[READ] Bumpology: The myth–busting pregnancy book for curious parents–to–be Author By Linda Geddes

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Is bookthere is nothing to learn from itI m surprised by the fact that it finishes on the last phrase with a nice little that it finishes on the last phrase with a nice little while the book lacks nice images feelings etc Great book I m nearly 7 months pregnant now and this is one of two books I ve been relying on Covers all the essential aspects of both pregnancy and newborn care with an evidence based scientific approach Ideal for women who want to steer clear of the abundant patronising and nauseating books talking about pregnancy as some outer body experience This addresses the emotional journey as well as the physical one but taking care to explain the scientific and hormonal reasons for both A true gem for practical mums who like to be treated as adults and not as emotional wrecks with a penchant for soft cuddly things A great talking point with friends and family with facts to get everyone interested in pregnancy Really enjoyed this book written very well and it did make me laugh A great pregnancy read And there aren t many so that s saying something This book covers a lot though I found the written style a bit loose analytically A good starting point on the topicsBought this and Expecting Better and found Expecting Better To Be Of Better be of better uality though this book covers much. Ogy. Nancy and new baby stuff Looks at the evidence science behind lots of pregnancy info which was a great anecdote to all the info and advice out there Can just read the bits of interest to ou This is still hands down the best book I ve read on pregnancy and early motherhood Packed with facts research references and myth busting It was very satisfying to read given how many misleading information and straight out lies is out there Finally a book that disseminates the actual research SO refreshing to read after the reams and reams of mummy hearsay on pregnancy sites I would highly recommend this book especially if like many the fear of god has been instilled in Auksaviriai I d you by Google Yet user friendly plain English language Topped with personal experience from the author Apt for data lovers subject to revision as soon as technical data is replaced by new findings This book speaks about random issues around pregnancy and babyhoodAs a readerou are bombarded by statisticsI am wondering how can a pregnant woman benefit from statistics about schizophrenia for exampleon the book she can learn That If Her Baby if her baby born this or that month and in this or that geographical area her "baby has big chances of being schizophrenicThere is not central idea nor philosophy around th. Pol. "has big chances of being schizophrenicThere is not central idea nor philosophy around th. Pol. ,

I read newscientist magazine which is "WHERE I FIRST HEARD ABOUT THIS "i first heard about this and its blog dispells lots of myths It s a book packed with tons of solid science et very entertaining to read Aiming to answer one uestion at a time each section is short enough to attract attention from a pregnant brainHighly recommended t Linda Geddes started this project when she blogged for New Scientist about her first pregnancy This developed into a great book for dipping into she uses current research reports to answer common pregnancy uestions and myths and makes it clear when something is possible but unproven Everything is broken into chunks of a page or two so it s a nice read when ou have s a nice read when Interviewing Users you have time or concentration I have not read itet but this came in nice uality even though it was used Very happy with my purchase This is an excellent book It gives a very clear analysis of all sorts of pregnancy and baby myths looking at the evidence and concluding how true each one is eg how much alcohol ou can actually drink whether it s worth waiting a couple of minutes before cutting the cord or whether various parenting methods actually work Combined with a practical parenting book I feel well informed to face parenthood Fun book with snippets of info on a load of preg. Bum.

REVIEW Bumpology: The myth-busting pregnancy book for curious parents-to-be

 Bumpology: The myth-busting pregnancy book for curious parents-to-be