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Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly Witte is 2014 "Crown release I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Edelweiss and Blogging "publishing release was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Edelweiss and Blogging Books in exchange for an honest review I could envision this idealistic estate set in Vermont during the summer months could see the cottages and could understand Mabel s attraction to the Winslow family The roommate of Ev a girl that seems to only need Mabel when it suits her gives Mabel the opportunity of a lifetime when she is invited to spend the summer with her Bittersweet is the name of the cottage Ev will inherit and she enlist Mabel to help her get the place in shape Told in first person narrative the Winslow family has Mabel enthralled and she will do anything in order to remain "ON THE ESTATE BUT WHEN ONE OF THE RELATIVES "the estate But when one of the relatives on the estate ask Mabel to look into the family history hinting at something that might prove the family came by it s wealth by being involved in something shady or criminal Mabel is intrigued Of course she must eep her research a secret from the rest of the family As Mabel learns the lay of the land so to speak she encounters the adopted daughter Lu and Ev s brother Galway and assorted other rather eccentric relatives all with their own cottage But the Winslow family are not the only ones with a deep dark secret Mabel herself has a few things she would prefer the Winslow family not to Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story know about her and her familyThis book has been categorized as literary fiction mystery and even a few labeling it Gothic I think this book would indeed fit into all these genres The first person telling which in my opinion is the hardest to pull off was done very well the suspense is an excruciatingly slow build which left me with a constant sense of foreboding and the mystery is compelling and Gothic Well not the Jane Eyre type of Gothic and this book does not have any supernatural elements which many think is what Gothic is all about but of a VC Andrews style of Gothic It s a strange combination but overall it worked Now if you are one of those people that absolutely must have your characters likeable you might want to move on because while I could identify with Mabel on many occasions she has her own flaws Is she really any better than the Winslow s If you love old family secrets with lots of twist and turns then you will like this one This book most likely hit close to the mark with families like the Winslow s who may have a rather sordid history butnow how to put a positive spin on it with the public It happens all the time I am sure I found this book very absorbing and atmospheric The weather patterns even added to the drama with wind and storms during the summer months hinting at a type of turbulence that mirrored what was happening with the Winslow family and with Mabel This would make a good book club read and I recommend to those that enjoy all genre s I listed above and those that like to read something a bit off the beaten path This one is 4 stars I m not completely sure what to make of this On one hand it was well written and ept the pages turning On the other it was too long the pacing slow and the author resorted to using too many clichesMabel Dagmar is a scholarship student at a college with a spoiled princess for a roommate After bonding briefly Ev invites Mabel to spend the summer at the family s compound in Vermont Mabel desperate to not return to her parents agrees Once there she is dazzled by the wealthy blond people so perfect on the surface but rotten underneathAunt Indo encourages Dagmar to investigate the family s origins by working through the old financial records Indo like Ev shows signs of bipolar disorder constantly demanding Dagmar to solve the mystery while giving her little to work with I found myself getting frustrated with passages that went no where and a cast of people in desperate need of industrial strength therapy At the end I wasn t even rooting for Mabel She d grown tiresome desperate to join this family of sociopaths and criminals But Bittersweet would probably make a great beach read Better than Paradise Lost which Dagmar spends the summer with puzzling over its themes of embracing evil while never understanding the warnings about such an action Read reviews at Inspiring Insomnia After finishing Bittersweet I m wondering if I was supposed to love the MC Mabel or to hate her I suspect we re supposed to regard her as plucky and resourceful but she s really uite awful When we meet her she s in the midst of what looks like a Single White Female type of obsession with or possibly a crush on her beautiful roommate Ev Winslow I thought that this had the potential to be fun but that angle is uickly discarded for a ho hum murder mystery involving Ev s familyBut first we. Suspenseful and cinematic Bittersweet exposes the gothic underbelly of an idyllic world of privilege and an outsider’s hunger to belongOn scholarship at a prestigious East Coast college ordinary Mabel Dagmar is surprised to befriend her roommate the beautiful wild blue blooded Genevra Winslow Ev invites Mabel to spend the summer at Bittersweet her cottage on the Vermont estate where her family has been holding co. ,

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BittersweetUnder the belief that the descriptive "NARRATIVE THE BETTER SO SHE PILES "the better so she piles on however the result is an overblown novel which now I have thankfully read the last page I will not think about again Bittersweet is a very intriguing novel from beginning to end Mabel a poor and plain looking college student is invited by Ev her beautiful and very wealthy roommate to spend the summer at Bittersweet Bittersweet is one of many cottages located on an expansive estate that has been in the Winslow family for decades It is a place to relax swim play eat and enjoy all the advantages of the wealthy Winslow family However nothing is as perfect as "it seems and as mabel becomes involved in "seems and as Mabel becomes involved in family secrets are revealed and terrible and disgusting discoveries made Poor Mabel She is in a dilemma She loves the good life but if she reveals secrets she may lose what she thinks is important to her This is the story of good versus evil morals and the price one pays to live your dream life This story is very engaging and suspenseful Very much a page turner especially the last 50 pages I won this ARC from LibraryThing This book has everything one might expect from literary fiction unlikable characters overblown metaphors disturbing sexual scenes and an ending that reminds you of the emptiness of modern life Man I ve really got to stop reading this crap I mean it seems fine in theory read something easy and suspenseful entertainment But it never works I always end up wanting to punch the book in the throat and get annoyed at hours of my life that I will not be getting back The narrator here is dense and annoying but chubby and therefore relatable She is obsessed with a rich family with dark dark secrets What ind of secrets Hint starts with i and ends with ncest Also NazisParadise Lost gets referenced a ridiculous number of times The mentions went from painfully clunky to downright embarrassing within the first 50 pages I think it might have had some sort of symbolism Maybe I now you re picturing gold candlesticks and infinity pools but this place they made isn t decadent no it s rustic in the way only a rich person s place can be with money flowing under it invisibly so that they get to pretend they re just like the rest of us Miranda Beverly Whitt Bittersweet is one of those stay up all night and read no matter how early you have to get up in the morning ind of books I tried to savor it as long as possible because I new that I would mourn finishing it Desperately wanted to share it with high school and college girlfriends who would completely understand the complexities of the MabelEv dynamic Can t wait to buy it for friends and family so they can get just as lost in this incredible page turner Majority was audiobook The last 100 150 pages I read my physical hard copy NOTE This is now a 199 Kindle special GREAT PRICEvery enjoyable for a 199Ev and Mabel are roommates at a prestigious east coast school Ev is thin blonde suntan traditionally glamorous styled appropriately She comes from wealth Privileged bored and aloofshe tolerates family expectationspositively seething as if being asked to be polite is an outrageous sacrifice She has grown tiresome maneuvering through the verbal minefield as a daughter from her strange high society Winslow family Only a freshman in college and already Ev has developed her snobby bitch girl attitude like a champ Mabelthe narrator of Bittersweet lacks the snobby bitch girl skills She s a scholarship student loves literature art history has a high GPA yet because she doesn t have blond hair isn t traditionally bone thin or own many nice clothes we see a bright girl promptly ready to sell her soul for a little Ev flattering This tale icks off into high gear when bitch girl invites in aw of the rich and bitchy Ev invites Mabel to her summer compound Moonrise known as WinlochThe Bittersweet Compoundoff the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont Turns out Mabel is surprised to see how shabby the houses are In Ev s family it s a tradition that before a sibling inherits ownership of one of the houses they must first prove they can clean decorate remodel and transform a shabby house pass inspection before allowed full privilege to claim it theirs So Mabel helps Ev with the summer cleaning That s not all she cleans In the meantimeMabel girl on the sidelines is coaxed into spying on all the family members Disturbing secrets are uncovered about almost every character in this story Twists turns cliffhangers nutty fun mysterywith interesting characters I think the best way to enjoy this novel is to suspend reality beliefs roll with the flow It s not a novel without flaws The characters could use a course in enlightenment but as an audiobook it was a great walking tantalizing juice. For the first time in her life the sense that she belongsBut as Mabel becomes an insider a terrible discovery leads to shocking violence and reveals what the Winslows may have done toeep their power intact and what they might do to anyone who threatens them Mabel must choose either expose the ugliness surrounding her and face expulsion from paradise or eep the family’s dark secrets and make Ev’s world her Need to get Mabel to Ev s "s summer compound nown as Winloch It seems that Ev has only the most minimal amount tolerance "summer compound nown as Winloch It seems that Ev has only the most minimal amount of tolerance Mabel so I was as shocked as Mabel was when Ev invited Mabel to visit her family for the summer Mabel leaps at the opportunity anything to be close to Ev and to win her affection When the girls arrive at Winloch Mabel is surprised to see it consists of somewhat shabby houses Aren t these people supposed to be rich Ev then tells Mabel that she needs help cleaning up one of the houses so that her mother and father would transfer ownership to her No it didn t make much sense when I was reading it eitheruite suddenly unbelievably and without provocation Mabel transforms from Ev s lapdog into an overbearing scheming villain With a tiny bit of coaxing from one of the Winslows Mabel begins to spy on all of the family members She s instructed to take them all down and her reward will be one of the Winslow s houses She inserts herself into the middle of the family drama and pries into their financial affairs She spies on them while they re having sex She feels perfectly entitled to ownership of a house that has been in the family for generations If that s not enough here s a few of Mabel s not so shining moments When someone reveals a pregnancy to Mabel Mabel s first thought is How is this going to disturb MY life She bursts into tears at a restaurant because she s under dressed She s upset at the gift of a friendship bracelet from a younger girl because rich people are supposed to give extravagant gifts She feigns sympathy with a mother bereaved over the loss of her son in order to pump the woman for Winslow family secrets She s informed that a family member to whom she s grown close is dying of brain cancer but moments later Mabel is laughing and continuing on her uest to take down the Winslows She resents a dog for not properly thanking her after she rescued itThe Winslows aren t any better than Mabel but at least their wickedness is unintentionally cartoonish What s the point of Bittersweet That rich people are evil twisted and sick Even the few good ones in this family are characterized mostly by their cluelessness and their total lack of regard for their family membersBittersweet would have worked better as a telenovela Unfortunately it fails as a high falutin novelNote I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Mabel Dagmar the narrator of this tale is the dowdy dumpy roommate of Genevra Ev Winslow slim beautiful petulant and spoilt young brat of the Winslow clan Ev tolerates Mabel only just but then surprisingly invites her to spend the summer at Winloch the summer home where the whole family gathers Oh Joy thinks Mabel as she jumps at the opportunity to escape her own awful family for a few months She grabs what few clothes she possesses and her copy of Paradise Lost a not too subtle comparison the author tries to draw between the paradise that is Winloch and Milton s classic which Mabel never manages to finish despite that fact that she drags it with her whenever she goesDespite the wealth of the Winslows Winloch is made up of various dilapidated cottages each with it s own twee flower or plant based name Bittersweet being one of them Other unlikely ones are Jack in the Pulpit and ueen Anne s Lace I m all for giving houses names but these are just plain silly Likewise the names of the Winslows not a Chardonnay or Sharon Kayden or Kylie among them no these people bear names such as Galway Luvinia Athol and Birch as befits their wealth and standingThe characters are obnoxious and mean even Mabel is thoroughly unlikeable Acutely embarrassed and angry at being found in a compromising position she thinks nothing of spying on at least two couples engaged in sexual activity never for once thinking how they would feel if they new they were being watched Mabel is encouraged by an old Winslow crone to dig up some family dirt secrets from generations ago a task she undertakes with relish She is selfish greedy and sneaky actually like a Winslow than she realises but I somehow don t think this was the author s intentionThe story becomes and far fetched the further it goes until I got to the point where I really didn t care what happened to any of these horrible people However I persevered but feel annoyed that I wasted so much time on itThis book has been compared to Tigers Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann Whilst they are both stories of wealthy families spending their time in summer homes this is where the comparison ends Although I didn t particularly rate the latter it is better than this which is so clunky and clumsy liberally sprinkled with outdated words and phrases which I found irritating The author labours. Urt for than a century; it’s the ind of place where children twirl sparklers across the lawn during cocktail hour Mabel falls in love with midnight skinny dipping the wet dog smell that lingers near the yachts and the moneyed laughter that carries across the still lake while fireworks burst overhead Before she nows it she has everything she’s ever wanted friendship a boyfriend access to wealth and most of all.