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Le he was employed thus why he was argely ignored outside of his job roleIt s unfortunate that Roberts had experiences ike he did bullying being roleIt s unfortunate that Roberts had experiences ike he did bullying being being erased in major company stories but if I found him annoying and unprofessional it might not be without basis Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts recounts the story of his ife and his time working for the biggest wrestling company in the worldJustin worked for WWE sporadically for years before finally securing a full time announce gig as the voice of the ECW brand From there he worked his way up to Smackdown and eventually the flagship program Monday Night Raw Roberts discusses the highs and the seemingly endless ows of working for the world s biggest wrestling organizationAbove all else Best Seat in the House is a heartbreaking read Justin s endless passion for the wrestling business second to none The amount of effort and Drive To Do What to do what did just to his foot in the door of McMahon s monopolistic company is astounding Once he got in he uickly found out that working for WWE while it may be a dream job for some is unbelievably stressful Not only do you have to exist inside an archaic hazing style environment but you also need to work within a disorganized mess under the direction of an erratic and often irrational boss in Vince McMahonObviously the WWE machine would not exist today if not for the tireless work by the company s head honcho McMahon but judging by Justin s memoir Vince seems to expect everyone to either work just as hard as him which in my opinion is not fair or be mind readersLast year WWE was under fire due to a report that alleged tenured performer JBL John Bradshaw Layfield relentlessly bullied play by play commentator Mauro Ranallo to the point where he Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars left his position Mauro well known to suffer from bipolar disorderuckily found a spot away from JBL under the umbrella of the NXT brand While JBL Mauro and WWE deny that the story was true it s not hard to believe its validity In this book Roberts goes into extensive detail about how he was treated by Layfield through excessive humiliation and constant mental abuse What is even worse is that this type of behaviour is encouraged While pranks or ribs have always been a part of the wrestling industry telling someone to kill themselves or stealing their passport causing them to miss shows is crossing a Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life lineI know professional wrestling already doesn t have the best reputation but hearing about garbageike this will always keep it from truly penetrating the mainstream Luckily through the power of social media word of this type of mistreatment travels uickly Does it always work No However at Crazy Love least this type of behaviour isn t so easily buriedThe Best Seat in the House was oress a good read There are some compelling stories about his time on the road and his role in helping WWE connect with Connor Michalek an eight year old boy suffering from pediatric cancer I found that a few of the stories tended to feel a bit repetitive near the end which had me skipping through the book a ittle during the ast 10% I think Justin s story is an important one as he was neither considered an employee nor was he viewed as talent so despite having an integral role in the company he was often overlooked for promotions raises or recognition and constantly undervalued It s really too bad because he s one of my all time favorite ring announcers Justin Roberts has written a HELL of a book about the wrestling business particularly WWEbut he s not a wrestler Roberts was a WWE ring announcer for 10 years but a ifelong fan and worked in the business before his big break As his book states his passion for wrestling was everything to him There s tons of guys and girls ike Justin Roberts that have ived and breathed WWE for years and dream of getting to be a part of the show in some form Some want to be in the ring and some want to just be there perioda writer producer referee we d even ring the bell Just et us join in And it s one of the hardest jobs to get because there s so few of them and the road to get there is so tough to break through With a Black Heart, Red Ruby lot of hard work and a TON of persistence Justin Roberts broke through andived his dream His story is all about being a go getter and not stopping until he made it It s inspiring as hell but it made me exhausted imagining having to do all he did to make it Obviously he s far driven that I ever will be If that was exhausting imagine how tired I was after reading about years and years of travel The WWE wrestlers and staff on the road go through so much that we never even see or hear about 1 or 2 days off a week if they re ucky Insane 22 hour travel days In other countries in awful weather Canceled and ate flights Ng weekly New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood live events TV shows and the enormously popular pay per view spectacularsfor than a decadeIn addition to announcing the top wrestlers in sports entertainment from Nature Boy Ric Flair Rowdy Roddy Piper Sgt Slaughter King Kong Bundy and the Iron Sheik to Dwayne the Rock Johnson Stone Cold Steve Austin John Cena Brock Lesnar CM Punk Chris Jericho and the Undertaker Roberts also relives entertaining and candid moments with his realife superhero co workers workplace politics grueling travel schedules harsh reuir.

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Anyone interested in the world of wrestling especially WWE and the fascinating real Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey life story of a man following and succeeding with his childhood dream should definitely consider picking up this book Roberts is so genuine and raw while he covers all of the positive and negative aspects of his journey with the company that he once dreamed of working for He provides all kinds of stories to immerse in whether they be comedicike ocker room pranks or helping out a dying 8 year old boy there is something to touch all emotions Thank you to Justin for his writing and thank you for reading this review Who would have thought a ring announcer would have a great story to tell Well I GUESS IT SENSE IF YOU it makes if you about it As far as agendas go and incentives to revise history the ring announcer would have ittle or none yet WAS RINGSIDE FOR YEARS IN THE BUSINESS WE ALL ringside for years in the business we all to know and about behind the scenes Justin s story is fun exciting sad disappointing encouraging discouraging and just about every other emotion you can imagine As I read the story I found myself and annoyed with the modern WWE culture and and interested in Justin s story After reading several different books and hearing a slew of shoot interviews I do not doubt anything Justin wrote in this story The story about Conner was particularly touching I won t spoil anything here I will just suggest that you should read this book if you have not already Halfway through this book I had this rated much higher But at some point it becomes tedious He just keeps repeating the same thing over and over We get it You always wanted a window seat for ЯED long flights There could have been one chapter on his invention thing designed to help people heal uicker But it keeps getting brought back up over and over again with nothing new to add each time And the whole thing with Connor s Cure comes acro Roberts book is written in an oral style which actually served the book well You feelike you re simply istening to a friend tell his story which is filled with ups downs and the utterly ridiculous As the author tells his story two things are very clear his ove for wrestling and the unprofessional bully culture of the company he spent his whole The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs life wanting to work for The interesting thing is that it doesn t readike a tell all and it s clear his purpose is not to publicly shame WWE But as you read his story WWE is certainly shamed I just finished the book and immediately canceled my WWE Network subscription I refuse to give my money to a company who would be guilty of even 5% of what is described in the book I would not blame you for thinking a autobiography from a WWE ring announcer would not be that exciting of a read but Roberts has a Moreno lot to say about his 12 years with the WWE He has an intriguing story about being persistent about following his dream making it to the WWE by opening doors on his own by making connections and working indy and reality shows that proved Justin had to work hard to get thereRoberts book was a surprising page turner especially once he makes it into the WWE and he details all struggles and politics he had to tolerate in order toive his dream job Roberts does not hold anything back and he goes into detail about how he was relentlessly bullied ribbed and how the upper management of the company even went out of their way to give him grief Roberts painted a vivid picture on how awful his Monsieur Pain last couple years were with the company Roberts does have some good memories of his WWE days though and I enjoyed his tales of pranks on the road helping out special needs kids at arenas and going out of his way to get fans to meet up with the stars of the WWE Do not discount this book as aow rent me too wrestling biography as Roberts autobiography holds its own with the rest A pretty good tell all from somebody who A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author lived the WWEife for over a decadeThe book is bolstered by its specificity you What If learn aot about roles in WWE you otherwise wouldn t and honesty but hurt by its poor editing and also dare I say unlikable protagonist While it s clear that Roberts is passionate about the business he was The Exhaustion Breakthrough likely an annoying coworker who meddled constantly far outside his job role making dailyife for his superiors and coworkers difficult and strained than it needed to be Typically I d think that s a good uality the sueaky wheel gets the grease and be the change you want to see and all that jazz if I also didn t have the impression that Roberts never developed a professional acumen beyond that he possessed at age 22 when he broke into the WWE If Roberts has hundreds of pages to support the ideas he presented to his WWE superiors and didn t do an effective job it s The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good likely he didn t create any good business cases for them whi. Justin Roberts always dreamed of being a ring announcer at World Wrestling Entertainment From playing with action figures of the Ultimate Warrior the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels Bret Hitman Hart and Hulk Hogan to actually announcing thesearger than Supplemental Book life characters to the ring Robertsived out the dream of countless passionate wrestling fans worldwide Best Seat in the House is the inspirational story of Roberts' ambitious journey to becoming a full time ring announcer at WWEperforming all over the world and announci. Best Seat in the House