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And stops acting like a selfish ndignant brat mini rant I really don t get this girl s deal Her flippant ungrateful attitude towards her adoptive father Joesph The Great Smog of India is super annoying and over the top The poor man She thinks he accepted to be her adoptive father out of obligation and she s offended by that Common sense reason seems to be missing here You finally got what you wanted and now you re unhappy witht Pssht The only reason she offers herself as part of the trade with the Slayers s to get away from Joseph and Dabyr never mind the fact that the man has given her everything she could ask for and took her n when she had no place else to go She jumped at this opportunity to get away from Joseph What a peach If The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary it wasn t for Andreas I would have wished for someone to chuck their shoe at this twit and be done witht Nicholas the scarred Theronai with the beautiful kind eyes He s too sweet to be left alone Please author fix t What I wasn t mpressed withHow many different kind of Synestrians are there Every time someone has an encounter with these monsters they are described differently Some look like wolves with shark teeth others are human like with no face or missing fingers with odd joints and scaly patchy skin some are like snakes some are giant centipedes dolphin like fishes with tentacles giant walking roaches think Men Popular Hits in Black dogs with green glowing eyes etc etc These things comen all shapes and sizes and are continuously changing n looks and breed n every single book Is there a reason for this At first I assumed there were sub species different kinds but now I m beginning to think Butcher makes them up as she goes along for the hell of t If they are nterbreeding or using hosts for bodies then The Creative Habit it needs to be explained cleared up Thiss 5 books The Rest of the Story in the world building really needs to be better than thisNika WTHs wrong with you I like this girl but her sister Andra s overprotective obsessive controlling diocy s rubbing off on her The way she cornered Tynan and tried to strong arm him nto staying nstead of helping Logan and Hope was such a WTF moment for me It made me want to smack her Her whiny ungrateful obnoxious attitude towards him got under my skin the most acting like Tynan did nothing to help Tori Are you kidding me She pretty much was treating him like a leper and a servant just like some of Theronai guys do all the time Left a bad taste Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand in my mouth Not everythings about your sister Nika so settle downStill not a big fan of how Butcher writes her heroines The scene I just mentioned with Nika and that whole drama with Carmen s perfect example of that Everyone has their stupid moments I get t But one track minded denseness and selfish tendencies are one too many for my tastes There s only so much TSTL moments I can take So far out of the entire ensemble cast Nika Grace and Hope are the only tolerable root worthy ladies Now I can truthfully say that I read all the previous books just to see of Logan and Tynan though they are manipulative bastards And I books just to see of Logan and Tynan though they are manipulative bastards And I really glad that at least Logan found his better part Fifth n the Sentinel Wars paranormal romance series revolving around several groups of sentinels charged with preventing demons from breaking through The couple focus s on Logan and HopeMy TakeThis story s of a bridge n that Butcher Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success introduces a new species and new problemsn this in that Butcher A Life in Two Worlds introduces a new species and new problemsn this opening the possibilities even wider With all the fallout from earlier stories there are a number of problems which need resolution and Blood Hunt furthers the potentials both good and badThe focus here The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance is on Project Lullaby a plan by which the Sanguinarntend to create a food supply for their race There The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories is a lot of reciprocal rescuing going onn this story WhewButcher keeps the action moving and provides yet depth to the various nvolved groups Including a scar This series really has me hooked I took a long break after Madoc And Nika S Book And Nika s book and thought that I would be lost I fell back nto this story like nothing happened Honestly Logan wasn t my favorite character He ended up endearing himself to me I also liked his relationship with Hope and the different twist about Hope s origins The romance was good and I enjoyed Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species it but I have to say that thentrigue and the ongoing storyline s what hooked me with this book I like how all the secondary characters add to the story No one s just filler Gwydion's Dawn in this book The actions very good and there are some very scary elements with the Senestryn They are just gross and disturbing I know that I am way behind on this series but I really appreciate how SKB continues to grow this series I look forward to future volumes and I am still eager for Tynan to get his own storyPS I blame my sister for getting me nto this book series Sorry not sorryOverall Rating 4550 stars 35 stars SynopsisThey are the Sentinels Three races ancient guardians of mankind each possessing uniue abilities to protect humanity against their eternal foes the Synestryn Now for one Sentinel the only way to reclaim her forgotten past s to follow the bloodHope appeared out of nowhere naked and alone a woman without past The only thing she knows Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung is that shes Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel imbued with a strange power It sn her blood And two men want to possess Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon itOnes Logan a Sanguinar demon fighter who needs Hope s essence to survive As a vampire he s well euipped to find her a like blooded mate whose progeny could sustain his race for generations The other El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! is Krag a Synestryn lord whose desires to enslave Hope and drain her of the lifeforce With Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana it he could control humanity foreverWhen Hope and Logan both fall prey to Krag a powerful desire grow. Is Logan a Sanguiner demon fighter who needs Hope's essence to survive The others Krag a Synestryn lord whose desire s to enslave Hope and drain her of the lifeforce When Hope and Logan. ,

S between them But s A Mistaken Match it enough to thwart their captor s diabolical plan and his demon warriors and survive a vampire s destiny writtenn bloodMy ThoughtsI loved this Lodz installment So many new revelations Things are coming together and also still falling apart A number of our beloved characters are on the edge but others are thriving and finding hopeI really liked Logan and Hope as a couple I love their reactions to each other It was just so frustrating watching him constantly try to keep her at arms length Project Lullabys mportant but man That was driving me nsane Still The Diminished is was so nice to get so muchnner monologue from Logan We ve seen his POV n previous books but since this was his book and we ve had nformation regarding Project Lullaby we get to see that he doesn t actually enjoy manipulating people He and the other Sanguinar do t to save themselves but by saving themselves the other races benefit as well I never thought t through that far before but Claimed by a Cowboy if the Sanguinar were to die out who would heal the Theronai when they got those seriousnjuries Who would develop antidotes to counteract Synestryn poison Who would help them be able to have children again The Theronai aren t very kind to the Sanguinar but they need to get over some things Whatever caused the rift between the races happened so long ago It seems that they are developing tentative truces so here s hoping that all works out Hope was a pretty awesome heroine She went after what she wanted when Discipline it came to Logan without making andiot out of herself And she was strong And selfless She was just a damned good person I like her She did so much to help even when she had no Claim the Night (The Claiming idea wtf was going on When she got her memories back at the end and showed Logan where she d come from I was happy Someone out theres looking out for the Sanguinar They need Claimed by Desire itSome thoughts that I postedn a thread about this bookview spoilerIt seems that someone outside of the Athnasians have been watching over the Sanguinar I m wondering Say Youll Remember Me if the Slayers have someone like that for them too The sad part aboutt for the Sanguinar Accidental Bodyguard is that the race they originally descend from thinks they re revolting and can barely stand to share blood with them Everyone s revulsion of the Sanguinar has bothered me since book 1 when Drake nearly bit Logan s head off over Helen I get that they don t like the fact that the Sanguinar have so much power over them when drinking from them but the way they treat them rubs me the wrong way Those scenes where they treat them badly are always hard for me to read Even before we learned just what secrets the Sanguinar have been keeping from the others and I didn t trust themt was hard to read They might have to drink blood to live and they have the power to do some horrible things to people with that blood but they do so much to help And t sounds like long ago when strong blood was plentiful they went around helping people all the damn time It strong blood was plentiful they went around helping people all the damn time It seems so wrong to me for the Theronai to behave the way they do towards the Sanguinar As much as I hate the manipulation the Sanguinar use to make Project Lullaby work and the secrets the keep from the rest of the Sentinels f they died out they d all end up dead I seriously think the out they d all end up dead I seriously think the to re evaluate the way they treat the Sanguinar hide spoiler Blood Hunt4 StarsSynopsisSuffering from amnesia Hope Serrien Mehr als das is searching for her truedentity and uses her ability to see auras to help homeless people on the street Her charges have recently begun disappearing and while searching Hope encounters logan an enigmatic stranger who promises to Logan an enigmatic stranger who promises to Hope n her uest The two soon discover that the other s hiding secrets and that a terrifying foe Abby and the Bachelor Cop is determined to use them for his own nefarious ends ReviewOne of the most appealing aspects of the Sentinel Warss the multiplicity of story lines While some readers may find this distracting because there Eye to Eye is a lot going on for me this not only enhances the world building and the overall story arc we are finally given details of the third group of Sentinel warriors the Slayerst also makes Accidentally Expecting it easier todentify with the different characters because they are so well developed across the various books However for this reason t s crucial to read the series Herzrivalen in order The focusn this book s on the Sanguinars who have been a morally ambiguous group until now and t Alaskan Nights is particularlynteresting to see things from their perspective The suffering they must endure and the threat to their race s as compelling as that of the Theronai and explains much about their secretive behavior Logan and Hope are an ntriguing couple with wonderful chemistry It s a sign of Butcher s writing skill that she can create a character such as Logan who comes across both as honorable and self sacrificing but also as manipulative and conniving It was difficult to warm up to him n previous books but he charmed me completely n this one Like the other heroines n the series Hope Always Look Twice is strong willed and plays a significant rolen the action another highlight The conflict between Logan s growing attraction to Hope and his duty to his people All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night is at the heart of the story The wayn which everything comes to a head and the resolution of their romance makes for a satisfying read even though the push and pull between them Any Man Of Mine is frustrating at times As mentioned above the secondary characters are well written and several will obviously be featuredn their own books Jackie and Iain s book Annalee And The Lawman is next but I m alsonterested The Apollonides Mistress Scandal in seeing what happens with Joseph and his Slayer counterpart Andreas Overall Blood Hunts a great addition to an excellent series. Both fall prey to Krag a powerful desire grows between them But s t enough to thwart their captor's diabolical plan and his demon warriors and survive a vampire's destiny written n blo. Blood Hunt Sentinel Wars #5The lead shifts from the Theroni warriors to the Sanguinar as the self sacrificing and a bit manipulative Logan takes the lead Anticipation in this newest entry to Butcher s Sentinel WarsDespite the fact please don t shoot me for this that I ve had a hard time keeping the Sanguinar straight asndividuals I was really looking forward to this story shedding some light shed on the blood drinking Sanguinar Race and their secret project I ve always wondered why the Theroni warriors were so distrustful of and so unwilling to give their blood to their Sanguinar allies especially n light of the fact that those allies healing powers have come n handy so many times through out the seriesAfter getting a little ways nto the story and armed with a little knowledge of the Sanguinar s struggle I just couldn t see how Logan was ever going to get a happily ever after with Hope a woman with uber yummy blood some not uite human powers and a big mental block n her head where her past should be and when I got to the the last few chapters I was afraid his story line was going to be continued and not wrapped up until the next book There did end up being closure for them here nsert big sigh of relief her though t s sort of rushed On a side note about how the story was put together Logan s story does get most of the screen time but with a lot going on Annie and the Outlaw in Blood Hunt than just Logan and Hope often a scene between them would ramp up to an exciting point and then shift to another part of the story because as was the casen the last book Blood Hunt ANNIE AND THE PRINCE is an ensemble piece In addition to the main thread with Logan and Hope we briefly touch up with Caine and Sybil whos coping with the changes brought on by her mother s death and with Nika and Maddox but only The Single Dad's Redemption in conjunction with Nika s completely damaged sister Tori We get a small bit with Jackie whos apparently every warrior s match but who wants no man and get just enough of the soulless Iain to make me hope that somehow there A Christmas Affair is a loophole for himn the future There s also a new wrinkle added to the series as naked Slayers come a calling and the story has a few other small bits with other characters woven n here and there However even with all those threads weaving through the story I was slightly disappointed that the formerly paralyzed Torr and Grace the woman who sacrificed so that he could be whole never come out of the background guess Butcher might be saving them for a book where their thread The Apple Orchard is the main one So bottom lines that I liked Blood Hunt though When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son it didn t knock the previous book out of my favorite of the series spot and since Butcher has a lot of ballsn the air story wise t will be nteresting to see what happens next As far as starting here f you are new to the series I wouldn t recommend t and old fans who haven t done a series reread before starting Blood Hunt t recommend t and old fans who haven t done a series reread before starting Blood Hunt want to stop about half way nto the book and do a second read through of the character list at the front of the book t s easier to digest somehow after having seen the characters nteracting together a bit 5 StarsI read this September 5 2011 and re read February 5 2013This book s so nteresting I Loved It What A Great SeriesNotice The Cover My Friend it What a great seriesNotice the cover My friend got me looking at t Interesting that all the books up to this point have been centered on Theronai Immortal Warriors and we see their back and chest up to their nosebut not their eyes But this book cover we see his whole face on the first book to center on a Sanguineir One of the five races of SentinelsWhere to start So much happened n this book It Ensimmäinen maailmansota is centered on Logan a leader among the Sanguiner who has spent most of his life running Project Lullaby with Tynan another Sanguiner His races starving because there s not enough strong blood out there Since his race are n alliance with Theronai the warriors and heal them and they share blood The Lion Seeker in exchangeits pretty mportant to find new sources of strong blood Theronai do not trust the Sanguiner and basically have kept them starving by not sharing blood unless they need healing Project Lullaby secret planis their answer to this problem view spoilerThey are finding and matching up couples who are of strong blood and manipulating them nto falling Tom Waits - Mule Variations in loveencouraging them to have children with their promise to allow their children to share blood with the Sanginuer when they are of age In return they protect them make sure they have what they want and need and heal them from all disease hide spoiler Originally posted at uote Okay Take a peek but I swearf you try anything funny I ll beat your head n with my flashlight Ms Butcher once again delivers a dark gritty action packed story that held me spellbound A smooth storyline and continuously evolving arc engages the reader and sets a fast pace The premise revolves around Logan and Hope two fantastic characters whose nnat uick rundownWhat I enjoyed Hope Logan Surprisingly sweet couple Very refreshing change of pace Just wish of the Sanguinar characters other than Tynan played a part n this We don t get much back story or history lesson about the mysterious Sanguinars till the very last page which was a missed opportunity IMO Your hero s a Sanguinar why withhold all that nformation till the very last minute Missed the boat there Andreas New leader of the Slayers Very ntrigued by this guy He has a ton of presence and sounds sexy Love the pointy ears but why the hell are they called the Slayers I m ntrigued by his bargain with Joseph and the trade they made I like the possibility of him with the Gerai human Carmen His reaction to her was very telling As long as she gets her act together. Hope appeared out of nowhere naked and alone a woman without a past The only thing she knows s that she s mbued with a strange power It's n her blood And two men want to posses t One.

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