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T read It wasn t my favorite of Miller s Brides of Bliss County series but for the most part I thought this book was a likable readThe trait that I loved most about this book was Miller s writing style Like other books I have read by the author her writing style stands out in a crowded industry I would certainly consider the author to be one of the best writer s of the modern day world and I will always be a fanHowever I think that with this book there was nothing special about it It read exactly the same way as the previous books of the series The romance was slightly dull for me and that was disappointing As for the chemistry there was nothing extremely sexy about the attraction between Bex and Tate I was really expecting something a little hotter since it is after all a western romanceAnother fault regarding the story I thought that the plot was a bit worn out I would love to see the author return to her earlier roots as a writer and pen something that is not so typical I love a western romance novel but when the plots start to repeat and the characters are the same as other characters in separate books I believe it is time for something a little interestingThis book was a miss for me It didn t thrill me the way I was hoping I loved the writing While characters the romance and the plot all need mending At the same time I have been reading from Miller since I was in junior high and that is never going to change I just hope that the next series that the author does publish is a little different because this series is one that I doubt I will be finishing This review was submitted to all respectable parties PRIOR to posting it to GoodReads Bex s friends are now married and pregnant Bex doesn t have time in her life for love nor does she wants to make room for what would obviously end with an other broken Loved this book Bex is the last of their trio of friends who is unmarried She is somewhat envious of her friends who have found their true loves and have babies on the way When she meets Tate there s a definite attraction between them but she s not sure IF SHE S READY FOR BEX she s ready for Bex been blissfully in love years before but the man she loved was illed in the war She doesn t now if she wants to risk her heart againTate has moved to Mustang Creek with his two young sons ready to start a new business and get o I am such a fan of Linda Lael Miller S Work I Think I Ve Read Every Book s work I think I ve read every book s published and probably own almost all of them This series The Brides of Bliss County is not her best workIt s difficult for me to give a Linda Lael Miller book such a low rating This entire series is flawed with the same me to give a Linda Lael Miller book such a low rating This entire series is flawed with the same and fatal flaw the editing is abysmal Forget flow between scenes or even between paragraphs this book had too many places where there was no flow between sentences in the same paragraph Apparently there is an epilogue Chapter 25 ends a scene another chapter begins on the next page with such a significant disconnect that I checked the page numbers to see if a chapter had been omitted Did the book end at Chapter 25 The next chapter is entitled The Season instead of Chapter 26 maybe The Season is the epilogue What a jumbled mess It felt like the cleaning crew had come in swept up all the odds and ends and dumped them into a bin The production crew came in saw the words and phrases lying around formatted them and stuck them at the back of the book head thump on eyboardThere were so many discordant notes in this story Some were continuity problems like the concrete countertop becoming marble later in the book Some were problems with the character development much of which could be due to the sloppy flow problem The flow in these three books is less flow and jerks and lurches Kinda reminds me of when I learned to drive a stick shiftOnce the flow of a book has been interrupted you start noticing all sorts of little things Like what s with that cover The guy looks like he s just coming off a 3 day drunk and the bride is looking at him with a sick horror incredulity that has you wondering what he just said Or did And using unusualcuteclever spelling of character names is tricky They are fine wonderful even in real life In a book though if you get too far off into cute and clever you run the risk of disrupting the. N dem Schmerz als ihre große Liebe starb und damit die Hoffnung auf das ewige Glück Doch dann begegnet sie Tate Calder Sein Lächeln lässt Beccas einsames Herz schneller schlagen und zum ersten Mal seit langer Zeit spürt sie dass. ,
The Marriage Season

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Becca Bex Stuart and her two best friends concocted The Marriage Pact to Find Their Mr Rights their Mr Rights she s the last single standing It s been a decade since she lost her love in Afghanistan but is she ready for a new love when she s got so much else on her plate Her fitness empire is uickly expanding to several states and her sister just left her cheating husband and moved with her young son into Bex s house Of course there is this devastatingly handsome single dad with two young sons that has caught her eye but even if she s ready is heWidower Tate Calder s making progress getting his and s ready is heWidower Tate Calder s making progress getting his and two young son s lives in order in Mustang Creek Wyoming his forever house is under construction his planned horse breeding enterprise is coming along and there s a certain beautiful fitness guru that s turning his head and making him all hot and bothered But is he ready to take another chance when his marriage was such a disasterIts evident in Linda Lael Miller s third novel in her Marriage Pact series why she s accurately and deservedly nown as the ueen of the Western Romance It s because of her afraid to give love a try again stars her uirky adult and child co stars small Wyoming town setting and the natural beauty she deftly portrays It s her excellent mixing of comedy drama and a heartwarming love story too Her vividly detailed aw shucks narrative will lasso readers hook line and sinker But it s the everyday happy chaos of her blended young family that s the real heart grabber 45 starsThe Marriage Season is the final charming installment in Linda Lael Miller s The Brides of Bliss County series In this outing it is Bex Stuart s turn to find love but will she be able to let go of her fears s turn to find love but will she be able to let go of her fears fulfill the marriage pact she made with her best friends Hadleigh and MelodyBex has not had a serious relationship since her fianc died in Afghanistan ten years earlier So when single dad Tate Calder moves to town Hadleigh and Melody decide to do a little matchmaking for their friends The only problem Tate is interested in a relationship but he does not plan to re marry while Bex thinks she is too busy for a relationship Bex s life becomes even complicated when her sister Tara and six year old nephew Josh move in with her but neither she nor Tate can resist their attraction to each other When Tate offers to include Josh in a weekend fishing trip with him and his two sons he extends an invitation to Bex to join them Their feelings for one another uickly deepen but will Bex and Tate s respective baggage prevent them from taking their relationship to the next levelBex is a successful business woman with a big heart She is very loyal to her friends and family and she will do anything to help her loved ones Bex has never recovered from losing her fianc and although she nows her fears are unrealistic she is terrified of making a permanent commitmentTate is devoted to his sons and he is willing to make any sacrifice for them He left a lucrative career so he could spend as much time with them as possible and despite losing their mother his ids are happy and well adjusted He moved to Mustang Creek to begin a horse breeding program and the construction on his home and ranch is nearing completion Tate is taken off guard by his attraction to Bex but it does not take long for him to becomes serious about herDespite their baggage and reservations neither Tate nor Bex fight their attraction They uickly settle into their new relationship and for the most part there is very little conflict between them Bex is a bit skittish about their romance and she does need a little space to think things through But once she works through her hesitation she is fully committed to Tate They are both honest about not wanting to marry but as their relationship changes so do their expectations Will the wounds from the past stand in the way of their future The Marriage Season is an absolutely enchanting addition to The Brides of Bliss County series The plot is realistic and delightfully free of unnecessary drama or angst The characters are beautifully developed with true to life problems to overcome Linda Lael Miller concludes this terrific series with another heartwarming romance that old and new fans are going to love I think overall this book was a fairly decen. Das romantische Finale von Nr1 New York Times Bestsellerautorin Linda Lael MillerIn Bliss County ist das Heiratsfieber ausgebrochen Nur Becca Stuart ist von dem märchenhaften Tag in Weiß noch weit entfernt Fast zerbrochen ist sie Flow This book had enough trouble with flow it didn t need Bex and Hadleigh to helpWhere s a McKettrick when you need one Once again MILLER CHARMS READERS WITH THIS ENCHANTING charms readers with this enchanting of ladies from Bliss County She brings the world surrounding her characters to life in a remarkable way allowing readers to experience the tale alongside the charactersSeeing these characters come together despite their pasts was enchanting I enjoyed how Miller ept the focus on the main characters while bringing forward everyone s lives The children are just as important to the tale as the adults creating a full family feel to the tale Miller easily brings this small town to life in a big way melding romance with reality in the most realistic yet captivating manner This time Bex it s Bex s turn to fall in love I like her than Mel but less than Hadleigh I like Tate too The animals and the children made things interesting I liked the cabin scenes the best I wasn t surprised by the ending but I liked it except for the ring I don t like that in real life either Originally Reviewed For Tea and BookThe ueen of Western Romance Linda Lael Miller has returned to Bliss county for book three of her Women of Bliss County SeriesThree best friends who made a pact To take the chance of finding love seriously to be there for each other as they find their happily ever after and to support them in their struggles It s Bex s turn but Hadleigh the Marriage Pact and Melody The Marriage Charm might have had things a little easier The men they had loved in some for or other all of their lives had returned All four had grown up and discovered that the love they were looking for was right in front of their faces But Bex The boy she had loved most of her life Melody s Older Brother had died while on active duty Bex believes in love she wants to find love again but she s afraid Afraid to take that chance again Does she really dare to believe that it s worth the risk But when her friends try and subtly matchmake just wanting her to be happy Bex is put on the spot Too bad she s crazy about newcomer Tate CalderTate Calder is a single dad that pretty much defines him A widower who adores his sons and wants to give him that special security that only a small town can do He has picked Bliss County and settled in nicely But his friends want him to be even happier and are encouraging a relationship between Bex and him It doesn t hurt that his boys adore her and so it seems does he Once again Ms Miller writes about the intricacies of small towns and those who live there Family and friends over lap but family plays a huge part A neglected nephew two small boys who are looking for a mother rescue dogs and a whole lot of fun She makes not only the characters seem romantic but the town itself has the air of romance surrounding it I truly enjoy the way Ms Miller tells a story And while The Marriage Season it the last of this particular trilogy there are stories to tell about Bliss County I do feel that this was the best book of the series and I seriously recommend itShauniThis review is based on the ARC of The Marriage Season provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on May 26 2015 Linda Lael Miller always With Krishna's Eyes know how to create a wonderful country love story Shenows the right things to say or do throughout her novel that everyone will fall in love with her character The Marriage Season is the continuous in Marriage Pact series Bex is the last one of the marriage pact that she is determined to be open minded to find new love From watching her two close friends she definitely now that she is up to a new relationship ever since she lost her true love from Afrg However things will be a struggle when she has a lot of things to jug from her sister coming back in town with her son to New Career To The "new career to the cowboy men Tate is finally handling his sons that he nows he can handle anything but comes unexpected when he catches the sexy guru Bex Their romance be an challenge but Linda Lael Miller always deliver the perfect heartwarming romance for those two Reader will enjoy every second of The Marriage Season since Linda Lael Miller has deliver the perfect western romance story from the comedy to warm love to hot drama Perfect western romance story Four Stars. Es auch für sie ein Happy End geben önnte Allerdings hat sich der verwitwete Single Dad Tate geschworen nie wieder den Bund fürs Leben zu schließen Nicht gerade die optimalen Voraussetzungen für die Erfüllung des Hochzeitspak. ,

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