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Hippies Zombies Gore Bums Drugs Lots of drugs So many drugs that I really believe the author was on drugs when this was written I would love to tell you what this book love to tell you what this book about but I don t really know what it was about There were a few different story lines oing at one time but there was so real smooth transition between them Many times while reading this I was just completely lost confused disturbed or wondering why in the world the author decided to use the elementary insults that were in this book It seems to me that if this book falls into the right hands it may Imagine That! gain a small cult following just because of all the zombies and hippies But I just didn t uite understand it 15 stars I just finished reading this book and I veot to say it s indescribable Fast paced and energetic Eual parts humorous and Sadistic and at time even heart wrenching it s hard to put down no matter how hard you try or want to The characters and plot are so uniue and complex that they ll knock you on your ass and have your head spinning It s A clockwork Orange meets the Three stooges meets Soilent reen with a dash of Mystery Science theater and potty humor for flavor blended "and unfiltered and reads like a bad acid trip in the best sense of the phrase "unfiltered and reads like a bad acid trip in the best sense of the phrase in all I completely recommend it to anyone that s looking for something uniue and unapologetic to read And to the author I tip my hat off to you sir Blubber Island is a wonderful book It emancipates the mind so it may freely wonder to a place of infinite possibilities Becoming a place of refuge mitigating stress a place to kick back and chill Blubber Island miraculously tugs at the emotions we acuire sadness happiness suspense tranuility anger you name it Blubber Island isn t a book that entices one roup of people for it contains nearly all enres mystery romance suspense science fiction philosophy and humor none the less This piece of literature has the ability to lift the spirit with its humorous imagery and stimulating philosophy A book that s truly original and funny as hell In this book you will delve into the mysteries of the real world and the dream world You will also be introduced to many eccentric characters each defined uniuely and audaciously The author dexterously created the characters so they elicit certain moods and emotions While reading Blubber Island I truly felt the sensation of serenity Its free spirited vibes allowed me to feel peaceful and content with life Literature is intended to stimulate emotions but to feel serene well you don t come by that to often I suggest this book to anyone who enjoys reading There s nothing like it and you re uaranteed to laugh your ass off Don t miss out on reading it YOLO 3 Blubber Island is a philosophical ride on a dark and King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies grungy coaster in search of one end humanity Enlightenment and humor often are not strongly associated but within Blubber Island they are indistinguishable Blubber Island focuses on the psyche comparable to the psychoanalytical method especially Jung he is even mentioned Would suggest to anyone with an ounce of humanity and an open spirit Best book I ve ever read From the first scene to the last I was totally hooked Mostly because Action Gore Comedy plenty of drugs and WIIIIILD Adventures that read like a movie with never a dull moment are enough to keep anyone from putting this one down before finishing it With the wit of a Hunter S Thompson Story and the dark but Brutal Bluntness of Charles Bukowski you can t help butet trapped in the world of BLUBBER ISLAND Not for the. When neuroscientist Elis Davidson removed a dream from his mind and captured it inside a receptacle an inter dimensional tear opened to. Blubber IslandIng Tons of potential felt like a second draftI am eager to see What Else This Author else this author I love his style However this story felt like it eager to see what else this author writes I love his style However this story felt like it have used fleshing out and expanding on the themes and scenes Great first outing Whoa What did I just read That was basically the first thought that ran through my head after finishing Blubber Island Trust me when I say this is a ood thing I devour books the way most people devour potato chips one after the other in rapid succession So anytime a book can stop me in my tracks and make me ponder what I just read than the author is doing something right Reading it was uncomfortable and disturbing and I enjoyed every second of it This book "isn t oing to be for everyone If A Clockwork Orange "t oing to be for everyone If A Clockwork Orange The Matrix had a bastard child that child would be Blubber Island although it s like the former rather than the latter To enter the world of Blubber Island is to enter a brutal ugly world filled with junkies mind altering chaos and unforgiving violence oh how it is violent It s also incredibly funny You can t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all and it is absurd it s supposed to be that s the point Blubber Island is written for the anarchist in all of us It s a philosophy it s a commentary on the world we live in it s a mirror to the madness that surrounds us and it was one hell of a ood timeDid I mention the zombie bums There are zombie bums Blubber Island is a rollercoaster splatter punk extravaganza It is a pinball whizzing through worlds that exist in the crazed mind machinery of modern urbane neurosisIt is intensely enjoyableThe only author I can compare Ishmael Galvan s work to is one of my favorite minds of the twentieth century William S Burroughs I m not sure if the author of Blubber Island is aware of these influences or whether they have filtered down through mass media over the years Blubber Island is an apocalyptic assault of the senses A ride through hell It Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story grabs the reader by the throat and shakes him until the final pageIf Burroughs were alive today he would be the first to admit that post modern fiction is a tough sell Theodfather of cult fiction scraped a living in later life by reading his work on the college circuit and for his sins hawking Nike running shoesUltimately readers want story Demand it expect it and crave it And unless you want to survive eating window putty as a writer you have to deliver it Or something close to itBut hold on Blubber Island works as a piece of postmodern fiction There is story Each sentence is a logical thought Each paragraph an extension of that thought Hundreds of flash fictions weaved together An achievement by any measure is the way this story is written word by word and piece by pieceThe author is a highly competent creative writer who creates fantastic imagery action and humor Like a How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead good tab of LSD the book takes a while toet used to when it hits it hits hard and takes a long time to wear off Zombies orillas reen boys pharmacists samuraisThey are all in hereStillNowHereGalvan is a Mexican writer living and working in Japan This work is something he calls Gutter Surrealism A movement that I had not been aware of until picking up Blubber Island Galvan shows promise as a writer and would do well to attempt a cohesive story in the traditional form I understand he is toying with the noir enre Blubber Island as fun and as brilliant as it certainly is may not be an island habitable for the masses But perhaps that is the point of this bookRecommended book And an author to watch carefull. Grates Blubber Island is a psychedelic adventure into Gutter Surrealism a dark comedy with philosophical depth and a Splatterpunk surfa. ,
Kiddies or Gram s n Gramp s tho instead it s just for youPS If you ever meet a bum named Carlin ive him aaaall the crack he needs Blubber Island reads like a movie with action adventure comedy and everything a zombie stoner Moonrise gunsals bums drugs and violence fan could possibly love This is definitely a book for the contemporary reader as Blubber Island confronts some controversial issues that we all face in today s world racism sex homelessness religion politics drugs dreams "modern philosophy I d recommend this book for the heavy hearted imaginative "philosophy I d recommend this book for the heavy hearted imaginative who don t like to read I picked up Blubber Island specifically because of the reviews both on here and on and I wound up severely disappointed At first it seemed as though the novel was off to a decent start The pacing was unusual and there definitely was a Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi good amount of violence but I did not mind either of those elements and I was very curious about where this story would lead The author did aood job of catching my interest and I had a lot of hope for the rest of the novel Unfortunately that interest did not lastThe novel suffers from a very evident lack of a ood editor There are some serious problems with the flow of the narrative I understand that the author was trying to be uniue in his unusual approach to surrealism in literature but I can t help but feel like his ideas were completely overshadowed by the way he jumped from perspective to perspective within individual chapters oing from one character s point of view in one line to another s in the following line and his apparent disinterest in overall narrative flow Sometimes characters would be present in one moment and in the next it would seem like the author forgot about them That was not a plot device but rather carelessness that if fixed could have reatly added to the story rather than drawing attention away From What The Author Was Trying To what the author was trying to The second half of the novel suffers the most and I found that the I read after the halfway point the harder it was to maintain any interest in the novel at all It was as though the author could not bother to take the time to actually work through the second half of his story It reads as though he rushed through the narrative as uickly as possible It also suffers from what I would call lazy writing with statements like The punks died laughing and The bums sounded like sex starved wheezing old eezers starving for a hot piece of ass The novel is characterized by similarly lazy metaphors and similes that take away from the plotThe novel is also rife with typos If I were an author I would be embarrassed to see instances of the following popping up throughout my published workAn man Location 137 as per KindleHe then switched to a corner of the room and drool Location 487 as per KindlePower poles were used it as battering rams to bust into liuor stores Location 1231 as per KindleI may have iven the novel two stars if it had less errors but the typos "coupled with what can honestly just be considered a terribly written novel with some vaguely interesting ideas prevents "with what can honestly just be considered a terribly written novel with some vaguely interesting ideas prevents from being even a little lenient In the end I was 70% done and I decided I did not want to finish the book I was admittedly a little interested in how everything would tie together in the end if it would my hopes were waning drastically by the time I finally set it down but I couldn t take it any It s a shame too because I love the idea of utter surrealism and finding beauty in ugly things But alas there was no real beauty to be found in this author s writ. Cosmic annihilation A cast of metaphysical entities and urban misfits struggle for control over the dream’s power as reality disinte.

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