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B 72% More than Satisfactory Notes Falling apart at the end it climaxes its penultimate chapter in the most uncomfortable eading moment I ve ever had Anybody who thinks the US doesn t need health care eform should ead this book Since the author was a medical intern and the details about patient care seem horribly ealistic I the author was a medical intern and the details about patient care seem horribly ealistic I I d Child Support, for the Non-Custodial Parent, Alabama Edition (Series 1, for the Non-Custodial Parent) ratheread a Surgery For Dummies book and attempt my own future operations with a bottle of Jack Daniels a carpet knife duct tape and some L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution rusty pliersather than isk being admitted to a hospital after eading thisPeter Brown is a Harried Resident Trying To resident trying to through another miserable day at a large Hospital And Keep His Med and keep his med from killing too many patients But he s also a former mob hitman in witness protection trying to start a new life as a doctor When one of his old collegues shows up as a patient and The Organization Man recognizes him Brown spends the day juggling his medical duties while trying to keep his old pals from finding out where he isThis was a darkly funny and fast paced story with an original and outlandish premise The author s medical background makes for some gross and scary details about the kind of medical things they never talk about on ER or House The story of Peter frantically trying to keep the mob patient from blabbing about his whereabouts while dealing with a stream of medical problems is intercut with flashbacks to the background of how Peter became a hitman and why he turned on the mob and entered witness protection I loved this book until the ending Everything was clickingight along but it s as if Bazell just decided that it was time to end the whole thing and he just threw on the brakes and wrapped everything up in just a few pages It was pretty jarring and I wish he would have spent some time on the esolution but this was still a great but gruesome crime novel with a medical twist An outrageous novel that got me laughing a lot in between pai. The Doctor will see you nowMeet Peter Brown a young Manhattan ER Doctor who has a past he'd prefer to stay hidden When a figure from the old days ,

Nfully gruesome situations a plot worthy of comic books and occasional absurdly implausible sex scenes A young intern of Polish Jewish background Peter Brown tries to save patients from gross incompetence at the worst hospital in Manhattan while popping drugs to keep awake It turns out he is former mob hit man in Witness Protection and his cover is in danger of being blown Much of the tale c When I started eading this I had the vague expectation that it was going to be some sort of urban fantasy It Wasn T But That wasn t But that t keep me absolutely loving it It s funny clever fast moving irreverent and horrifying in turns I highly The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945 recommend it Unless youe a hypochondriac If you are you should avoid it like the plague heh I m a Charlie Huston Honk There I Admitted It Like honk There I admitted it Like first step out of twelve I
Recognize My Problem And 
my problem And feel unburdened Free almost I m a Huston holic A junkie for Charlie s magical mushroom prose And like every good Huston holic I m always searching for writers with a similar style Writers that ll grab me by the throat worrying me like a dogEnter Josh Bazell A combination of Huston and Chuck Palahniuk Bazell stuns with his debut novel Beat the Reaper a brutal and humorous medical crime gritfest It s Goodfellas meets House with footnotes Part hitman part healer But with a bedside manner that will have you The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo running out of a hospital uicker than you can say HMO Though this big idea sounds odd the novel works beautifully Like a virus that gets inside you always consuming always growing Never stopping If you don t have an addiction Beat the Reaper will give you one Namely a finishing the book addiction It s like life Once you start you won t stop until youeach the end Dr Peter Brown has a past he d like to forget Once a hitter for the mob known as Pietro Bearclaw Brnwa he got out when things went bad testifying against his former employers before dropping off the face of the earth courtesy. Merges it looks increasingly unlikely that his secret will stay intact Nicholas LoBrutto aka Eddy Suillante is given three months to live and it's. Of the Federal Witness Protection Program Relocated and e imagined Peter assumes a new life as an intern at Manhattan Catholic Hospital Helping and treating patients Including one patient who happens to be a mob father with a good memory One who happens to ecognize the Pietro in Peter Suddenly Peter must move fast to stay ahead of a vengeful mob looking to mete out mafia Justice The Type Of Justice The type of justice ll put him into the Manhattan Catholic morgueThe narrative alternates between chapters One plotline focusing on Peter s current predicament and one examining his past as a mob enforcer both slowly teasing out the answers of why he left the life And why he s on the lam The action is intense and the alternating nature of the chapters makes the book incredibly addictive Like literary crack it ll have you greeting the dawn puffy ed bags under your eyes I stayed up most of the night compelled to finish Even better I was absolutely satisfied once I didBazell never shortchanges the Information Security Governance reader peppering Beat the Reaper with a slew of unforgettable moments leading to an ending so grotesue and badass you won t want to miss it And you ll probably never be the same after you veead it Like Huston Bazell creates dialogue with a street cadence It sounds eal and even importantly it sounds cool Really cool Like you can use it to impress your friends Make them think you e clever Coupled with the odd fact weirdness popularized by Palahniuk and Beat the Reaper makes for a uniue and humorous ead The mob and medicine have by Palahniuk and Beat the Reaper makes for a uniue and humorous ead The mob and medicine have been this engaging together Last WordStunning debuts like Beat the Reaper do one thing leave you wanting Like a kid stomping his foot impatiently More Pietro Brwna streetwise dialogue intense heart stopping action More Josh Bazell After this gem people will be eagerly anticipating Bazell s next novel I know I m one of them And that s the first step admitting the problem Admitting you Widow of Dartmoor re a Bazell holi. Clear to Peter that the clock is ticking for both of them He must do whatever it takes to keep him and his patient aliveIt's time to beat theeape.

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