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La neige était saleThe writer Georges Simenon was a Belgian I "thought he was French author who was incredibly rolific in creating noir crime novels and other books that "he was French author who was incredibly rolific in creating noir crime novels and other books that into the darkness of the human syche He is considered by some as the father of the noir genre I nominated this book for a small reading group because of having read two outstanding novels by Graeme Macrae Burnet who said his writing was influenced by having read tons of Simenon books growing up While just getting started with Dirty Snow I noticed that the character names were Germanic sounding than French The book is set during WWII while German forces occupied various arts of Europe In one of Burnet s novels he has the story take Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 place in a French Swiss border town so I wondered if the French or so I thought Simenon also set his stories on the border Nope This one is set in Belgium and now that a friend kindly let me know that this is Simenon s home country things have clicked for me a full three days after finishingIn o 1 14erhaps M sieur could I have a word leaseYes what is it We notice that you recently finished reading Dirty Snow Would you care to answer a few uestions about itYes I would like that I think it might be useful to me than you can imagine Well first we have seen that you initially gave it 4 stars then changed it to 2 Why was that I think my initial rating was a result of not wanting to appear dim witted But after a considerable amount of thought I realized that I couldn t give it 4 stars based on the way I rate books And what is that My ratings basically are indications of t Corporate OccupationFrom time to time Georges Simenon has been either accused of collaboration or raised for his resistance during the German occupation of France in WWII Dirty Snow suggests that a substantial middle ground which might be called exploitative The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone participation exists and could just be closer to the truth This region is inhabited by manyarticularly those of the ermanent underclass who erceive occupation as another not terribly significant fact of life to be dealt with by the usual means crime Or recisely urposeless criminality For the The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! protagonist Frank military occupation simply means increased opportunity Murder inarticular is less Witchcraft for Tomorrow problematic than duringeacetime and one simply yearns to test one s mettle in such a ermissive atmosphere In fact all relationships are worth less to Frank than they might have been otherwise with the naive girl who lives across the landing with the newly recruited rostitutes in his mother s brothel with his felonious als All are expendableBut aside from the momentary thrill of conuest none of Frank s actions are meant to advance any objective He already lives well with no financial concerns and no real worry about unishment He s on the way up in the concerns and no real worry about Rolling Thunder punishment He s on the way up in the society which itself is entirely nihilistic Everyone has something on everyone else so that everyone on closer view has something to feel guilty about In other words the only reason you don t betray othereople is for fear of being betrayed by them The skill therefore is to be the first to betrayOn second or third thought could it be that most of us occupy this middle ground of exploitative Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? participation in the corporate society which itself acts as an occupational force in our midst Getting on for the sake of getting on Acting for the thrill of reputational advance Murder and other illegalities may be off limits but betrayal in the corporate world comes just as easily as it does for Frank in occupied territory Frank may merely be the apotheosis of the good corporate citizen Second reading Frank Friedmaier is hell bent on destruction Son and chiefrocurer of the local brothelkeeper his mother Frank is nineteen years old and a sociopath of the first order This is collaborationist Vichy France The men Frank admires the most are black marketeers thieves and murderers men who brag about snuffing women during sex Frank starts his descent by killing a fat oliceman of the occupying army who shows his avid courtesies to the local whores But murdering the Eunuch is just ractice a Bootie and the Beast preliminary and Frank s way of arming himself with a fine automatic Next he murderserhaps what we can call his true mother his old wet nurse who lives outside of town with her watchmaker brother Frank s gripe though he could hardly say so is his lack of a father Frank wants to be a man His crimes are failed attempts to initiate himself into manhood Frank desperately needs guidance That s why he becomes obsessed with the closest erson who might help him his next door neighbor Gerhard Holst Frank is fascinated by Holst When he finally condescends to approach Holst s daughter Sissy Frank sadly is her first love it is only to uestion her at length about her father What did he do before the war and so on Later when Sissy touches Frank s heart you know she is doomed You wait anxiously for her despoliation which when it comes is horrendous the act of a monster This tale of brute thuggery and homocide in the wartime demimonde is a kind of a counter uest narrative The anti hero Frank must challenge himself to rove he is a man What he does to everyone around him but ultimately to himself he thinks of as his initiation His fatherlessness his isolation amo. Aos dezenove anos Frank Friedmaier vive na França sob a ocupação nazista no início dos anos 1940 Todos lutam ara sobreviver Ele mora na casa da mãe um rostíbulo ue serve aos oficiais alemães mas busca um sentido ara sua vida Friedmaier é um cafetão um bandido um ladrão Assim ue o livro começa ele acaba de cometer. Ng women appalls him The denouement when the occupying authorities finally catch up with him is surprising in its brevity and ower I found myself exclaiming aloud something I never do This is a wonderful novel It s language is very flat compressed and sinuous I m glad I reread it Second only to The Strangers in the House it is my favorite Simenon Effusively recommended PS Kudos to NYRB Classics for winnowing this one from Simenon s huge corpusFirst reading This is wonderful It s the first Simenon I ever read and I found it vivid engaging and moving Dirty Snow is my second favorite Simenon outranked only by The Strangers In The House Simenon s ecstatically bleak Dirty Snow teeters on the fulcrum between four and five starness and only just barely comes to rest on the four star side A lot of hand wringing and soul searching went into this rating or at least two minutes worth but in the end I concluded that the only uality Dirty Snow lacks is that ineffable something or other that makes a novel grab you by the balls and shout I m a five star book damn it Hearken to my greatness The first thing I want to say about Dirty Snow is actually something about two other books namely Sartre s Nausea and Camus The Stranger both of which you can safely chuck on the book burning yre because Dirty Snow is the definitive fictional rendering of existentialism Unlike its celebrated forebears Simenon s work is actually alive not just some nakedly abstract concept onto which character and lot are clumsily affixed The rotagonist Frank is a nineteen year old asshole in a None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) presumably German occupied country during World War II The location is appropriately indistinct Like everything else it sointless Frank has no real friends and doesn t give a shit about anybody not his fretful mother Lotte who runs a brothel out of their apartment not Sissy the girl next door who s infatuated with him and not Kromer his Puta partner in crime Not even himself Entirely lacking inurpose Frank thieves and murders without moral compunction but his crimes are less 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 profit motivated orurely sadistic than they are strange floundering assertions of self in an arbitrary and morally convoluted world The last fifty to seventy five Killer Games pages of the book are a total downer to the extent that the whole fucked upunitive system of the occupation forces is basically a stand in for life in general We try to make sense of it all or to feel important or relevant in some small stupid way but hey guess what Spoiler We re all a big ol steamin ile of nothin Good night You ve been a lovely audience This was my first Simenon book though certainly it won t be the last Dirty Snow is a stark noir novel set during the German occupation of France in WW II though the exact location and time eriod is never mentioned The anti hero Frank is a budding hoodlum who lives in his mother s brothel He spends his evenings in sleazy bars and associates with other small time hoods though he doesn t really have any close friends He also samples his mother s whores when "HE TAKES A NOTION THOUGH HE DOESN T SEEM "takes a notion though he doesn t seem get much leasure from sex or anything else During the course of this novel Frank commits three heinous acts two of them for no apparent reason and another for financial gain What sets Frank apart from the average noir reprobate is that he seems In the world of novel writing Georges Simenon was the Mozart of the novel He uit school for good as a teenager never articipated in a writing workshop never enrolled in a writing rogram and never attended a writing class With his innate ear for language and dialogue eye for detail and feel for storytelling all he needed was four dozen freshly sharpened encils lined up on his desk and a Do Not Disturb sign to hang on his door And Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, presto a first rate novel written at feveritch in two weeks Goodness what some writers wouldn t give to have a fraction of his talent After ten years of writing dime store Porto Bello Gold potboilers Simenon decided to get serious and started writing his Detective Maigret novels A few years afterumping out detective novels again Simenon decided to become even serious and thus began writing what he sometimes characterized as romans durs that is straight novels or hard novels meaning hard on the reader PD James termed these Simenon third hase books as dark novels Personally I like the sound of all three together straight hard and dark And let me tell you folks Dirty Snow is exactly that straight as in straight sychological study a mile away from detective fiction hard as in very hard on the reader and dark as in the deep recesses of the human The Three Lives of Sonata James psyche Simenon s novels are nearly always strictoint of view narratives where readers see Mein Erster Mörder people and unfolding events only as the main character sees them With Dirty Snow the novel s main character is a burly eighteen year old by the name of Frank Friedmaier a despicable lout if there ever was one The novel isn t written in firsterson but it s a close cousin in each and every scene it s a close cousin in each and every scene it s if we are standing directly behind Frank gazing over his brawny swinish shoulder Judging this novel set in an unnamed European city under World War II type foreign military occupation as hard on the reader would be understatement anyone opening the book s ages had bett. Seu rimeiro assassinato Pela escuridão de um inverno interminável o Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah protagonista se afundará na abjeção até ue não haja mais saída Este livro já foi descrito como um dos raros romances nascidos sob a França ocupada ue vão direto aoonto Atrás das grades depois de ser descoberto elos oficiais Frank vive os dias. ,

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Er be repared for a story that s tough to swallow actually "on further reflection make that extremely tough to swallow At various oints "further reflection make that extremely tough to swallow At various Bear Boy points the narrative Dirty Snow reminded me of Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange random youth violence Yevgeny Zamyatin s We eerie dystopia Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn s Gulag Archipelago state sponsored fear and Franz Kafka s The Trial nightmarish interrogations Likewise Albert Camus 1945 novel The Stranger written three yearrior to Simenon s in the sense Dirty Snow is coated with existential alienation as snow in the novel is coated with dirt and also is structurally similar to The Stranger in that it is divided into two distinct Black Women in White America parts Frank living on the outside and Frank shut up on the inside My strong sense is if Georges Simenon didn t write all thoseotboilers and Detective Maigret novels and only wrote a few of his romans durs then Dirty Snow would be studied and discussed alongside such classics of existentialism as The Stranger and Jean Paul Sartre s Nausea Now I can see why George Simenon thought himself worthy of the Nobel Prize and resented Worlds Beyond The Poles publishers and literati who labeled him a hack catering to the clamoring detective fiction loving rabbleIn the first chapter we learn Frank links sex with violence and feels inferior to other slightly older men who have committed murders thus Franklans to murder his first man a fat officer in the army of occupation known as the Eunuch who is drinking in a bar murder him with a knife that very evening as something akin to a rite of assage We also come to understand Frank has an odd relationship with an older man his neighbor Gerhardt Holst a man we might infer is a father figure for Frank Frank waits in the snow of the back alley knife at the ready waiting for the Eunuch to walk out of the bar Just at that moment Holst walks down the alley Holst would never see him ressed up against the wall but Frank coughs to make sure Holst knows he is there Frank reflects Of course it wasn t because of Holst that he was going to kill the Eunuch That was already decided It was just that at that moment his act had made no sense It had been almost a joke a childish rank What was it he had said Like losing his virginity Let us recall how in traditional societies the rite of assage from boyhood to manhood does not happen in isolation but is a community event witnessed by older men Perhaps Frank yearns for such a communal Monster der Woche passageThelot uickly thickens I highly recommended this Fragen Und Wege Zur Rechtseinheit in Deutschland penetrating existential novelublished by New York Review Books since there is a most insightful ten age Afterward written by William T Vollmann Afterward rather than Introduction is ideal in this case under the assumption one has already read Dirty Snow Vollmann critiues the novel in detail without risking giving anything Snow Vollmann critiues the novel in detail without risking giving anything At one oint Vollmann observes Here is Simenon s genius Frank wants to be recognized He wants to be known He scarcely knows himself or anything else worth knowing But if he can somehow stand revealed to the gaze of the Other then maybe he will achieve some sort of realization Don t you and I want to be real than we are And wouldn t it be convenient if somebody else could help us get there I hope your literary appetite has been whetted Again highly recommendedGeorges Simenon The first cup of coffee Awake at 600 he Ones and Zeroes prepares it himself and drinks it installed at his machine He gives himself until 900 to write a whole chapter He works only by electric light In his afterword to this novel William T Vollmann opines As technology and corporatism impel us and to treat Dirty Snow a witheringarade of apathy it languishes and eventually disintegrates in a desolate gray landscape of inscrutable uncertainty A erfect summer beach read Eighteen year old Frank the fiercely vacant antihero is a callous arrogant thug He commits increasingly depraved acts determined to rove that he s an emotionless killer who doesn t give a shit about anything This desire of course reveals that he isn t uite as indifferent as he likes to think he is It takes him a while to figure this out By the time he does it s too late Or wasn t it alwaysAll in all a seductively bleak tightly written descent into existential malaise emptiness and despair Frank had done what he wanted to do He had rounded the cape He had looked at the other side He hadn t seen what he expected to see Who cared Ladies and gentlemen watch carefully Here s Frank a young Kluge punk who lives in his mother s brothel in occupied France He lies drinks steals does black market business with the German officers commits murder just for fun Yes feel free to touch him he fucks his mother s girls every night while treating them like shit and is also trying to seduce the 16 year old virgin who lives across the hallAre you still watching you may check that there is nothing up my sleeve and now using only sparse descriptiverose I will transform him into a universal symbol of human suffering and redemption that will remind you of L Etranger King Lear and Crime and Punishment but still has a character all its ownSir I understand your scepticism You don t think it s Hugh Hefner's Playboy, 6 Volumes (Collectors) possible but ABRACADABRA The audience stare in disbelief A lone voice from the back askslaintively Bloody hell how did Simenon do that. Como se fossem um só desiste de comer domestica seus desejos e cultiva uma indiferença absoluta em relação à vida Num estudo da mente criminosa comparado a 'O assassino em mim' de Jim Thompson Simenon mapeia uma terra de ninguém em ue a natureza humana é levada à destruição or forças ue estão além de seu controle. .

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