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Ugh life as a ghost living on autopilot but not allowing himself to truly live and enjoy life The premise of this story was to my immense liking and the sexual education of Lysandra was hot hot hot both in Andrew s seduction through his words Enjoy the fact that when I look at you it makes me mad with desire When any man looks at you in this way you could have anything you wish for That will be the power you wield as a mistress He opened her legs wider and looked at her puy Sometimes I wake p thinking I taste you on my tongue he said stroking a finger along the slick entrance I dream of making you come over and over ntil you beg for for less and his acts These two had some seriously scorching chemistry and I enjoyed how enthusiastic of a student Lysandra was and the way she nravelled Andrew through his passion and craving for her The romance crept Native Son up on both the reader and Andrew as through their sexual exploits he started experiencing peace and contentmentYou have to be willing to suspend your disbelief regarding many details that showed plainly that An Introduction to Pleasure was not a historically accurate erotic historical romance the characters were behaving in a too modern way there were some plot elements which wereite far fetched but the story flew smoothly and a lot of interesting characters got introduced whose story I can t wait to discoverVerdict While An Introduction to Pleasure was not a historically very authentic historical erotica the sheer steaminess and the engulfing flames of the attraction between the hero and heroine than made The White Paternoster, And Other Stories up for it Do not expect a historically accurate story and you ll have a great time burningp the sheets with Andrew and LysandraPlot 910Characters 810Writing 810Ending 710Cover 710 I was all set to give this 4 stars Laid until the H Andrew stood by like a lump ofseless coal and just allowed the heroine to go off with her new protector who just happened to be his good friend I didn t like that plot twist at all because I really want my H s to do everything in their power to ensure that the heroine remains in their arms Andrew s inaction and his little to be or not to be incarnation of Hamlet just made me want to bitch slap himThis soured my mood for the final part of the novel so much so that I m not even going to write a full review This novel deals with a young poverty stricken heroine called Lysandra who has no choice but to seek employment as a courtesan Her circumstances were extremely dire and with a sick mother to support and a former vindictive employer determined to see her suffer she had to make the The World Rushed in ultimate sacrifice The H Andrew is asked by a madam called Vivien to instruct Lysandra in the art of being a courtesan I admit I liked Andrew at first and felt sorry for him because he s been living in self imposed exile since the deaths of his wife and infant son There s a heavy erotic element in the novel and sometimes the sex overpowers the storyline but I knew that this would be the case as it s hinted heavily in the blurb Andrew tries to fight his feelings for Lysandra because he keeps telling himself that she is just a courtesan in training and that he doesn t want a wife anyway Lysandra falls in love with Andrew and hopes that he would ask her to be his mistress but the idiot passes her off onto his friend He s jealous and angry but he still does it Andrew actually lets Lysandra leave the house to go and live and supposedly sleep with with her new protector She s living in this new guy s house for a few weeks and dumbo Andrew is doing nothing He s sitting in his house feeling sorry for himself and missing her while agonizing about how she s probably having lots of hot sex with the new guy This is how Andrew behaves during these weeksThings do work out for the MC s and Andrew s lucky that Lysandra s new protector never had sex with her That guy was a true friend to Andrew and he realized that the MC s were in love with each other so he didn t want to taint their relationship by sleeping with Lysandra The fact remained that if that guy hadn t been honorable then Lysandra would have had to have sex with him and it would ve been all Andrew s fault for being too slow to act Andrew needed to be a real man where it counted a real man would not have let his woman just walk off into the sunset with another guy That s the only reason why I can t give this 4 stars I was really enjoying this storyntil Andrew failed to be there for the heroine when she really needed him A perfectly ok time pass I think it is erotica than historical There is no relationship whatsoever to speak of which is not a problem if one is looking for heat in a novel I rarely have luck with fallen women as heroines And this one is no exception The hero andrew was A WIDOWER AND PUNISHED HIMSELF FOR HIS WIFE S widower and punished himself for his wife s by isolating himself and rejecting life s enjoyable pursuits Lysandra the heroine came to him through a courtesan who did this sort of matching Neat idea The relationship started ickly and I was grateful for that But the story did not convince me why a recluse like Andrew would change his mind just because he saw Lysandra in the garden I know that falling in love is sometimes a matter of seconds but something else has to happen to convince me that this is than a passing affection They jumped from being complete strangers this is than a passing affection They jumped from being complete strangers a woman fallen on hard times having to sell herself to survive and the other a man who had locked himself away from women and happiness because he lost his wifechild to bed partners very soon and the sexual activities ickly evolved into something rather risue While I find it interesting I did not necessarily want to read about all the different positions and ways to have sex So I am probably just the wrong audience An Introduction to Pleasure3 StarsOn the verge of destitution Lysandra Keates approaches infamous courtesan Vivien Manning to arrange for a suitable and wealthy protector Unfortunately Lysandra innocence is a detriment and Vivien convinces the once rakish but now monastic and reclusive Andrew Callis to instruct her in the art of being Lived a monastic existence at his country estate hardening his body against the snobbish lazy young man he once was hardening his heart against grief over the deaths of his wife and infant son When Vivien asks him to spend one month training a young woman in the ways of a mistress his mind resistsbut his body responds with an ache he thought long dead As Andrew begins his gentle tutelage he finds himself falling nd. .
35 stars if I could give 12 stars I was really into this for the first half and was hoping I d finally found a piece of erotica that I could rate 5 stars Normally I find them far too short on plot and character building to do so in good conscienceThis one had a plot and there was genuine emotions I teared p a few times The sex was also hot What dampened my enthusiasm was the last 14 of the book partially because I was so stoked about the earlier chapters In fact I ll be honest I skipped a few chapters between 20 and 25 I plan to go back and read them but don t think I missed a whole lot Here s my whine As always YMMV1 I didn t think the hero s big secret was enough to justify his brooding pity party behavior Like I said above I did skip a few chapters but do know that view spoilerhis wife died in childbirth and he blamed himself because he had treated her badly The badly is the part I missed and if you want to fill me in please do My take on it was that he probably continued his rakish ways and then felt like a sht when she died giving birth to his child That I buy But how that translated into his treatment of the h is what I wasn t sold on Seriously WHY couldn t he have kept her as his mistress She wouldn t have expected and would have been THRILLED with that arrangement The reasons were too flimsy for me2 The fact that he gave her away to another protector really irked me Of course she never slept with the other guy but it would have served him right if she had I think it would have been great if he d given her to the other man then immediately thought WTF and chased her to London in full John Wayne True Grit run the horse to death fashion to stop the consummation just kidding about the horse I hated that scene in BOTH versions of the movie But I was highly disappointed that he moped and emo d around for weeks fully believing she was getting it on with his friend doing all the kinky things he d trained her to do3 The magic wand at the end EVERYONE was all go love f the Ton even his father the fricking EARL Okay I d have bought it if one character his brother would have supported him marrying Lysandra but when everyone including her enemy s wife jumped on the go love bandwagon I was calling bull Her supposed new protector was just too good to be true as well Not only did he not sleep with her he still paid all her bills and kept her in a house because he couldn t betray a friend not the H but the h whom he d just met I know it s fantasy but this was ridiculous People are far crappier than that I wouldn t have been surprised if the Earl hadn t been all for his son keeping her as a mistress but his easy acceptance of a marriage was just an anachronism to me Suddenly everyone had modern very non classist views and that s just not remotely realistic I m not an expert on Regency England so I m not trying to be a historical accuracy snob I don t care if the furniture is wrong for the period I just want to be able to remain in the fantasy4 There should have been a grovel at the end but she just fell back into his arms and it was a very abrupt ending too hide spoiler This story reads like an erotic version of Pygmalion Instead of Lysandra Keats being taught the proper way to speak the King s English Viscount Andrew Callis has agreed to teach her the ways of a proper mistress Lysandra has come pon desperate times and becoming a mistress is her last resort to adeuately provide for her fragile mother Andrew once a libertine has been a recluse since his wife s death three years ago and sees this only as a temporary assignmentThere are certainly many steamy and erotic moments here but the story is at the forefront Lysandra and Andrew are meaty characters and their love affair was borne out of the her poor circumstances I was drawn to the story and these two lovers against the backdrop of 19th century England While some of the actions weren t necessarily consistent with the norms of that period of society it wasn t so far fetched to detract from my enjoyment It s a good interesting story especially if you like the classic tale and a highly erotic one The best erotica are those that don t forget the romance element which was always top of mind in every scene They Were Not Only Erotic not only erotic m looking forward to the next book in the series You know how the review box starts with the estion What did you think Here s my answer I thought I was pretty darn disappointed that s what I thoughtI didn t initially have high expectations for this book A House Built out of Stone until I remembered the reason it was on my tbr in the first place I ve read one other by Jess Michaels Everything Forbidden and LOVED it andnfortunately this one didn t appeal to me nearly as muchI didn t buy the characters I didn t buy the backstory of either the Hero or heroine I thought the entire thing smacked of wallpaper and the author merely playing lip service to her romance being a historica My introduction to scorching hot historical romances was Maggie Robinson s Mistress by Mistake so if you have read her Courtesan Court series you know the steaminess you can expect of An Introduction to PleasureAs soon as I read the above blurb of this book I was hooked and couldn t wait to read it I mean it had one of my favourite tropes in historical erotica the tortured sexy handsome hero educating the inexperienced young virgin in the pleasures of the flesh and the art of love and An Introduction to Pleasure delivered wonderfullyI really liked how Lysandra while being such a good self sacrificing young woman still had a backbone and a strong will And Andrew was simply sexy He was handsome and the whole tortured hero look worked for him His internal struggles made me feel so sorry for him his grief and importantly his guilt were heartbreaking I loved her he found himself admitting perhaps for the first time to anyone but Rebecca herself I changed for her When she died I didn t know what kind of man to be It was clear that since he I didn t know what kind of man to be It was clear that since he his beloved wife not only has he lost sight and confidence of the man he was but he became a shadow of his former self only going thro. An innocent lady’s education could be a gentleman’s wicked seduction Lysandra Keates is running out of options Her father is dead her mother is ill and her efforts to find respectable employment have ended in failure With her small savings bleeding away she swallows her pride and her terror and turns to Vivien Manning an infamous courtesan to match her with a wealthy protector For years Viscount Andrew Callis has.
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Mistress As Andrew and Lysandra begin their lessons the Alma Mater unthinkable occurs and their physical passion leads to an even stronger emotional attachment But can Andrew come to terms with his past in order to have a future with the one woman who has made him come alive againA charming love story with some suitably sexy scenes Nevertheless there are severalnrealistic moments that detract from the overall effect of the story and there is one moment that had me almost through my poor iPad against the wall thankfully the moment and the rge passed icklyLysandra is a very sympathetic heroine and one cannot help but feel sorry for her circumstances and even admire her backbone in taking control of her life and her future That said her behavior with regard to Andrew is not consistent with her stated acknowledgement of her situation view spoilerShe is well aware of the temporary nature of their arrangement and is fully cognizant of the fact that she will have to find another protector so why does she insist on deepening their emotional attachment and why is she angry at his finding her a replacement protector hide spoiler Hmm I feel a bit guilty leaving this review and only two stars Two stars is probably a bit generous too but I reserve my one stars for books I ve hated This one I didn t hate just thought was very bad Jess Michaels is one of my favourite erotic writers and when I saw she was releasing a new books I was pretty excited I don t think this author has released a new book for some time I had a really long break from reading and when I came back everything had changed Jess Michael s Everything Forbidden was one of the first erotic books I read not having read one before and I LOVED it I tracked all of her books and read that whole series The Albright Sisters and I particularly love her short stories which were in Red Sage Secrets books I ve loved them all They really turn me on I love her erotic writingI noted that she also writes as Jenna Petersen and I tried a couple of her books but found her to be strangely enough for the same writer wallpaper and light weight and not at all my cup of tea I don t like her in her other alter egoThis book I found was just like her wallpaper and light weight Jenna persona I was so disappointed In fact I would have No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns, uit early on givenp on the book if it weren t for the fact that I Thin Blue Smoke usually love Jess Michaels I read this right to the end and it didn t improve and in fact maybe got worse as it wentI cannderstand the situation the h found herself in and in fact think it would have been a very commonplace problem for a woman of that time to have had to turn to being a courtesan because she had no other option But the actual story was so stupid I couldn t believe it I couldn t accept it There were too many anomolies I couldn t get intoREASONS I DIDN T LIKE THIS BOOK IN SPOILERS view spoilerThese are some of the things that bugged me a lot about the story1 The h was not of the ton She was only a middle class merchant s daughter type The ton wouldn t have given a stuff about her in their closed world and I m certain would NEVER accept her into the ton not just because she wasn t of the ton in the first place which she may have gotten around by marrying a peer but especially because she had the irredeemable stigma as being a mistress2 Once the H took the h into society to the opera he was presenting her to the ton as a mistress She would never have been accepted after that3 An Earl who the h sed to work for as a servant blackened her name right through the ton because she wouldn t sleep with him ite frankly I found that to be so stupid it s not funny why would he She was only a servant She wasn t of the ton So why would he blacken her name there It didn t make sense at all that he would do that4 The H s brother s fiancee spoke to the H about love and that he should marry his love the merchant s daughter and mistress again why would she She didn t even know the H it was the first time she d met the H and as a duke s daughter wouldn t have known about mistresses etc so for her to speak to him as a virtual stranger and about marrying his mistress who she wouldn t have own anything about was also just so stupid it s not funny5 The H s father an Earl caved and said it s all okay to marry your mistress Yeah right6 ite frankly the H was a wet blanket and had to be talked into going after the h after he s given her away to a friend to be his new mistress I didn t like him from the start and certainly couldn t come to like him after that hide spoiler Can I have an Andrew please it would be preferable if he s the long lost twin brother of Henry Cavill because that s exactly how I pictured himdrool I know it s the wrong era but can you blame me
For DroolingThis Is My 
droolingThis is my first historical romance putting aside Pride and Prejudices of course It may sound shocking I know being new to the genre I should have begun with something famous that I m sure would have loved like Kathleen E Woodiwiss or Lisa Kleypas who wrote the prime of historical fiction but instead I chose An Introduction to Pleasure Mainly because I couldn t wait to get my hands on it since the first time I read the synopsis and right away chose to pre order it my first pre order YAYFor someone as foreign to this genre to its settings and vocabulary as me I WAS TOTALLY SURPRISED WHEN I FOUND MYSELF FALLING IN totally surprised when I found myself falling in with the book the I read the it was difficult to put it down well except for extreme necessity and I finished it in merly hours The story was well crafted the romance felt genuine and very heart warming the chemistry was sizzling between Lysandra what a beautiful name and Andrew swoon and while they found their happy ending I felt kind of sad to be parted from themNow I m ite sure that the second book will be about the Maruis Weatherfield Miles or so I hope he was very appealing and his story will be one very tempting to read 4 In Training StarsWas this an accurate historical depiction of life in 1811 regency EnglandDid it bother meI do love a hot forbidden romance with proper people doing very improper thing. Er the spell of Lysandra’s innocent charms And as they give in to the powerful hunger the last thing Andrew ever expected or wanted forms between them An emotional connection that could carry them well past the training period if only Andrew can open his heart to the possibility of love Product WarningsIncludes training in all kinds of sexual positions and delights as well as an emotional romance May produce swooni.