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American Demon The Hollows #14455 stars If you can just mentally delete the epilogue that ended the series at book 13 American Demon is a fantastic continuation to the Hollows seriesI kind of like that American Demon is an initially unplanned continuation because otherwise the series might have felt too drawn out Now it s moving forward with a fresh intention and that s exciting The book dealt with the afte It s been a while since I read The Witch With No Name Long enough that I was worried I would have a hard time jumping back into this world It s a complicated one but one I loved dearly and invested in fully for many years I even considered a full series reread of the Hollows It would not have been a hardship Those books were henomenal But I opted to go in with just a brief glance over my old reviews It worked out fineBecause Kim Harrison is just that goodIf you re wondering whether this icks up after the epilogue from TWWNN the answer is no It s just a few months after the main events of the series came to a close I will get back to that epilogue in a minute thoughDemons now walk around in our reality though only Dali and Al live openly Ivy has separated herself a bit from Rachel and Jenks working again with law enforcement and trying to make her new bond with Nina work Jenks and Rachel are living on Kirsten s boat while the church gets repaired from its damage in the last big battle And Rachel and Trent are trying to make a go of things Unfortunately she s still feeling retty insecure on that front not about their love but whether he would be better off marrying Ellsbeth and taking his rightful Birds place among the elvesThe world kind of grudgingly accepts Rachel seeing as how she saved magic and everything But everyone holds some kind of grudge too mostly about the demon thing So it s hard to find work But when a zombie winds up in her own backyard she getsulled into an investigation involving supernaturals who are attacking their loved ones seemingly without cause She meets a mysterious new demon named Hodin And at the same time is trying to help Trent hold on to his Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark: More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told power against Landon who I am embarrassed to say I did not remember at all as he vies to take control of the elves by trashing Trent to the worldI loved this book I was afraid it would feel forced but it didn t It felt like coming back to a favorite TV show after a hiatus or a spot on seuel to a favorite movie franchise It does not skip a beat Kisten Piscary Ceri even the old guy that used to give Rachel advice in her neighborhood they are all gone but not forgotten Same with Trent sarents although that s exciting if you read that Isocrates I (The Oratory of Classical Greece, vol. 4) preuel book a couple of years ago If you are a huge Ivy fan you may be a little disappointed She has a largely reduced role here but she is around and it makes sense in the context of the book Jenks is his normal trash talking self And I just love his friendship with Rachel I adored Rachel with Trent and I really enjoyed seeing him try to navigate his weak footing for the first time This is a guy who has always been large and in charge and it s interesting to see him as an underdog for a changeThese are still the same characters I have always loved but they are still evolving and the story is still fresh and I could not ask for than thatAsk for that epilogue mentioned above view spoilerI m reading it as though it was a dream None of the other reviews I read at thisoint are saying that but as Rachel references the dreams she s had that related to this storyline one of them was about Ray getting married and while I can t find my old TWWNN book to compare it it sounded a heck of a lot like that epilogue to me And some Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics people might think that s a little easy but I kind of like the fact that it reopens the series for anything to happen hide spoiler Rache Bis Jenks and Trent are back in an all new series that brings are favorite Hollow characters front and center once againSomething islaguing Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications people while they sleep making them attack the ones they love most with tortured nightmares from hurts of theast Rache will do whatever she can to unravel the Versailles plot before the demons are blamed But then the attacks hit home and Rache battling with all Trent has given up for her realizes that together they make a much stronger teambut at what costAlong with the evillaguing dreams other things have now been realized Deciding if they are friend or foe can cost everything to the Hollows gangI "L O V E "o "v e American Demon Harrison has captured everything we loved in the Hollows series but brought as an entirely new "e American Demon Harrison has captured everything we loved in the Hollows series but brought as an entirely new to devour If you are a fan of the Hollows you are going to love it If you are jumping right into Return to the Hollows you can read it without the Hollows but I highly recommend reading the Hollows first Harrison does a good job giving some background but nothing compared to the connections you will gain reading both seriesI received this ARC copy of American Demon

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Berkley Publishing Group This is my honest and voluntary reviewMy Rating 5 starsWritten by Kim HarrisonSeries Hollows Book 14Hardcover 496 agesPublisher Ace June 16 2020Language EnglishISBN 10 0593101413ISBN 13 978 0593101414Genre Urban Fantasy Noble Want check us out on Tome Tender Book Blog or on Facebook This book is roof that a well beloved UF series with an official ending does not have to EndWhat am I saying Nothing much No ret cons needed We just have a new beginning with the same old characters we loveBut wait isn t our witch ahem just a LITTLE TOO OVERPOWERED Especially. Rachel Morgan is back and The Hollows will never be the sameWhat happens after you've saved the world Well if you're Rachel Mariana Morgan witch born demon you uickly discover that something ,
With that last book going NUTS with the changes changes and even bigger changesNope Because the world moves on Nothing is so impressive and amazing that others can t st all over your arade deny it ever happened or make your life a living hell just because they re ignorant andor a jerkHuh That kinda sounds like a slice right out of real life noAnd THAT is why this book Espenlaub picks up not too long after the events of book 13 of the Hollows and starts back up with Return to the Hollows with nothing than a shrug Our Witchy Morgan is never given the credit she deserves and all these new characters showing up gives the series new lifeAnd YES Jenks is still his glorious self Bis too And happy time with Trent is uite happyThe novel gives us good mystery good action andlenty of smoldering lust and much in the way of annoyance for certain jerks In other words it s a classic return to what made the series special I love it Kim Harrison takes us back to our beloved Hollows with American Demon and fans will not be disappointedWe join up once again with Rachel Morgan right before the epilogue in The Witch With No Name Harrison introduces two new characters into the book whom I think Hollows fans will love They bring a breath of fresh air to the series after laying dormant for 3 years And if you are worried that the story will totally re write the epilogue of The Witch With No Name don t be The girls are still toddlers Rachel is still about 30 and Ivy and Nina are still navigating their developing relatio 3 stars I kind of wish I had just stopped reading the series at book 13 Harrison ended it so Splendid Solution perfectly While I was excited to get back into The Hollows my mind is screaming not like this When I started this book it felt really good to be back in The Hollows with Rachel and the gang but halfway through I realized this book was waaaayyyy too long winded and thelot was all over I ended up kind of skimming until the end which I also somewhat hated Not sure if I will continue this series if there are books I should have let it be It was fantastic to be reading about itchy witch again Going back to this world after six years made me savor it When the book begins Rachel is on the hone lanning a ark date with Trent the girls and surprisingly Ellasbeth too Rachel is back at her old homechurch She is meeting Jenks and Ivy They re trying to decide what their future looks like Can they still work together or is time for one of them to move on Should they reconstruct their home or find a new lace It looks like Ivy is ready to move on and live with Nina Rachel understands but can t leave Jenks alone This reunion is broken up by the appearance of a zombie The appearance of the zombie is the first clue that something is not right New cases are How to Be Alone popping up where couples are attacking their love ones forast grievances Someone seems to have manipulated their minds while sleeping When Al is attacked Rachel knows this is too close to home Rachel knows she has her hands full She is dealing with her relationship with Trent and his ex the olitics between Demons and Elves "a new vampire moving into town affecting Ivy s life and she can sense she is running out "new vampire moving into town affecting Ivy s life and she can sense she is running out time in stopping the new threat So many things I loved about American Demon I love Trent Kalamack He has grown so much as a character He likes himself better and it s all due to Rachel He has made his own sacrifices and lost some of his osition of importance as an Elf but he knows it s worth it Rachel acted so much mature in American Demon She lets The Queen I people help her and she isausing to think before reacting Al was adorable all the way around I wish he was Cigarette Kisses prominent in this book He makes me smile every time he shows upDavid Ivy Jenks and Bis are also so important to the series It wouldn t be the same without themI still feel a tug on my heart every time Kisten is mentioned I will always miss himSo glad Kim Harrison is writing books in this world I ve only one uestion when is the next one outCliffhanger No45 FangsA complimentary copy wasrovided by Ace via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram Thanks to Berkley and Netgalley for roviding me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest reviewI am so happy to be delving back into the world of the Hollows Don t get me wrong I like Kim Harrison s Peri Reed the alate cleanser she worked on to give herself a break from the finished Hollows I m really sad that she didn t ublish the third one I didn t care much for her standalone Perfunctory Affection It wasn t bad but it wasn T HER BEST WORK EITHER I HATE TO SAY her best work either I hate to say because I know authors need to write other things to keep themselves happy and fresh minded but Hollows is where she shines the most It s where she s at the top of her gameThis one opens luckily with a uick recap of characters and recent events which is a blessing I tried hard to complete my reread of the series before I needed to read this one Alas my reading mojo hasn t been nearly as big as in revious years so I finished up through book five gasp that ending is so hard and wasn t able to finish I m so glad we re back in Rachel s life Jenks is one of my favorite characters and I love Al Sadly Al takes a backseat in this one due to a VERY dangerous enemy but that turns out to be okay A few new characters are introduced that I really really like and Cincinatti s shaken up yet again with new leadership on multiple frontsAll in all I loved this one very much but I did have to ded. Ight have gone just a little bit wrong That the very same acts you and your friends took to forge new owers may have released something bound by the old With a rash of zombies some strange ne.

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Uct half a star and go with 45 strictly because of something at the end It would have been a whole star but luckily Harrison hinted that there will be a revisiting of this specific thing Can t and won t spoil it for you sorry not sorryLooking forward to the next book The Rule already Hope it releases next year and we get a little extra resolution and a lot of Rachel and gang Keep em coming Harrison Happy Hollows Day Damn it feels good to say that againWell if there were ever the erfect occasion to dust off the old blog this is it It s been six years since we said see you later to Rachel and the gang but that later is NOW and I am so glad to have The Hollows back It was my flagship series for many years and honestly when the series ended I was feeling a bit of urban fantasy burnout I also went to get a masters degree so I had to table reading for fun for a few years and it never really uite Organizations As Knowledge Systems picked back up to what it used to be even after I was done with school So is this the time to reel me back in The short answer YES You would think after a baker s dozen or so of books that the Hollows well of ideas may have run dry But really it doesn t The book comes in at a hefty near 500ages so there is Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins plenty to chew on Kim threw in just about everything and the kitchen sink from therevious books to show that indeed the Hollows can be a gift that keeps on giving Everything feels so fresh The cover alone is robably my favorite Hollows cover ever as the colors and atmosphere are beautiful Thankfully the book is than just a retty cover The world building and imagery are truly top notch and the characterization is as strong as ever We learn about what s happening with our old friends while making some new ones in the Never Sweeter process too Certain dynamics are changing but they are what feels like a natural course in Rachel s life if you base it off how therior book ended before the epilogue In terms of the new friends or foes I really enjoyed their addition to the story I think there is otential for even character development for them as the series continues and I m really looking forward to it While it s still a great read I do think there are a couple of faves that some readers are going to miss this go round but it allowed for our new additions to get the roper introduction and development I care about them in just one book because of it I ve been a TrentRachel shipper since basically the dawn of time so there is ample development in their relationship Kim doesn t shy away from addressing their checkered ast She faces it head on but the uestion is will they be better off or worse off for it Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about the Kalamacks and the elves we re in for fascinating surprises We take a deeper dive into demon and "elf magic The neverending war of which type is truly superior "magic The neverending war of which type is truly superior you glued to the ages I really don t know where Kim comes up with all of this stuff Honestly it s definitely worth a reread to digest the science behind magic itself If there is one downside it s my own fault I hadn t read this series in years and if there s one thing I wish it s that I took Steam Heat part in the reread leading up to this release This book builds so much off therior books without giving you TOO MUCH BACKSTORY WHICH I DO APPRECIATE AS I much backstory which I do appreciate as I dislike it when stories give you overly long summaries of The Literary Language of Shakespeare prior books I didn t feel lost as I remembered what happened but a reread would have been beneficial tout me back into Hollow s mode from the start Overall it s a great ride and The Hollows roves it still has a lot to offer in this genre The ossibilities are truly endless so I am already looking forward to the next entry Welcome back Rachel and friends The world has changed for our team Ivy has Nina the "church is badly in need of repair Jenks needs a new home and Demons are "is badly in need of repair Jenks needs a new home and Demons are coffee that doesn t taste like burnt amberThings are tense between Trent and the elves but a young elf seeking him may change things as Rachel embraces all sides Ivy wasn t Old Electrical Wiring: Evaluating, Repairing, and Upgrading Dated Systems present as much as I would have liked but Jenks is his usually charming self It was delightful to be back solvingroblems as the gang faces a deadly enemy with harmful intentRomance new friends ソードアート・オンライン 1 (Sword Art Online Light Novel, powerful discoveries and magic await you in this addictive first installment I am so happy to be back in the Hollows I loved seeing Al and you won t believe who is working as a barista in our favorite coffee shop Trent has mellowed and seeing him with Rachel and the children is answer enoughThe trouble and conflict in American Demon was a scary one and Rachel can t rest until she stops them because someone she cares for is at risk Harrison delivered a fresh spin on a mythical loreA new friend Morgan encounters come to her aid but has others on high alert I loved getting to know them making all the connections and learning the uniue histories Watching things unfold was delightful and of course Rachel never listens to advice and needs to find her own answers It s something I love about her even if it also makes me crazy Harrison brought twistsarticularly when it comes to the Goddess It felt right We get hints of trouble ahead and some developments that have me excited The ending left me crying but hopefulFans will want to add this to their bookshelves because it s a keeper If you haven t read the Hollows you could technically begin with American Demon But as a member of the fandom I recommend started at the beginning This review was originally Being Vegan posted at Caffeinated Reviewer. W murders and an exceedingly mysterious new demon in town it will take everything Rachel has to counter this new threat to the world and it may demand the sacrifice of what she holds most dear.