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Ssues and find out Love this series this book does not disappoint Mitch Kenzie are both broken

But Together They Heal Each 
together they heal each can think about the future And Zeus was just like another character loveable I connected with this series each book just draws you in I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book from the amazingly talented Carey Heywood So I will try my best to articulate what this book means to and that s HOPE Hope of a better future for these two beautifully broken souls McKenzie Williams is a simple down to earth girl that is just trying to get her feet back on the ground After a relationship troubled past she decides to start fresh with her best friend Rachel and her husband Alec Together they make a close tight nit family but deep down Z longs for her Alec in this world and she never sees Mitchell Brooks coming Mitch Brooks is a beautiful man of very few words After a terrible accident that causes him to lose his leg he believes he is unworthy of love Content to live his basement life alone he pushes everyone away All he needs is his dog Zeus He doesn t realize he may be missing something until he meets McKenzie And well he doesn t see her coming either When a unfortunate circumstance brings them together both are forced to realize that maybe just maybe going at it alone is not an option any This trio Mitch McKenzie and Zeus are so perfect for each other This book gave me all the warm and fuzzy feels almost from the very start I have been a fan of this series from the start and with each book it just eeps getting better I loved this book Loved This Book It has definitely earned pride of place on my love shelf I hope this is not the last we see of these three Thank you Carey Heywood for graciously sharing this wonderful man that is Mitch with me Can I please eep him I received a this wonderful man that is Mitch with me Can I please Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, keep him I received a of this book from the author in exchange for a honest reviewWhen I decided to read Chasing Daylight I went at it blind The description gives very little away and I haven t read any other books in this series So I read this book without any preconceived notions At first I had my doubts with this book It wasn t really grabbing me from the beginning Inew I needed to give it a chance I m glad I did because it was a very good bookThe story is about McKenzie Mitch and Mitch s dog Zeus Mitch ex Air Force injured in duty He is a about McKenzie Mitch and Mitch s dog Zeus Mitch ex Air Force injured in duty He is a because of his injuries and the PTSD he lives with His dog Zeus is his lifeline Zeus nows when he is having a panic attack and calms him With out him Mitch couldn t live his life When Zeus gets sick he runs to McKenzie for help in the middle of the night They don t exactly hit things off He scares her and she s weary of men because of a past relationship Thanks to her good friends and a tragic event they are thrown together McKenzie slowly breaks down her walls and sees that there are decent guys in the world It is a wonderful story of two lost souls finding loveI loved that Heywood brings Zeus into the story I myself suffered from PTSD and my dog was my lifeline Most people don t understand the bond that you have with a pet In situations such as PTSD the bond is even stronger So I applaud the author for bringing this to the readers attention Mitch s character is one I loved and hated I think mainly because her ind of creeped on McKenzie I understand that being ex military he has a hard time letting that go I also understand that his being there is what saved McKenzie So that s why I have a lovehate thing for him Heywood is a fantastic storyteller teller She focused on the characters and their development It allows the reader to get to now each character and become connected to them I loved that the book wasn t over sexed Yes there are a few love scenes but they don t overtake the story and steal all of the attention The author has great balance with everything I liked that Heywood talked about issues such as PTSD and didn t water down that part of the story This is a wonderful story that is definitely worth reading 375 starsReally enjoyed this Hero has been celibate for years so that s always a plus lol It also has one of the best literary dogs I ve ever come across Zeus was awesome. T the walls he’s built around himself while McKenzie works to build hers brick by brick When the outside world exposes the vulnerabilities in his façade she abandons her own fears to stand by him Will she be the one to save him from the darkness within him or will he forever be chasing daylight. ,
Two souls Two battered hearts One last chance at Love Mitch And McKenzie Are World Weary Have Experienced Mitch and McKenzie are world weary Each have experienced of the worst life has to offer and lived to tell the tale They have sworn off people They have passed on their chance for Until they find each otherI want her peace to sink into me and form roots I want it to grow inside me until the anxiety that plagues me has no room left and is purgedMitch and McKenzie are extraordinary examples of what wonderful things happen when you least expect it They are the hope that what is fractured can become whole again If you read anything this year read this book I wish there was a way to give Chasing Daylight than 5 stars I received an ARC of Chasing Daylight Thank you so much Carey Heywood for giving me a sneak peek of Mitch and McKenzie s story I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewI give this book 5 stars Although the book is well worth waiting for I am SO glad I didn t have to because OMG it was AMAZINGIt doesn t surprise me that this book drew me in and stole my heart I think everything I have read from Carey Heywood pretty much felt the same wayChasing Daylight was than I expected it to be I loved all the characters except for one And you will see who she is towards the end of the bookMitch was O so perfect Great guy big heart loving compassion helpful str I read the previously 2 books in this series with much joy They were charming with a great storyThis sadly lacks a bit on what the other 2 books had charm I can t put a finger on why but the magic within the other books lacks here and the book feels very rushedAlso it s way to dramatic if you concider is part of the CD seriesAs a stand alone its an ok cute easy to read book but compared it just dont match up Oh y allthere are so many things I love about this book and the other books in the series that its difficult to express it but here we go1 The book is a love story in the truest since of the word You experience the introduction the build up the emotions the struggles and then you are rewarded with love Its so real and beautiful I wish books were written like this instead of writing about characters who use sex as an ice breaker 2 The hero of the story is a wounded warrior End of discussion That is the baddest ass hero ever written 3 Kenzie and Mitch s relationship is realistic Its awkward weird confusing endearing and When they have a disagreement they talk about it Its so normal They both fight for each other instead of giving up They don t allow the miscommunication trap to happen Carey does a great job avoid all the cliche tropes of romance novels and I love it 4 Zeus Read the book and you will understand 5 While both Mitch and Kenzie think about how hot the other is it isn t so overly done that you feel the only thing attracting them is looks Both appreciate each others looks with Carey being overly descriptive I appreciate this because as a reader you don t feel like you are unpretty because you don t look like that When Kenzie is talking about Mitch she discusses his hotness in general same for Mitch when he talks of Kenzie He isn t saying he loves her skinny stomach or other things It allows you to not feel self conscious about what they find attractive in each other Its beautifully written and doesn t make the book shallow like so many romance books today Mitch is funny and endearing even though he is still not fully emotionally recovered It can t be good that she dissed me for my dogUnfortunately my plans to win her love don t involve jumping her in my tiny stand up showerYou now you have it bad for a girl when you can even get turned on imagining them putting on clothesKenzie is cute too When Mitch uses the excuse of needing help to figure out what to get his sister for her birthday Kenzie is super excited to help Mitch mentions his sister likes booksOh my God was it Twilight I loved Twilight Did you watch any of the movies She immediately goes into rambling mode to help and its adorable Then when she ponders Mitch s hotnessI take a moment to enjoy the view Mitch is seriously hot just existing all shirtless and wet takes him to another love of hotness not previo. Mitch Brooks exists day to day by eeping the world around him at arms length There is no going back to the man he once was That man was broken in a way there’s no fixing Any hope outside of that is nothing but wishful thinking until he meets herMcKenzie Williams needed an escape The last thing.

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Usly discovered Its like when they find a new species of tree frog in the rain forest I should probably alert the mediaAnd then there is my favorite first iss Seriously its hot and sweetI can smell lemonade on her breath and I dream of tasting it from her lips Would I repulse her Could I live with the look of disgust if she ll have if I do In that moment I decide I don t care I mean seriously Heartbreaking and heart melting all at once And then there is thisBefore you came into my life I spent my time chasing daylight but the light within you is so pure and powerful the dark no longer has power over me I mean seriously people That has to be one of the most romantic lines I have ever read Swoon So bottom line READ THE BOOK There were parts of this book that I loved and parts that were just too much I enjoyed the way Mckenzie and Mitch met and the way their relationship progressed Mitch was all in from the start and I love that Zeus the dog was a terrific addition to the book loved him I also liked Mckenzie s friends Rachel and Alec The bad parts were the multiple attacks and a The Deepest Sin kidnapping over the top drama for the sake of drama The OW that took part inidnapping Mckenzie had nown Mitch for 5 years and never made a move on him In fact they had barely spoken because he avoided people but suddenly she will turn into a criminal because she has to have Mitch I didn t buy it Also Mitch was engaged when he was injured in the war and she broke it off because of his injuries This issue was completely glossed over and they barely discussed it I totally believe that Mitch would still be with the ex fianc e if she hadn t dumped him Mitch even says at one point when be with the ex fianc e if she hadn t dumped him Mitch even says at one point when is caring for Rachel that Olivia should have taken care of him like that after his injuries I didn t like that We never heard one word of how Mckenzie meant to him than Olivia or that his love for Mckenzie was different and Major spoiler in the epilogue Mitch proposes and I thought well he s done that before and because we never hear reassurance that if there was a choice it would always be Mckenzie it just wasn t as sweet for me I don t like to feel that the h is the H s choice because she is the one to accept his injuries when the OW wouldn t Safety gang safe I have been in love with the Carolina Days Series by Carey Heywood since reading book one The Days Series by Carey Heywood since reading book one The Side of Someday While book one hooked me book two Yesterday s Half Truths brought out a whole new range of emotion for me Ms Heywood goes to great lengths to make sure her characters and stories are realistic and believable These are just a few of the reasons I was so anxious to read Chasing Daylight Since meeting Mitch in YHT I have been anxious to learn his story and this book did not disappoint Mitch is fiercely independent and doesn t need any interference from the outside world He s content in his job that gives him the freedom to have his therapy dog Zeus at his side and a schedule that adapts to his needs Aside from work his only interactions with the outside world is with his trainer at the gym He spends his days maintaining an apartment complex and spends his nights chasing daylight as the memories flood in Zeus is the one thing that eeps him grounded McKenzie is looking for a fresh start after escaping a volatile relationship A lifetime of bad relationship decisions has her swearing of men forever and she s happy She s finding her way in a new town with her amazing friends and the business they are starting when a stranger comes to her door late one nightAn emergency with Zeus has Mitch banging down her door expecting to find a vet but their clinic isn t open yet and if she doesn t help him he could lose the one thing that truly matters to him That late night emergency trips something in Mitch and suddenly he finds himself chasing than daylight Mitch soon realizes that there is to life than existing but can he save McKenzie from her self imposed dating exile Can these two damaged people find the missing pieces of themselves in each other Will they survive the forces determined to destroy them And can Carey Heywood possibly bring out even feels in this book than in the previous two Grab some ti. She needed was a scary beautiful man beating down her door in the middle of the night Now if only their paths would stop crossing she could convince herself she didn’t feel a connection to him Life has shown her the dreams she once held dear will never come true for herMitch struggles to get pas. ,
Chasing Daylight Carolina Days #3