(E–book/E–pub) [Boneyard Kelly Jones #2]

Third I can honestly say I was extremely disappointed reading this My library suggested it and I read the prologue and thought wow they re killing off men instead of women This I ve got to read With all the crime novels I ve read it s always women and some have crossed that ugly line into children Those I skip One has to be really messed up in the head to enjoy reading that So it was refreshing to inally see a crime novel where the men are the ones to bite the dust or once NOPE this author had to make it about gay men Why Why do stereotypes continue Why can t someone else be a victim or once Done Didn t even inish it This lady can write no doubt about it But there was a clue about 150 pages in that gave everything away I kept on reading thinking that maybe it was just a deliberate trick but there were several other way too obvious hints and it just really ruined it Noir for me I m not the smartest reader I can usually lose myself in the book and notigure things out so I can be surprised so I know when I Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are figure it out it s all over Just disappointing Pretty chilly serial killer suspense book One enjoys the *characters in the book young people with their own world Good clean writing A good read. Enforcementrom both *in the book young people with their own world Good clean writing A good read. Enforcement Gaffer from both and aorensic anthropologist Kelly searches Circumstantial Evidence for the killers But as darknessalls another victim is taken Kelly must race to save him before he joins the restin the boneya. Hikers come across what turns out to be a mass grave in the Woods Because Of The Because of the to the Massachusetts Vermont border the FBI is called in to advise The FBI is in the person of agent Kelly Jones who is Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers forced to postpone a long awaited vacation to help on this caseSomeone appears to have been targeting young gay men who are drifters and therefore not missed when they disappear Or is it two someones The investigators are led to two bodies placed together but they ve definitely been killed by two different people Is it a copycat or two killers working *togetherKelly isorced to deal with suabbling local police including uncooperative Massachusetts *is orced to deal with suabbling local police including uncooperative Massachusetts Trooper Bill Doyle and eager To Learn Vermont Homicide Detective Monica Lauer learn Vermont homicide detective Monica Lauer well as here own insecurities in order to discover the truth which turns out to be even disturbing than the investigators imaginedThere are some graphic descriptions of torture which I ound difficult to read but they are A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping few and brief and only used to advance the story I skimmed them not just because of their disturbing nature but because I really wanted to know what happenedI m definitely going to read Tunnels theirst in the series and The Gatekeeper the. Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) from Massachusetts to Vermontrom wealthy vacationers to poor transients rom a serial killer to a copycat nemesisAssisted by law. FBI Special Agent Kelly Jones survived her last case involving a serial killer Now working in the Behavioral Sciences Unit she is called in to work another case after

A Is Found 
Boneyard is ound grave site with multiple victims Heading to The Berkshires Kelly the bones have been God Said, Ha!: A Memoir found across state lines and must now supervise the investigation in both Massachusetts and Vermont with Detective Bill Doyle and Investigator Monica Lauer who have nothing but disdainor each other Soon it becomes clear that there is probably a second killer on the loose a copy cat murderer In addition Detective Doyle seems determined *to thwart the investigation at every turn As bodies are ound an intricate *thwart the investigation at every turn As bodies are ound an intricate and mouse game begins involving both killers and the police I have been reading a lot of historical On the Right Side of a Dream fiction lately and just needed a break I enjoyed The Tunnels theirst book in this series so I picked up Boneyard It did a good job of keeping me interested in a moderately entertai Some time ago Michelle Gagnon offered ree downloads of this book rom her website and I took her up on it I was Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II finally able to get to it library books comeirst and it was greatIn this second book in the Kelly Jones series some. On the trail of a serial killer the path splits in twoFBI special agent Kelly Jones has worked on many disturbing cases in her career but nothing like this A mass grave site unearthed on the Appalachian. Boneyard Kelly Jones #2

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