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Riting expects the reader to think and observe Intricate stories with surprising twists yet still romantic In this the two daughters of a archeologist Sir Peregrine lose first their surprising twists yet still romantic In this book the two daughters of a archeologist Sir Peregrine lose first their and a short time later their father There are mysteries here and Alexandra the older had his confidence but many estions were left nanswered at his death Allegra the younger sister disappears in the company of a neighbor Dzmura who is involved with Sir Peregrine s research in the middle East Alexandra accompanies her father s business associate to find her sister pursuing them into a world where anyone could be your enemy Beyond Desire is the first book I have read by author Thea Devine Let me start off by saying I am not a book reviewer or blogger so I will not pretend to be able to do something efficiently that I have no experience doing ie reviewing a book which is someone #ELSE S HARD WORK AND LABOUR OF LOVE MY #s hard work and labour of love My intention for writing this review at all is to see if anyone else who may have read this book felt the way I did I wanted to love it but I couldn t For a description of what this book is about you can click on the cover picture to read about it It is considered erotic romance but is also historical adventure mystery etc Oh and Ryder Culhane the main characterhero just knows things in a loosely described ESP Irish kind of way The difficulty I had in losing myself in the story was it tended to be too many things at once not too many genres or storylines too many styles of writing including speech cadence dialogue whatever the technical terms are Portions of the erotic romance scenes between the main characters are amazing and the character development of the heroine Alexandra DeLisle speak to me and my experiences to a degree The portions of mysterious thrill seeking cross country adventures are excellent as well and almost remind me of watching an Indiana Jones movie There is one descriptive scene about the innoccuous act of brewing tea th. The East these nlikely lovers Alexandra DeLisle and Ryder Culhane risk a passion that will test the. .

Beyond Desire
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