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Er in such a way that the of the whole class and not those who raise their hands are freuently contributing in substantive on topic ways All the children studied were involved in gaining knowledge and all were expected to learn from each other In Grove s words they are united in the attention to the knowledge to be learned while being steered to that knowledge by the teacher Unlike common Western stereotypes about how East Asian students learn they are not memorizing but actively working through problems as a group presented by their teachers They are not being told what to learn but are softly led to learning what is needed for academic excellence The author contends that this knowledge centered approach is the key to raising the academic achievement of whole societies and countries Dr Gtove provides us with a number of factors that support the success of this knowledge centered approach to learning all of which are based in the uniue cultures and histories of these East Asain schools He does

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lecture American and educators to follow the Asian approach This is not culturally feasible Instead he offers American educators and parents the opportunity to look in the mirror and consider ways they might arrive at a knowledge centered approach to childhood education A Mirror for Americans is an illuminating and highly relevant study in childhood education and the development of knowledge for the next generation of American students relevance that increases daily in the face of global competition for resources and innovation Again Cornelius Grove delights us with a new book on education in East Asia and America Thoroughly researched and very well and Clearly Written The Book written the book the reader s interest and imagination What also makes the book enjoyable and easy to read is its excellent organization Short chapters divided into sections each chapter ending in A Mirror for Americans discussion We learn how the different East Asian and American cultural values influence their educational systems This book should be read by all of us interested in education whether in America Asia or EuropeHighly recommendedLaila Williamson Anthropologist. But that we use them as a mirror to gain insights into typically American approaches and their underlying values which are handicapping our children's learni. .
Practices that help children learn to learn American parents and educators concerned about fixing our too often broken education system preparing our children to succeed and ensuring US competitiveness in a technology driven world economy will find A Mirror for Americans to be a timely insightful and invaluable guide for so doing A Mirror for Americans is the third book in a series by Dr Cornelius Grove an educator and interculturalist Here he explores the educational experiences of East Asian children their teachers and their families In writing this series the author is seeking the answer to the uestion Why do American students routinely learn less and slowly than Asian students in their age groups "Since The 1960s As Measured "the 1960s as measured performance on international comparative tests PISA and TIMSS Each book in the series approaches this uestion from a difference lens cultural history family values and child rearing approaches and actual classroom experience the focus for A Mirror for Americans Together these three books offer a powerful explanation and response to the uestion stated above I highly recommend reading all three in the seriesIn A Mirror for Americans Dr Grove s exhaustive research considers the work of historians educators and uniuely educational anthropologists This last perspective brings the reader into the day to day world of the East Asian student in hisher school setting He relies on accounts of researchers as participant observers to help us see and feel the experiences of students in at least 3 different East Asian countries This anthropological empirical approach enables us as readers to walk in the shoes of Asian students follow the data and arrive at our own conclusions about the impact of East Asian classroom learning He also helps us understand how and why their experiences differ from American children The conclusion of A Mirror for Americans is startling on its face but logical and clear due to Grove s careful approach to telling this story The conclusion is that Asian classroom learning is knowledge centered as opposed to student centered as in the US East Asian lessons are directly facilitated or directly coordinated by the teach. Rimary schools Comparisons with East Asian teaching are supplied by 50 ears of research findings Grove asks not that we copy East Asian teaching approaches.

REVIEW A Mirror for Americans: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Teaching Students Who Excel

A Mirror for Americans: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Teaching Students Who Excel
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Cornelius Grove has done American educators a great service with his book A Mirror for Americans "What The East Asian Experience "the East Asian Experience Us about Teaching Students Who Excel For too long we have cited American exceptionalism to tout our culture as uniue let other countries learn from us after all we are THE standard That attitude veils a cultural arrogance blinding us to multiple failings and opportunities to improve our institutions Dr Grove s valuable research
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us at very minimum to catch valuable glimpses in the mirror of education approaches in other cultures particularly Japan and China He wisely refrains from terming our system derelict it isn t but helps the reader see how Japanese and Chinese education work and with a dollop of empathy offers compelling samples of where they excel for our focused consideration His is as close to a must read book on education as I have ever read John K GillespieIntercultural Consultant WriterPresidentGillespie Global Group In A Mirror for Americans Dr Cornelius Grove continues his exploration into why and how East Asian children excel at academic learning as repeatedly demonstrated by their outscoring American children on international comparative tests His explorations reveal the influence of East Asian cultures deeply held values in shaping all aspects of children s leaningIn his previous book The Drive to Learn Grove focused on h As an observer of advanced engineering classes at some of America s top universities I find the majority of the students enrolled in them are East Asians some born in the US of Asian parents many others enrolled as international students from China Taiwan Japan and Korea Dr Grove s book A Mirror for Americans explains how East Asian teaching methods prepare students to excel in standardized international tests to gain entry in our finest universities primarily in engineering and scientific curricula when they get there He also gives us insight on how these methods can be adapted to improve the US education system This book is a companion to Dr Grove s excellent The Drive to Learn What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Raising Students Who Excel which explores parenting. What is the explanation for American students comparatively mediocre academic performance A Mirror for Americans finds part of it in how they are taught in

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