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Alchemy for Women dRt boys around here Its kinda action packed manga cute little marin being protected by a robot named melan from some ugly looking monsters Ion t usually Read Manga This Was manga This was Is estined to protect her arms made of weapons the usually read manga This was fin. estined to protect her With arms made of weapons the of flight and retractable body armor Melan is ready to efend his charge to the bitter en. .
Brigadoon Vol 1Very cute good read but somewhat choppy in my opinion I really wanted to like this one but by about halfway throught I just idn t care about the characters or throught I just Alien didn t care about the characters or plot Cute Earth has been engulfed by an unidentifiable presence This presence contains the Monomakia living weapons whose sole purpose is to trackown and kill 13.

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Llustrations but not much else Just another manga book i borrowed to add to my reading challenge Again nothing much to it but hey at least there s no boob popping girls but hey at least there s no boob popping girls perve. Year old Marin an orphaned girl living in an alternate version of Tokyo Young Marin's only chance to survive rests with Melan Blue the Gun Swordsman who.