Behind the Candelabra My Life With Liberace [Pdf/E–book]

When I first learned that this book existed pissed that I didn t know about it years ago Then I worried it was no in after a uick I didn t know about it years ago Then I worried it was no longer in print after a uick on I had a praise Jaysus moment when I found it and that I could et it for my KindleI was filled with a joyous Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders glee that warmed my heart I imagined Thorson s story to be a magical waterfall of sleaze that would flow down a sparkling mountain ofarbage and at the summit of this mountain of trash would be a beautiful rainbow And over that rainbow there would be a diamond encrusted unicorn with a lush mane of old wearing seuined hot pants flying high in the sky And then and then I read the book I was suddenly stranded in an arid wasteland of beige and a dull off white Thorson forgot the olden rule in tell alls you actually have to tell it in order to sell it Thorson s story is a boring story of a man done wrong by a chicken hawk The not so shocking revelations include the fact Liberace liked them young he had an out of control libido a penile implant and that he wore a wig Gay man please No one cares about that We don t even care about his compulsive spending Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age giftiving and house buying What we want to know like just me what strange sex acts did he want you to do Was Liberace into Les Innocents golden showers Did he enjoy an occasional hot lunch How about a Cleveland steamer dirty sanchez a rusty trombone or a pearl necklace This is what Enuiring minds want to know again I know just me HBO please don t let the trash loving public down the way Thorson did I know that you can dig lower than this Thorson character can stoop Scott Thorson did a decent job of explaining what type of life style Liberace lived Some time he rambled on about other people I have read other books about famous people and have come to the conclusion that many of them are very troubled people They have money to live thereat life but are very lonely people and have some very sick life stylesLiberace had a very permissive life style and paid the price for it And it was a very high price his life The book is filled with examples of how he took chances with his life I am sure that the book did not even scratch the surface of how is life was He has a I Was A Stranger greatift and many people were able to hear it I was fortunate to see him on TV a few times to hear how reat he wasThe book was choppy in some places and would change time frames It did not stick to one time line I have not seen the movie on HBO yet but would like to see how it compares to the book I am lad I read the book but I do not think I will read it again This will be filed as one of the most bizarre and impulsive reads I ve embarked on this year I was inspired to read this memoir after reading an article in last week s Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming HBO movie on Liberace s life and lover starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglass I was so intrigued that I went out and The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States got the book even hough I know little to nothing about the legacy of Mr Showmanship This book told me everything I ever wanted and didn t want to know about the private and hidden life of one of the world s most notorious and high paid performersThis memoir was written by Liberace s ex lover Scott Thorson several years after Liberace died of AIDs In Liberace s lifetime he vigorously denied he wasay even up until his final moments Scott Thorson howver tells a different tale the real nature of Liberace s life Scott was eighteen when he was wooed and seduced by Mr Showmanship a man forty years his senior They had a love hate relationship and within five years this poor foster kid was living a opulent lifestyle then he could ever imagine Fur coats priceless jewels multiple cars hanging with celebrities It s every kid s dream That dream however turned into a nightmare when Scott underwent plastic surgery to have his face resemble Liberaces clearly Liberace was a vain man who makes their lover undergo surgery to look like themselves and as a result became addicted to drugs The nightmare came to a close when Liberace cheated on him and then kicked him to the curb This tell all tale is morbidly fascinating and I can t wait to see the HBO version. Behind the Candelabra broch Scott Thorson Achat Behind the Candelabra Scott Thorson Head of Zeus Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction ou tlchargez la version eBook VIDEO Behind the Candelabra les premires images du Behind the Candelabra raconte la vie de Liberace artiste de music hall archi kitsch incarn par le revenant Michael Douglas Il y a uelues temps Steven Soderbergh a expliu ue son avenir Behind the Candelabra | Netflix Behind the Candelabra h m Romantic Films This seuin studded drama chronicles the roller coaster relationship between flamboyant entertainer Liberace and his young lover Scott Thorson Starring Michael DouglasMatt DamonDan Aykroyd Watch all you want JOIN NOW More Details Watch offline Available to download Genres LGBT Films Films Based on Real Life Films Based on Behind the Candelabra Fiche Film La Cinmathue franaise Behind the Candelabra Steven Soderbergh Ma vie avec Liberace Pays de productio. Behind the Candelabra My Life With Liberace

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For him as near the End I Feel The I feel the claws came out and it proved unnecessaryIt starts with Liberace s pornography of which Thorson all depicted homosexual acts and even at the age of eighteen I found the movies offensive and boringI have found in my life few times when things are both offensive and boring They seem opposite emotionsThorson blames their relationship break up jointly on Liberace s pornography addiction and on his own drug addiction although even the drug addiction he tries to blame on LiberaceAt first I tried to ignore the symptoms of his rowing restlessness When I couldn t we usually wound up fighting Then I d take a little cocaine to help me over the rough spots As the freuency of our arguments increased so did my drug usage With the wisdom of hindsight I of our arguments increased so did my drug usage With the wisdom of hindsight I that my drug habit caused some of the difficulty between usThorson details a life spun out of control culminating in him being holed up for two days doing drugs with a un Angry God I d never been so fucking angry If Lee had made the mistake of walking in at that moment I think I d have killed him then and thereAnd then two pages later saysMeanwhile Lee was back in Palm Springs convinced that I now represented a serious danger to his health and happiness He was scared to death Of meThe exclamation mark is what did it for me You are out of control on drugs with a loaded Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth gun imagine him being afraid of that Especially when you said you d kill him two pages before Thorson comes off badly in this sectionDuring their break up Thorson statesLee had his mind set on two things the Academy Awards and the pleasure he would enjoy with his two houseguests later that evening His cup was running over while mine had come up emptyIt doesn t ring true Thorson stops being sympathetic at this point Liberace is continuing his mandatory bookings and Thorson is hurt by this seeing it as a personal attack It s immatureHe then again blames Liberace for his drug problemLosing him in such a brutal way helped to accelerate my drug usage which in turn deepened my problemsHe closes withRightly or wrongly I felt he d ruined my life and I d made up my mind to make him suffer for itIt s hard to see in any way how Liberace could have ruined his lifeThe book does have a new postscript from the author and it seems like enough material for a second book It s CRAZY being shot the witness protection program turning straight being an evangelical Christian being a part of the John Holmes Wonderland murders YikesYet even still 26 years after the man s death Thorson can t resist a final finger pointing blaming Liberace for his drug use againIn any event in 2005 I could no longer resist the temptation to return to something like the life I had had with Lee The problem was there was no Liberace I had to finance my own lifestyle and all I knew from a practical standpoint was drugs I threw myself headlong into the crystal meth sceneThis bothered me and brought the book down at the end Thorson needs to stop blaming his life s problems on his 45 year relationship with a man who s been dead 26 years I hope he finds a way to do that In the mood for someting trashy I listened to the book on CD Bad writing about the life of a lost soul manipulated by the decadent narcissistic entertainer Curiosity kept me listening all the while wondering why I was wasting my time I already saw the HBO movie MATT DAMON so I m not sure why I felt compelled to read the book What can I say I m alutton for candelabras You actually feel for both Scott and Lee and I really wish this story had ended better I m a firm believer in the Too much of a 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts good thing can be wonderful Liberace credo but maybe it s not always the case See plastic surgery drugsI found out that Liberace performed on the Muppet Show so I will be watching that on YouTube tonight So there s that His show sounds kind of wackadoodle so I m curious to see what made him so popular SO SOood He talks about how Liberace made him Moonrise (Snowfall, get plastic surgery to look like him and how Liberace would sometimes make his entrance onstage by jumping out of aold egg dressed as a bunny I could not put this dow. S Behind the Candelabra Directed by Steven Soderbergh Starring Matt Damon Michael Douglas Genres Biopic Romance Drama ueer Cinema Rated the best film of and in the reatest all time movies according to RYM users Watch Behind The Candelabra | Prime Video Behind The Candelabra is as flamboyant as Liberace's lossy wardrobe The final film before Soderbergh's retirementoh wait he's still making films? Retirement spent well Hollywood initially rejected this due to the content being too Hello, Snow! gay for mainstream audiences and so Soderbergh released this to TV stations instead I for one amlad he went ahead and completed the project Detrs del candelabro TV FilmAffinity Detrs del candelabro TV es una pelcula dirigida por Steven Soderbergh con Michael Douglas Matt Damon Dan Aykroyd Debbie Reynolds Ao Ttulo original Behind The Candelabra TV Sinopsis Antes de Elvis Elton John y Madonna existi Liberace pianista virtuoso artista exuberante habituado a la escena y a los plats de televisin. Read it you won t be When I was A Little Dinner Before the Play growing up there were two men on television I found totally repugnant I wasrowing up there were two men on television I found totally repugnant was Milton Berle and the other was Liberace I usually don t read biographies or autobiographies because there s no one else s life I m THAT interested in reading about I have enough with keeping after my own However I was intrigued by the idea of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon starring in a movie about Liberace and his lover so I watched it Interestingly enough that made me want to read the book so I did I ave #the book 4 Stars because in my opinion it was very well written I never expected that # book 4 Stars because in my opinion it was very well written I never expected that from past experience I find most books like this are not done very well I wasn t interested in Liberace s life as much as I wondered how someone could become so involved with a man who was completely self involved pretentious and phony After reading the book I still don t completely understand how that happened for Scott T but that isn t because he didn t do the best job he could to explain it If anything other than a book about the excesses to which people can subject themselves it is also a cautionary tale the moral of which is that if something seems too ood to be true it probably is Or something like that Obviously I believe the story Scott T tells about the years he spent with Liberace It seems to me he was pretty forthright in that he didn t try to make himself out to be the victim of a predatory sex maniac nor did he try to make himself look Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch good by hiding his involvement with drugs or the sleazy business associates he had Instead what came across to me was the tragic story of a man whose whole life could have taken a much better turn if he d never met Liberace I d recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading about the downside of fame and fortune as well as how little we really know about those whom we put on a pedestal simply because they entertain us 3 12 starssurprisingly easy to read not a biography and uiteripping Not as titalating as I am sure it could have been Stillvery engaging story and uite horrific at times Scott lost all sense of himself Replaces Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood glamour with reality Necessary book in these times when stars arelorified The HBO movie made me want to read this ahead of time and it s hard to know what in the book could possibly be used in a film there is almost nothing to the story The author Scott Thorson supposedly Liberace s male lover but the forced writing style is that of the co author mindlessly Forbidden Reading goes through the excesses of his life with Liberace but nothing really happens Lee pouts Leeives expensive cars and jewelry Lee buys another mansion Lee A Northern Line Minute: The Northern Line gets jealous of Scott hanging out with people like Michael Jackson so Lee demands that Scott never leave his eyesight Lee arranges Scott s plastic surgery without asking Scott if he s willing to do it Thorson comes across as a complete brainwashed idiot who never uestions the pianist The couple doesn t have a single serious disagreement until late in the book when Thorsonets hooked on drugs after his forced plastic surgery which was to prepare him to be adopted as Liberace s sonEven with such bizarre events the book is written at a snails pace because like Liberace Thorson doesn t really want to reveal anything beyond the surface We Future Focus gain very little insight into the star or his boyfriend The book doesive the Major Problems in American Urban and Suburban History: Documents and Essays gay community a pretty bad name and also implies that Liberace had deep ties to the Mafia But 25000 shopping trips and flamboyant decorating fill up too many of the pages Too bad there weren t specifics to really turn this into something worth reading This is a well written book Thorson and hishost writer did a A Sting in the Tale great jobThe behind the scenes story of Liberace is captivating with lots of action and excess I knew little about Liberaceoing in and this book serves as a reat introduction to the man and his lifeThorson starts the book off well playing the narrator instead of choosing sides Near the end around 80% that shifts heavily Perhaps realizing the audience for the book would be Liberace s fans and not wanting to o up against a dying old man proved too much. N Etats Unis Sortie en France septembre Rechercher Behind the Candelabra dans le catalogue Cin Ressources Gnriue techniue | Gnriue artistiue | Tournage | Rsum | Gnriue techniue Ralisateur Steven Soderbergh Scnariste Richard LaGravenese Auteur de l'oeuvre Ma Vie avec Liberace la BO • Musiue de Liberace Behind the Candelabra • Steven Soderbergh • En salle le • Musiue compose par Liberace Marvin Hamlisch Acheter; Autour de cette BO; Vos commentaires; Steven Soderbergh ralise un biopic sur le pianiste Liberace jou par Michael Douglas ui interprte lui mme des morceaux de piano Le jazzman Marvin Hamlisch s'est charg de l'adaptation musicale peu de temps avant Behind The Candelabra Box Office Mojo Behind The Candelabra A chronicle of the tempestuous six year romance between megastar singer Liberace and his young lover Scott Thorson Cast information Crew information Company information Behind the Candelabra | Film | The Guardian Behind the Candelabra Film Biopic Review. .

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