[EPUB] (A Riesling to Die The Wine Trail Mysteries #1)

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A Riesling to Die The Wine Trail Mysteries #1

J.C. Eaton Ê 0 eview

Dollycas s ThoughtsWe arrive at Two Witches Winery
In Upstate New York 
upstate New York Norrie Ellington A Norrie Ellington A winery that her sister Francine and brother in law Jason un as she is a very silent partner Her brother in law has been given a esearch grant that will take the couple out of the country for a year and they have asked Norrie to take over while they are gone Norrie has a job a full time job as a screenwriter and Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes really doesn t want to step in but her sister assures her the staff handles most everything She just needs Norrie to oversee things attend a few meetings and handle any emergencies that arise There will be plenty of time to work on her screenplays and make her deadlinesBefore Francine and Jason even arrive at their no cell signal out in the sticks Costa Rican destination one of thoseare emergencies arises in the form of a dead body among the Riesling vines A woman Norrie had the displeasure of meeting upon her arrival Elsbeth Waters was the owner of the nearby bed breakfast and constant complainer of almost everything that happened in the town of Penn Yan and all the surrounding wineries Let s just say there is no shortage of suspects There is also a couple of businessmen trying to buy up all the Penn Yan wineries so that they can open their own mega winery business Not eally an emergency because there is no way they are selling unless they have something to do with Elsbeth s deathNorrie feels like she is in the middle of one her drama filled movies With the body found on her land and the police are eyeing her as a suspect she has a vested interest in seeing the killer brought to justice and she doesn t have a lot of faith in the local law enforcement She hasn t been around in a long time so as she gets to know everyone she decides to do a little snooping tooI am late to the party on this series and am upset with myself I have been enjoying the author s Sophie Kimball Mysteries while this one was screaming from my Kindle I am determined to get Chardonnayed to Rest ead too before Pinot Red or Dead hits storesI liked Norrie immediately and Francine too for the short time we got to spend with her We are also introduced to a large cast of characters that make up the staff at Two Witches Winery the other local winery owners the victim and her niece and the businessmen that could crush not only grapes but the dreams of everyone in the area The author s do a great job of making each character uniue so it is very easy to keep everyone straight Cammy uns the tasting oom and she and Norrie become fast friends as do the men that own the nearby winery Theo and Don are good friends with Francine and Jason and Norrie knows she can trust them They Darkness Light really have her back and help her in many ways I truly enjoyed the way so manyallied around to help Norrie get her feet under herself with the winery and in her mission to catch a murdererTwo characters I can t fail to mention and they need their own paragraph is the dog and the goat on the cover Charlie is a Brindle Plott Hound and Alvin is a Nigerian Dwarf goat Charlie stole my heart even if he does need a bath almost every day Alvin and Norrie don t get off to a good start but he played a major part when he needed toThe mystery itself was a eal treat Plenty of suspects and some crazy theories kept me guessing the entire story I was kinda on the ight trail but some ed herrings diverted my attention than once Norrie took some huge isks and while scary the authors added some comic elief at the perfect times and in the perfect amountsI probably will never travel to Finger Lakes Wine Country in upstate New York and their 3 Wine Trails but I sure had fun on my first literary trip there JC Eaton gave us a bird s eye view and I am excited about my next visit Chardonnayed to Rest is ueued up as one of the next books on my Kindle just waiting for me to get started Stay tuned for my eview This is the first in a new series for author team JC Eaton I have not previously ead anything by these authors and the synopsis on this books sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try I liked Norrie for the most part She is a bit overwhelmed with trying to oversee her family s vineyard and continue her own job as a screenplay writer She has a good personality and at first was hesitant to investigate the murder the occurred in her vineyards on her own She uickly gets into sleuthing with the help of some of her employees and neighbors I enjoyed her attempts to uncover the killer s identity until about 34 of the way into the book They she decided on what I thought was a harebrained idea that could have serious epercussion for her family For me that aspect A deadly search for sour grapes Norrie Ellington is a successful screenwriter living in New York City She’s also been a silent partner for her family’s winery upstate until her sister and brother in law take a year long sabbatical With an experienced staff doing the work Nor. Idn t fit with the est of the bookI thought the mystery was well done and I was surprised by the identity of the killer Norrie thought the mystery was well done and I was surprised by the identity of the killer Norrie all over the place with suspects so it was easy to get distractedI voluntarily ead an advanced eader copy provided to me by the publisher through Netgalley This book is scheduled to be eleased on March 27 2018 This Busy Park review fluctuates between 350 375Ieally wanted to like it a lot than I didThe main character had too much happening to Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know really get to know herIt seemed like things went to smoothly there weren t as many twists and turns that I d hoped forI would considereading another book to give myself a second and turns that I d hoped forI would consider eading another book to give myself a
Second To Get Familiar 
to get familiar the author s styleI voluntarily ead an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and NetGalley This was the first book I ve The Confederate Privateers read by this author also known as husband and wife writing team of Ann Goldfarb and Jim Clapp but it definitely won t be my last I m going to start their other series very soon Ieally loved this book and all the diverse and sometimes uirky characters There were twists and turns throughout and I definitely didn t guess this killerNorrie Ellington was part owner of a winery in the Finger Lakes Big Bad Detective Agency region of NY but her day job was living in the city and writing screenplays Her sister Francine and Francine s husband Jason needed to go to Costa Rica for Jason s entomologyesearch and they needed her to oversee management of the Two Witches Winery for a year Norrie expected to simply sit on the sidelines The Placer run a meeting every so often and possibly help with hiring summer temp employees What she hadn t banked on was the murder of one of the community s most disliked person Elsbeth Waters who owned the local BB Since Norrie herself was a person of interest she was determined to find theeal killer With the help of two new friends Theo and Don the couple who Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism ran a neighboring winery she was able to eventually figure things out and bring theeal killer to justice Alvin the dwarf goat even had a hand or should I say hoof in catching the killerI think Theo and Don had to be my favorite characters They were just all The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, round textbook good friends to have They listened they had Norrie over for meals and they gave her their full support not to mention loaning some employees if needed Cammy seemed like a nice person too since Norrie had decided she was going to the one of the few people she told about her sleuthing I got a kick out of Lizzie aetired CPA who worked for the winery and had a super charged interest in sleuthing like Nancy Drew She didn t Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness really help or hinder but she made for an interesting characterThe book was well written and I was actually glad it didn t get into the wine making processes or anything technical because while I like the whole idea of a winery setting cool building etc I m noteal interested in the processes Maybe the tasting though lol I m eally anxious for the next book to come out since there was a description at the end of the book telling briefly what will happen in it A nice little cozy set in wine country of upstate New YorkScreen writer is forced to take over the family winery even though she wants to stay in Manhattan and live the Sex in The City lifestyle She meets the uirky neighbors and the obnoxious one is killed Our plucky heroine tries to solve the mysteryNothing special but not a bad way to spend an afternoon A good start to this new to me series Maybe not perfect but filled with personable characters and neighborly wine growers The lead character as screenwriter for Hallmark was different and efreshing Have placed the next book on the WL A Riesling to Die by JC Eaton is the first book in the new cozy The Wine Trail Mysteries series Norrie Ellington has been asked to eturn home to upstate New York by her sister to oversee the family business Two Witches Winery Norrie s sister and her brother in law have been given a grant to study a species of insect in Costa Rica for the next year and while Norrie has made her life in New York City she would be able to continue her job as a successful screenwriter anywhereWhile she s a silent partner in the winery Norrie has eally had no interest in learning the actual business or unning it but she finds she just can t say no and hold her sister back Upon arriving back home Norrie finds herself uickly learning the ins and outs of the business and those employees that help un the winery and keep it successfulThe one person Norrie doesn t find welcoming upon her Der Bilderwächter return is neighbor Elsbeth Waters whouns the local bed and breakfast Norrie s encounter with Elsbeth didn t go well with the irate neighbor complaining of the family dog coming upo. Rie figures Two Witches Winery will un itself while she enjoys the countryside and writes in peace and uietUnfortunately there’s a sour grape in the town of Penn Yan who doesn’t care for vineyards Bed and breakfast owner Elsbeth Waters complains to everyone who’ll listen.
Love in a Bottle Soul Hackers (The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea Outsider (Tommy Tara,

N her property Little did Norrie expect though was to find Elsbeth dead Body In Vineyard in the vineyard with many disliking the BB owner Norrie decides to help the police solve the murderHaving Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris read another series by JC Eaton andeally enjoying it I had high hopes for The Wine Trail Mysteries While I didn t think this was a perfect start to the cozy series leaving me to Letters to Rollins rate this at 35 stars I did however still enjoy this beginning What Ieally found myself wishing for with this one though was a bit into building the characters and suspects The beginning felt a little slow building the setting but the characters Felt A Bit Buried In a bit buried in too I would still give the next book a go though knowing the authors other workI Britain, Europe And The Third World received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyForeviews please visit If I were in upstate New York touring wineries Two Witches Winery would be one of my stops The cozy ambiance of the tasting Scotland Yard room calls to visitors to sit sip and savor samples before making their take home selections Protagonist Norris Ellington is actually a successful screenwriter who s come to oversee the winery while her sister and brother in law travel to Costa Rica for a year Norrie s inner Nancy Drew kicks in fast when the body of a uerulous Bed and Breakfast owner turns up dead in the middle of some new vines the workers just plantedA dangerous masuerade with two powerful businessmen could cork a killer or cost Norrie s family the winery With a mixed bouuet of suspects this debut story in the Wine Trail Mysteries will haveeaders putting their thinking caps on if they want to solve the mystery before the author eveal I had one person tapped as suspicious but couldn t figure out motive Plenty of chuckles throughout the story and a great supporting cast of characters for Norrie Add a cute dwarf goat and a smart dog and this cozy is great entertainmentI eviewed a digital ARC via NetGalley and the publisher A Riesling to Die by JC Eaton was a easy cozy mystery that captured my attention from the firstNorrie Ellington is a successful screenwriter and a silent partner in her family s winery Normally the winery is un by her sister and husband but they are off to Costa Rica for a year and Norrie is guilted into overseeing the winery while they are gone I liked Norrie although she often struck me as being easily ove A Riesling To Die is the first book in The Wine Trail Mysteries seriesNorrie Ellington a successful screenwriter has eluctantly agreed to manage the families winery when her sister Francine tells her that she and her husband Josh are going to Grand Teton Explorers Guide research aare bug in the wilds of Costa Rica Norrie has been a silent partner and is somewhat familiar with the day to day operation and has started visiting the workers many of she knows and is busy meeting the new ones As she is talking with the tasting UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth room manager Cammy Norrie is approached by a lady wanting to speak with Francine After explaining to the lady that Francine is out the country the lady tells her that she has filed a complaint with the county about their winery setting off cannon fire in the mornings Cammy soon explains that the lady Elsbeth Waters owns the BB next to the winery and complains about everyone and everything in the Fingers Lakeegion A day or two later as dawn was about to break Norrie is Peig: The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island raised out of her sleep with pounding on her front door She arrived at the door to find two of the field workers telling her there was an emergency in the vineyard The workers led her to where a dead body lays and it turns out to be Elsbeth WatersSeveral of the local wineries meet on aegular basis to discuss was is going on in the area and try to help each other with similar problems It is at one of these meetings that Norrie finds out that a land developer has been trying to buy up many of the local wineries to form a mega winery and make it a tourist attraction With a great deal of help from Theo and Don owners of The Grey Egret Winery she sets out to clear the name of her Two Witches Winery in the death of Waters and hopefully learn who the killer is before any other deaths occur and in addition to put a stop to the land developers from acuiring any vineyards and turning the beautiful Finger Lakes into an amusement park atmosphereI found this story to be very entertaining and very well written with just the Löwen wecken right amount of discussion about wineries winemaking and wines to be informative and not to overshadow the mystery itself The story has a very good cast of believable and likable character and will be looking forward to learning about them in future booksI will be watching for the next in series to what Norrie will get up to nex. That the local wineries are bad for her business But when Elsbeth’s body is found on Norrie’s property the victim of foul play the screenwriter turned vintner dons a sleuthing cap to uncover the identity of a killer who told the BB proprietess to put a cork in it permanently.