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Early day to day description as Michael works his way as gardener making friends with the granddaughter of the caretakers and wondering about the reclusive employer At one point it feels slightly like Beauty and the Beast because John Seward the employer prefer to hide from the rest of the people in the house Their relationship is written with the right pace as Michael who has a gift as massage therapist works to help John gets back to his feet and also helping him from his survivor s guilt Both men are damaged from the war and it is beautiful to read how they pretty much find each other and heal I m in love with both the writing and character developmentUntil those last two chapters I totally agree with everybody that those two chapters are letting the story down It doesn t fit with the whole arc it drags a wonderful story slightly too long Those last two chapters will be better if released as a separate novellashort story Since it will be better if released as a separate novellashort story Since it about their life 5 years in the future the tone is different and personally Michael s sudden lack of convidence about his worth becomes

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I don t now the inclusion is needed to make the story categorized as a novel but I think the editor should do a better job and well EDIT Or make suggestion Because I think the novel will be perfect if it Lovely also unevenFirst third or so was engaging if a little purple with many beautiful touchesBut in the remainder minor annoyances became even irritating with repetitionOn the whole a fairly decent period romance that never uite overcame its shortcomings This book REALLY deserves attention Two men surviving war and family healing each other in turn It has a sense of time struggles and strength with characters you can believe in No one is perfect the ending feels a well earned happy rather than idealised fantasy not to spoil but I really liked how things worked out Or ThemContinue To Love This Book And themContinue to love this book and from by this author as of Jan a return to writing is promised DD Surprised this book is not popular Still love it on re read Wish the author would publish The beginning felt sparsely written no flowery words or angst It gave a gritty feel for a story of ex soldiers in difficult times the main character unapologetically male From there we re taken to the country a la The Secret Garden Beauty and the Beast and countless gothic romances yet this never felt like a gender switch it progressed naturally while eeping the characters real Healing took effort and time Caring came with attitude rather than sentimentalitySlow moving in many ways I m not sure this can be classed as romance it s not until past halfway attraction comes into play It s a story of healing of getting to now each other When they act on their desires it feels deeper skipping candlelight to go straight to the heart A story or survival and loveAs the story heats up emotions getting messy and alive the prose does fill out leaning a little towards purple compared to what has come before The pacing also picks up This worked for me because both were eeping time avoiding life but they bring each other alive and back into the rushThere s some great side characters I loved Millie and the talk they have young Sarah is endearing never precocious They all appear enough to leave their mark add colour but never take over the focus Though there s certainly moments that bring a reaction The story could have finished nicely after the fourteenth chapter it felt rounded off there and it would be a good moment to leave them At the same time I liked learni. H his will to recover until a family crisis convinces him to pursue treatment As John’s health and outlook improve under Michael’s care animosity yields to understanding He and John find their battle of wills turning into something stronger but fear may eep them from finding hope and healing in each oth. If I had to chart this book as a diagram I d draw a steeply rising curve followed by a slump followed by another steep rise a bit like a rollercoaster ride The first 85% followed by another steep rise a bit like a rollercoaster ride The first 85% Kindle terms of the novel view spoiler until Michael is finally reunited with John in New York hide spoiler The first 60% or so was good but then from there things just got boring and predictableI really enjoyed the writing and GN Chevalier s ability to weave words as if it were magic Overall story was alright I DNF ed around 70% as I got bored and the story became predictable Altogether it was an okay book with mediocre characters Nothing to write home aboutBlog Me in all of my writing gloryYoutube And sometimes I talk about random shits here IG and IG account where I post random stuff 45 starsStunning debut novel from a new authorIn an accurate historical setting this was a tale of two physically and emotionally damaged men finding love and comfort in a less than welcoming environmentIt was an outstanding and stunningly well written story that felt like gay fiction with romantic elements than a simple romanceSad to say the epilogue put this novel down a notchThe sex scene at the end didn t fit this saga like story as if the author was out of ideas at that point and didn t Black Women in White America A Documentary History know how to let it endAnywaythat was just a very small part of a great story highly recommended Believe me this one is astonishingAre you ever going to write dear author Don t be that selfisheeping your talent away I loved this book No I adored this book I don t think of myself as a lover of historicals at least not in the mm genre I love them elsewhere but it s been extremely rare for me to fall for one with two male romantic leads But this smashed every idea I might have had about my previous tries and made me cry and laugh and swoon like a ridiculous person Michael McCready returned from the war and is working in bath houses in New York With a year of medical school under his belt he has given up the dream after seeing all of the terror and death from his fellow soldiers The one relationship Michael will do anything to protect is the one he has with his beloved sister So when his uncle makes him a deal to save that relationship as long as he takes a position as a gardener on a country estate Michael takes off for a completely different ind of life There are the husband and wife striving to save the house they love and have worked in for decades and hopeful to save the man of the house s life before he hides and drinks himself away There is the little girl who has lost so much and clings desperately to the people she loves And there is John cue huge big fat SWOON John the man of is John cue huge big fat SWOON John the man of who gave it all away to join the front lines of the war who can t forgive himself for what he saw and felt he could have done for the family he has lost and the life he lost and felt he should have and could have had These people live and inhabit the mansion with Michael but they don t come alive until the combination of Michael and John s growing friendship changes the mood and outlook of all five of them This is a time when to love a man held far risks than it does today But their story wasn t all about that and I m so thankful It wasn t just a book about being a gay man in 1919 It s a story about two men who had given up on many aspects in their lives settled and then found another person who made them feel alive again Found another person they would protect and who they wanted to be a better man for in the present and future It was a slow journey of. In 1918 Michael McCready returned from the war with one goal to lose himself in the pursuit of pleasure Once a promising young medical student Michael buried his dreams alongside the broken bodies of the men he could not save After fleeing New York to preserve the one relationship he still values he takes ,

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Distrust apathy anger fear friendship hope and love It s a of how to let someone close when it a story how to let someone close when it the one thing that scares you the most It s a wonderful novel with a believable and slowly unfolding plot fully realized characters both main and secondary and a simple but so very special love between them all I can t recommend this enough for everyone 425 starsSet immediately after World War I Bonds of Earth tells the story of Michael McCready a rentboy turned gardener and John Seward a badly wounded veteran The two initially can t stand each other Michael who volunteered with the Red Cross during the war and helped rehabilitate wounded soldiers hates being reminded of the war and its horrors John insists on living as an infirm recluse and treats everyone in his house poorly But once Michael forces John into physiotherapy the two develop an uneasy truce Slowly t This is excellent the strongest MM historical I ve read The book is full of details that just feel authentic all incorporated naturally without that aroma of the research note that too often distracts me in historical novels I truly believed the book s portrait of what it would be like to be gay in this period and also even miraculously what it would be like to be a post WWI vet So many books these days play the PTSD card it has become a genre clich but I felt Chevalier new what she was talking about It helps that she doesn t overplay it she clearly respects and empathizes with what veterans must have suffered but she is careful not to exploit that suffering to win pity or merit points for her characters The war is a fact of life just like Michael s Catholicism or lower eastside upbringing or John s distant relationship with his father Both heroes have suffered actual damage from the war not the glamorous Le guide Ornitho kind that turns novel characters into saints but the realind that rips apart families and leads to ugly self destructive behavior Perhaps the biggest miracle of all is that Chevalier actually gets New York City right I am a life long New Yorker so lame clich d pictures of my hometown are a major pet peeve of mine She never forgets what should be every novelist s cardinal rule there Is No Such Thing As New York City There Are no such thing as New York City there are specific neighborhoods I was fascinated by the picture of the early 20th century Greenwich Village bath house scene so much that I really hope the author revisits the period and locale to give us of these wonderful stories Bottom line best MM historical I ve read Highest Recommendation I have never been into historicalperiod piece much give me stories with computer and cellular phone anytime Plus this is by a new author I m a bit weary of trying a new one since few of them don t have a nice record in my book However a couple of positive reviews make me curious especially from one who also has hesitation to read period piece Turns out I m GLAD that I give it a tryFirst thing first the cover by Justin James is simply stunning I LOVE the elegance of black and white and it doesn t feature any men at all I love the men but a change is nice once in awhile it looks like a cover for mainstream novel It s simply a beautyNow the story itself I admit I have a bit of struggle in the beginning Getting into the story and to understand Michael as a character including what is currently going on his life and why he is shipped into working as a gardener at a country estate However the story picks up its pace really nicely afterward Not saying that it has a fast pace but it feels comfortable to read I enjoy the. Position as a gardener on a country estate but he soon discovers that the house hides secrets and sorrows of its own While Michael nurses the estate’s neglected gardens his reclusive employer dredges up reminders of the past Michael is desperate to forgetJohn Seward’s body was broken by the war along wit. .

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