(Abby and the Bachelor Cop) [E–pub] ¸ Marion Lennox

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Abby and the Bachelor Cop

Marion Lennox ↠ 6 free read

The second book by Marion Lennox for the Harleuin Romance line I ve read this month The books in this line can make for good summer reads because you can finish them in 2 3 hours or less but your level of enjoyment will depend on who s writing them I d definitely ick up of Ms Lennox s when I m in the mood for this type of read Set in Australia the tale revolves around four childhood friends a fiance who grew up with them and a dog This book is not for eople who don t like dogs or books where dogs are a central character Our heroine Abby is engaged to Phillip but still sighs with lust whenever she sees Raff her first sweetheart She d foolishly broken up with Raff when she was younger because he wouldn t dedicate the time to The Wapshot Scandal preparing for and escorting her to the debutante ball Philip escorts and starts dating her Abby has trouble reconciling her feelings and lust for Raff because he wasart of a reckless car accident with her brother Ben Raff remembers nothing of the accident but Phillip who was "in a different car with Raff s sister Sarah tells everyone Raff had been driving recklessly on wrong side of road " a different car with Raff s sister Sarah tells everyone Raff had been driving recklessly on wrong side of road still hasn t come to terms with her grief and hasn t forgiven Raff As the story begins a car accident spills multiple dogs on their way to a euthanizaiton clinic andor shelter As the cop directing traffic Raff hands off kleppy short for Kleptomaniac to Abby She decides to keep him when she learns his owner just died and Kleppy will be The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman put down Her fiance is none to thrilled about her acuiring a newet 9 days before the wedding Throughout the story Raff keeps confronting Abby about why she is marrying Philip He claims she doesn t love Phillip and Abby finds it hard to disagree That Is Perhaps The Most Puzzling Aspect Of The Story is erhaps the most uzzling aspect of the story did Abby get engaged to Phillip It appears mostly to be inertia spoilers The most interesting aspect of the story is how Abby comes to terms with how she feels about Raff and her brother She tells Raff she needs to forgive him but he tells her no he doesn t need to be forgiven because that would imply Ben s death was his fault Raff has seen enough behavior of teenagers in his work as a cop to know that Ben s death. Bride to be Abigail Callahan has her life mapped out Good career wealthy fiancé—it's Dark Alchemy (Dark Alchemy, perfect…tooerfect Then sexy bad boy turned cop Raff Finn reenters And his own sister Sarah s brain in the same accident is no one erson s fault This story line elevates it above the typical short form romance There were some minor nits some of the characters were two unlikeable andor one dimension It s very hard to see how Abby would have stuck with Philip for so long since he s a jerk in every scene Abby s mother s a iece of work two But generally I enjoyed this book 35 on my 5 star romance scale I m not a huge fan of contemporary romance Or of dogs actually This story was entertaining overall but nothing incredible The lot was redictable the villian too easily discovered and the insta romance for secondary characters too easy of a fix for what romance for secondary characters too easy of a fix for what have been really a well explored challenge With all of that said I did like the hero and heroine I liked their chemistry and their interactions with secondary characters The dog lot was a little over the top but I can see that animal lovers would really love it I kept Rivers Last Longer putting this book down and found other things to do instead oficking it up again Read about half and while there wasn t anything terribly wrong with it I obviously didn t find it compelling enough to finish reading 35 Stars Excellent story by an Australian author I have learned to depend on for consistently good reads often with dogs In this one the heroine is engaged to get married in less than 2 weeks when she stumbles across the old boyfriend her brother s best friend who is also the one he blames for her brother s death in a car accident He foists one of the shelter dogs from the wreck on her to take to the lace where it will be ut down She rebels taking the dog home instead even though she knows her fiance will hate the dog This is the beginning of her starting to take a long hard look at herself at what she really wants and who she wants to be as well as a look back at what happened when her brother died It s a good story hitting all the heartstrings as well as the funny bone with Kleppy the kleptomaniac mutt I liked this one a whole lot I loved the aspects of this story where we saw the characters grow and change and open their eyes and hearts to different events I was not as enthr. Bby's life landing her with an adorable homeless dog called Kleppy and a whole lot of trouble…Raff's teenage recklessness once broke them apart but he's not. ,

Alled with the writing style It seemed kinda stilted and choppy which I am guessing was a stylistic choice as other books by Ms Lennox have not been like that Curling stylistic choice as other books by Ms Lennox have not been like that Curling with a Marion Lennox book is like curling up with a cup of hot cocoa warm comforting and oh so sweetShe has a way of creating realistic flawed characters and bringing them together with seamless easeAnd this book has a hint of mystery as well as a cute kleptomaniac dogA satisfying read This was a cute classic romance Definitely a classic kind of romance Abigail aka Abby is engaged to Philip and the wedding is imminent Then one day on the way to court she gets stuck behind a car accident where a bunch of dogs on the way to be euthanized have escaped Her ex Raff a cop hands Abby a dog and tells her to take him to the vet but abby take him to the vet but Abby t force herself to ut Kleppy down so she keeps him as her own Soon her feelings for Raff are coming back and she s uestioning her upcoming nuptialsI think Kleppy was the shining star of this romance He s appropriately named Kleppy because he s something of a kleptomaniac he likes to steal things Anything from bras to other dogs Kleppy with "take it and he s been trouble with the law than once because of it Haha a dog in trouble " it and he s been trouble with the law than once because of it Haha a dog in trouble the law what a hoot If you like your romances classic without lots of sex or aranormal aspects or an inspirational message this would be a great romance for you to try I was initially very skeptical about the dog But I read a review on Dear Author of one of the Banksia Bay series it might have been this one and they gave it a solid rating so I gave it a go despite Witchcraft for Tomorrow passing over it on the library shelves a couple of times before So glad I did I liked it a lot Despite being able to guess ahead at how things were going to end up I didn t know how exactly they were going to end up there The characters were sweet and adorable and they made me cry not just once but twice at the end of course but also in the middle Don t tell anyone though SO GOOD Kleppy alone made the whole bookand everything surrounding Kleppy Loved Abby and Raff Loved Sarah Loved the witty fun dialogue Loved the intrigue and bit of mystery Yup all around a good time. About to let his childhood sweetheart marry the wrong guy With help from Kleppy and some Banksia Bay magic Rafflans to reawaken the Abby he's always loved.