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Finds work as a Residential Care Assistant at Clifton Avenue Residential Home which Helps Adults Of All adults of all with learning disabilities So armed with an unreliable and miserable live in au pair to help look after the children Rachel starts her new job with some trepidation Also new to the Centre is Philip He is in his thirties and has spent his ntire life living with his mother who has recently died He has severe learning difficulties has no life Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems experience at all and can tven clean his own teeth Rachel is assigned To Be His Key be his key and what follows is a beautifully written poignant story of hope caring happiness and anger and ultimately acceptance and love I really connected to the character of Rachel straight away She was just so normal and whilst she does her best to do the right thing by Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework everybody she doesn t always get it right Her personal life is chaotic herx husband constantly undermines her and the children Angels Whiskey especially theldest 11 year old Alec are clearly unhappy with the situation but Rachel is by nature a caring person and when she is given the chance to try and help Philip come out of his withdrawn state and interact with the world a bond develops between them Of course not verything goes to plan and whilst the story is incredibly serious and moving there is plenty of humour and drama whilst the story is incredibly serious and moving there is plenty of humour and drama keep you turning the pages along with some xpertly drawn characters who will make you laugh cry and scream with frustration This is such an accomplished and beautifully written piece of work it s hard to believe that it s a debut novel The author s xperience as a Residential Social Worker clearly shines through and it s the realism and her first hand xperience of the care system that makes this such a compelling read I really Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between enjoyed it and would certainly look forward to any future books by Kate Anthony This was lovely heart warming but not saccharine book Even though some of the themes in the book were domestic a lot of getting kids ready for school dealing with incompetent au pairs discussing rules with the other parent none of it was sugar coated and Ispecially appreciated the fact that the main character had some distinct flaws You know like a real person The only downside was that unfortunately some of the other characters weren t as complex Denise for instance was so obviously bad and Rob could rarely put a foot wrong It was so refreshing to read about the centre for troubled adults And there were some really comic moments in the book I wasn t a great fan of the letter at the The Day Christ Was Born endven if it was an unsent one but overall this book was a welcome distraction in the last week Originally posted on novel 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set explored so many poignant themes that I really wasn txpecting from this beautiful book The cover and the title had me thinking that it would be a love story but it was actually an The Seventh Witch emotionally honest and heartfelt storyRachel has recently gone through a divorce from a man she has loved since she was 19 years old a man she thought loved her She now finds herself a single Mum with three children to look after and has to take on part time work at Clifton Avenue Carehome to keep them all afloat It is here she meets Phillip a big bear of a man who has found himself at the Carehome without a Mum to look after him when she is all he hasver known He doesn t understand the world around him and needs tender loving care which when Rachel is assigned as his Key Worker she is so determined to give And the longer she works there the she realises it isn t only Phillip that needs her helpEven though I have never been through the things that Rachel was going through Kate Anthony s writing was so raw and honest that I felt like I had completely stepped into Rachel s shoes When an author is able to make me feel so in tune with a character despite having no And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake experience of their lifevents I know this novel is going to be goo. H a friend They are just about to meet and when they do Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America everything will change Rachel and Philip don't know it yet but theyach have what the other needs They can save one Time taken to read 25 daysPublisher PenguinPages 384Source RealreadersBlurb GoodreadsRachel is looking for her beautiful day She s worried about The Pocket Wife everything being a good mother money and starting a new jobPhilip is a lost soul in the world and he could do with a friendThey are just about to meet and when they doverything will change Rachel and Philip don t know it yet but they ach have what the other needs They can save one another and not in it yet but they ach have what the other needs They can save one another and not in way you might xpectThis is a story about finding happiness and love in all their forms And how sometimes you can find them in the most unlikely of placesMy ReviewRachel is finding life challenging to say the least She is starting a new job as a resident care assistant working with vulnerable adults Her children and her are trying to adjust to the new routine of her being out the house her husband has left them and he has a new lady The live in au pair is a nightmare and thats just the start of it When Rachel is flung in at the deep nd with a new resident Philip Rachel finds herself out of her depth but determined to help and stick at itThe story covers a lot of ground a failed marriage trying to cope with the aftermath learning to do the mum thing without an active partner Her job is challenging fulfilling and she loves the residents but people in the job aren t uite as helpful as one might have hopedThe book presents many challenges achievements tears upsets and a beautiful relationship with Philip and Rachel It also demonstrates how actions can impact on another persons life I really Obsession enjoyed this book for a debut novel it is very wellxecuted Anthony draws on her Cabaret: A Roman Riddle experience as a residential social worker which I think adds to the realism of the story The characters are very well portrayed as you switchmotions specially with Rachel as you learn about her as see her behaviors and actions I could have read this in one go I think had life permitted as it s an ngaging tale where you want to see how the characters and plot develops This is my first time reading this author and I would definitely read her again I hope she gives us care based stories and maybe follows up with Rachel 45 for me this time thanks so much to RealReaders for providing me with an ARC of this book You will be able to get your own copy from 10th April 2014 f I was rather surprised by this story as on first glance I thought perhaps that the story would be a little bit fluffy However very soon into the book there is a real temptation to read through it very uickly not because the book is light on content but because the story takes hold and makes you want to know what s going to happen nextOn the surface it s a gentle story about Rachel who is a young single mother trying to support her children by taking a job in a care home looking after vulnerable adults Rachel s confidence has been battered by a disastrous marriage but her resolve in A really good book Funny motional and addictive Could have kept readingRachel s husband has just left her and we read about the trials and tribulations of balancing work life working in a care home and looking after children Rachel Bidewell decides it is time to work again for the first time since the arrival of her three children Jess Luke and Alec Rachel is divorced which has changed the financial situation for her For Rachel returning back to work meant that she will need a routine in getting the children collected from school When Rachel arrived at her new job she was disappointed with Clifton Avenue Residential Care Home it looked tired and scruffyI recommend this novel beacause it is a funnyheart warming novel of family life love and friendship I do hope that many reader will also njoy this beautiful novel as much as I have Rachel Bidewell is a thirty something mum of three children her husband Dom has left her for a younger woman and she needs a job She. Rachel is looking for her beautiful day She's worried about verything being a good mother money and starting a new job Philip is a lost soul in the world and he could do wit. ,
D This was a heartbreaking motional "READ I FELT RACHEL S ANGER "I felt Rachel s anger her x husband who seems to blame verything on Rachel when things go wrong with her three children Even when she is shouting at her children I still didn t dislike her as a person as she is having to cope with so much and is getting very little help In contrast Rachel s patience with Phillip was so heartwarming And I got incredibly angry at how the social care hierarchy system worked in this as they definitely did not have the residents best interests at heart definitely did not have the residents best interests at heart brings to light just how vulnerable people like Phillip are and how they can be so asily abusedThis was incredible for a debut novel as it is written with such sensitivity and poignancy that it will stay with me for a long time I received a copy of this book in return for an honest reviewRachel is starting a new job after being out of the workforce for years Her husband has left her and her three children for a younger model and finances are tight An Au Pair is hired and soon she swaps the school run for a part time job as a link worker in a care home She is given the job as key worker for Philip a grown Whilst reading this book I kept asking myself why is a book that spends so much time recounting daily domestic disasters so riveting After all I am an old man and this is a book obviously intended for a readership of thirty something women The answer is in the sheer uality of the writing And the fact that domestic crises specially those that arise when a couple with a young family become stranged are only a part of it There are also problems in the principle protagonist s work placeAll of these situations are described with sensitivity and humour Ms Anthony worked in residential social care before commencing a long career in television production working on drama series like Where The Heart Is which featured people working out of a community health centre in a North of England town She has 4 children of her own All of which gives her the perfect background from which to produce a novel dealing with residential social care and marriage breakdownBut relevant xperience alone is never nough from which to shape a novel that grabs you in the gut and forces you to keep reading To succeed a novel needs believable characters with real depth And that is what makes this in my humble opinion a great novel one to which many people of all ages and backgrounds will be able to relateOkay so the setting is decidedly middle class suburban London Many people in Rachel s situation will not have the luxury of an au pair or an x husband able to afford two mortgages at London prices let alone both But the problem of forming relationships with fellow staff as a new mployee specially where a high proportion of the staff are agency workers who appear for a few shifts then disappear to be replaced but another stranger will be real Just Cause enough to many So will the manager who is much concerned about appearing to have a well run operation than she is about the well being of her chargesThe feelings of betrayal and distrust that accompany the break up of a marriage that you had believed to be solid the disputes over who has access to the children and when and the impact on those children of being shuttled back and forth when one of the parents over compensates for his feelings of guilt by indulging theirvery whim and fancy these things are the same whatever the state of your finances And they are too the things that Ms Anthony has captured so well Her portrayal of Rachel and the problems she has to deal with made me re xamine my own mother s behaviour when she mbarked on life with a new man in her late thirties and I now realise discovered that it was not as asy a thing to do as she probably imagined The story and characters were ngaging and I wanted to keep reading to find out how verything would turn out. Nother and not in the way you might xpectThis is a story about finding happiness and love in all their forms And how sometimes you can find them in the most unlikely of plac.

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