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Er really wanted to participate in the auction no one really ever says no to Sasha Tina agreed to go to the charity auction with her friends have a girls night out get a little wild and hopefully finally loose her virginity Things start to go wrong almost immediately she bids on number 33 but ends up with number 22 Mitch instead After voicing her complaint Sasha tells her

not to worry 
to worry Mitch is a much better fit for her He very well could have been if he had not stood her up on their date Tina and Mitch s relationship starts with one calamity after another including the small little detail that if Mitch actually sleeps with Tina taking her virginity she will become bound to Lucifer a slave for eternity Be My Vampire Tonight starts off great the dialogue and chemistry between the characters is wonderful but the ending felt a bit rushed I found myself really liking the secondary characters and wanting to know their stories I did enjoy Reene Fields take on the vampires and look forward to see what she does with wearcats and warlocks and all the rest 3 Tea Cups This was a very fun and sexy read It has a slightly different take on vampires than Anything I Ve Read I ve read which I really enjoyedAt a charity auction where women bid on men Tina ends up winning a bid for a man who was not who she wanted But there is a strong connection between the two of them And really she s just desperate to lose her virginity But Mitch however strongly he would like to claim Tina he knows that he can t or his master Lucifer will own her too Talk about sexual tension Be My Vampire Tonight is loaded with it Mitch learns something about Tina that even she wasn t aware of and in order to be together Tina must find a way to counteract Lucifer s hold on MitchThis book also includes introductions to other characters that have their own stories that are told in subseuent Darklander Lovers books which I look forward to reading at some point Be My Vampire Tonight was a good read The setting with an otherworldly auction drew me to want to read the story I enjoyed the obstacles that kept both Mitch and Tina from being together. Nity will change her forever but try explaining that to a woman whose passion cannot be denied Tina holds the key to his freedom but Mitch will be damned forever before he turns her over as a slave for his maste.
Book in the Darklander SeriesIt is Ellora s Cave which is a erotic type bookAt an Charity Auction three friends bid on the three SeriesIt is Ellora s Cave which is a erotic type bookAt an Charity Auction three friends bid on the three the men A choice that will change their lives Tina s masked man ducks out of the dinner he is suppose to meet her at but comes to her home at midnight She does not realize that this same man is night cop she has seen around at workMitch sold his soul to the devil over a century ago The only thing to save him will be a soul mate But if he turns her into a like himselfher soul could be lost as well Although part of a this book can be read a stand alone I really enjoyed the first book in Field s Darklander series She takes some of our favorite nocturnal beings and turns them into amazing men who we all want to get to know She also gives us strong female characters who know what they want and are not afraid to get it Besides the characters Field takes us on a journey into places sometimes humans dare not tread I really liked how she set her own world in the real world Field knows how to make the nocturnal very ummy indeed I look forward to reading the rest of this series and Field s other works I couldn t put this book down once I started reading it Kylie s Review Be My Vampire Tonight is the first in what looks to be a promising new series The Darklander Lovers Series This is not Five fags a day your typical vampire story instead it provides a new way to look at the old mythologies This book caught me right from the first scene three men backstage at a Bachelor Charity Auction The witty banter and sense of comradely set the tone for the book and hopefully the series Be my Vampire Tonight focuses on Mitch a Darklander Vampire that is over a century old and Tina a powerful but all to human psychic Sometimes fate just needs a little help that s where Sasha comes in I love Sasha I know she s only a secondary character but she just has so much fun parading around orchestrating everyone s love lives I really can t wait until it s her turn to find her mate Sasha is charge of the running the auction down to the last detail and that includes finding the men So while Mitch nev. Insideou As a Darklander vampire Mitch has spent a century living in a bleak world but all that changes when he sees Tina The beast living within Mitch wants to stake his claim Mitch knows taking Tina's virgi. This is the first book In My New Erotic Darklander new erotic series I had a lot of fun writing about this vampire and fiesty female lawyer Hope ou enjoy GREATLIVE IT I always wonder how EC can publish This Kind Of Porn They Specialize In kind of porn They specialize in es But they should set at least a minimum amount of talent Something that filters one s own erotic dream from a book worth reading giving to worth a wide meaning What startles me is that they published Lora Leigh and other good authors tooThis story starts with a pretty common charity auction and goes downhill In the first 20 percent of the book the heroine who seems already compelled by her friends to be there buys her man with the sudden money she acuired and she is not used to Jane of Gowlands yetMary Sue anyone He leaves her waiting at the restaurant and she goes home to masturbate Hey ok this is a charity auction but wouldou call the House Protest No why You go home think of him while doing the nasty and when a stranger arrives at The Piper in the Wind your doorstep doou call the police Of course no ou let him enter Pun intended sigh Even free this shouldn t have been published A taste of the way it s writtenWithout hesitating he scooped her up in his muscular arms She inhaled the smell of his cologne identifying it instantly as Axe Immediately it conjured images of locker rooms full of naked muscular men Instinct as old as time told her this man would meet her needs By the way he didn t Decent little story that s the only way I can begin this review I liked the story line for the most part Definitely leaning towards Erotica than a mere Paranormal romance but had a clear story line to go with all the sexually driven scenes I personally would have liked to see the storyline unfold a little slower and allow time for the characters to develop a little The world that the author creates has potential to be very interesting in continuing on in the series because it has a slightly different notion as to the main uestion in most modern day vampire novels what is true about vampires All in all for a uick read it is not bad but it won t go on my favorites list This was a free read The first. Book one in the Darklander Lovers series Bidding on a masked man at an auction is all for a good cause but what happens when he turns out to be a vampire who has the power to unleash the wild woman lying dormant.

READ Be My Vampire Tonight Darklander Lovers #1

Be My Vampire Tonight Darklander Lovers #1

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