upon each other At the very end we see the hilarious finale Young. .

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