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Storical work Forgotten Books uses #State Of The Art Technology #of the art technology digitally reconstruct the work preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy In rare cases an imperfection in the original such as a blemish or missing page may be replicated in our edition We do however repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works. Hbishop sneaps us for our sloth 5 't is time I startled some of e Suppose I take and roast The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2020 you for a heretic Pitchou like Prophet Jonas to the whale And still the storm ou have raised about our ears T ake rede Sir Lollard So he frowned and left And hastened Saint Wigbald's the fieldsAbout the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books Find at book a reproduction of an important hi. ,

Excerpt from Brother Fabian's Manuscript #And Other PoemsStraight Blaize Our #Other PoemsStraight Blaize our red with saintly wrath Summons us all to meet him; reads the charge And bids us all digest it 5 storms and fumes Dubs us all liars hypocrites and fools 5 Swears he foretold the issue There was one A lurching lean lipped lollardizing loon Whom we all hated Brother Joce uoth Blaize Some blatant lollard slanderer of the faith N O Doubt Hath Played doubt hath played spy on us and blabbed My lord Arc.

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Brother Fabians Manuscript