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I eally struggled with this book and was shocked as I eally enjoy Allende s work Ines of My Soul being my favorite of her books I enjoyed the beginning Roser comes from nothing and is adopted by a wealthy man and she has a gift for the piano She falls in love with a young soldier who dies before their son is born His brother Victor marries her to give the boy a father and to help her get to Chile with him You see people are fleeing Spain and Roser and Victor can get on a boat sailing to Chile He is a doctor and she is a musician They can contribute to their new country and make a life for themselves there Their book follows their life together how they grow individually and together How they share a deep bond and how they survive through their travelsThere are many themes here and this book is based on historical facts but it just failed to grab me It is slow moving and that is part of the issue It is a slow burn and normally I don t mind that but in this case it didn t work for me I don t know if it was my mood at the time or my inability to connect with her story telling This is one of those books that I can say I enjoyed but it won t stay with me for long Again this took me by surprise as I normally have thoroughly enjoyed all her books I encourage eaders to Fathers and Sons: Roads Classics read alleviews are decide for yourselvesThank you to Random House Publishing House Publishing Group Ballantine and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest eview All the thoughts and opinions are my own Allende can omanticize the simple things Just as she does with this title to describe where Chile snuggles into South America and the Pacific OceanHer descriptions are so vivid you can smell the ocean see the vibrant colours hear the voices of countryA story of the Spanish war that leads to a migration Another generational story ich with characters elationships and history Maybe a little slower than some of her other works but appreciated the work that went into the Hôtel étrange, l'hiver au printemps research Gives me a wanderlust to travelMy adoration for Allende continues 4 Years later Neruda was to define it as a long petal of sea and wine and snowwith a belt of black and white foam Keep in mind that this was my first adult book my Allende that I veead I Deadly! read her YA books as a teen I didn t know anything about the Spanish Civil war and I struggled to keep up with everything in the beginning The first 50 pages were a bit hard for me to get through but once the plot started moving forward I got used to her writing style and I became hooked None of the characters were perfect they all had their own flaws made bad One of the mostichly imagined portrayals of the Spanish Civil War to date and one of the strongest and affecting works in Isabelle Allende s long career The New York Times book The Spirit Master reviewAGREEI veead 15 books by this powerhouse pint size extraordinary author both fiction and nonfiction I ve met Isabel Allende three timesI admire Isabel Allende s exceptional storytelling skills while educating me about history people places and dates This global humanitarian feisty strong as bull woman took my breath away in A Long Petal of the Sea I m one of her fans who has enjoyed all of her books different topics and stylesfrom her early daysto a pause grief from her daughter s Paula s death to two very special non fiction books Paula and The Sum of Our Days to books she has written in ecent yearsto our present day Jan 2020 I like eading what Isabel Allende writes periodThat said this is my favorite fiction book of the many other wonderful novels she s written I took twice as long to Anything But Neutral About Going (Carbon) Neutral read it than was necessaryI have pages of notes I did it for my own educational study I had no agreement to write aeview I paid for the book myself took notes for myself Looked up information to fill in holes on Google I m happy to share with others have discussions but I didn t feel an ounce of obligation in Peppermint, Vol. 02 readinglearning and enjoying it There are a few details I d like to say in thiseview have some fun sharing tidbitsI m too tired to do it nowbut I ll eturn Nobody has to ead my sharing tidbitsI m too tired to do it nowbut I ll Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana return Nobody has toead my North Carolina Driver's Handbook review later I want to write for my own memory pleasure completion but thank you ahead of time for those who doead of my chatter I m grateful having learned as much as I did I studied it poured my entire soul into this novel looking up names information wanting to explore specific details it took a lot of extra time to Priče o malim borcima read this book the way I didAndI had a darn great time doing it I ll be back in a day or two for part II of thiseviewI m BACKFrom war torn Spain to Chileincredible history teachings dramatic storytelling epic in scope spans decades love and survival General Francisco Franco Cardinal Patrick O'donnell, 1856 1927 ruled over Spain from 1939 to 1975 During hisule Franco assumed the title Caudillo powerful political leaderHis dictatorship changed over time people feared his brutal epression Much of the civilian population were escaping to the French borders by any means possible escaping Franco s dictatorship Victor Dalmau a young paramedic for three years during the Spanish Civil War in Spain from 1936 1939 along with other doctors transported the wounded from the hospital and trains ambulances and trucks They had to make so many uick harrowing decisions to leave the most seriously wounded behind since they were bound to die of the journey Crammed into cattle trucks or battered vehicles lying on the floor freezing cold constantly jolted with no food combatants who had just been operated ON OR THE WOUNDED BLIND HAD AMPUTATED LIMBS OR or the wounded blind had amputated limbs or delirious from fever typhus dysentery or gangrene made their way out of BarcelonaThe medical staff had nothing with which to elieve their suffering and could offer only water words of comfort and sometimes if a dying man asked for it a final prayer Victor had seen dreadful wounds assisted at amputations without anesthetics helped than one unfortunate youngster die and thought he had developed the hide of a crocodile and yet the tragic journey in the wagons he was in charge of destroyed his spirit France was watching in horror as journey in the wagons he was in charge of destroyed his spirit France was watching in horror as border became jammed with a crush of people that the authorities managed to keep barely in check by employing armed soldiers and the fearsome colonial troops from Senegal and Algeria with their turbines ifles s and whips The whole country was overwhelmed by this massiveinflux of undesirables as they were officially called Undesirables is what the French government called the efugees coming into their borders Women children soldiers totally exhausted from anger and fatigued marched across the border into France in a country that didn t want them singing with their fists aised After arriving in France tens of thousands of Spanish efugees were taken to the camp of Argeles sur Mer fenced off on the beachSenegalese and armed police guarded the fenced off camp Roser Bruguera was very pregnant bearing Guillem Dalmau s childShe was strong She knew could deal with whatever was thrown at her for the sake of her child and meeting Guillem againbutshe didn t It is January and that means the winter doldrums I am afflicted with seasonal affective disorder each winter and combat it with a jolt of vitamin d and an annual trip to Florida A week in the sun under the palm trees usually does the trick until I eturn to the winter gloom There have been years where I haven t picked up a book for five weeks and been miserable until. From the New York Times bestselling author of The House of the Spirits comes an epic novel spanning decades and crossing continents following two young people as they flee the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War in search of a new place to call homeIn the late 1930s civil war gripped Spain When General Franco and his Fascists succeed in overthrowing the government hundreds of thousands are forced to flee in a treacherous journey over the mountains to the Frenc. .
This year when I ealized the best way to combat winter blues magic or specifically books by my favorite authors I first found out about Isabel Allende s new book last summer and was giddy with anticipation Allende has been my favorite author since she first introduced me to Hispanic magical Becoming a Police Officer: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement realism and the Latina amiga authors way back when I was in middle school I have journeyed through her books over most of my lifeereading my favorites multiple times Her last book In the Midst of Winter left a bad taste in my mouth because it was devoid of both the magical The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone realism and historical fiction that has made her a leading author of her generation Witheviews heralding A Long Petal of the Sea as a book that places Allende at the peak of her powers I knew that this would be a must Bright College Years: Inside the American Campus Today read for me and a highlight of myeading year Suffice it to say this time around Allende did not let me down Upon eading the first lines of A Long Petal of the Sea I knew that Allende had eturned to her bread and butter The premise Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans: Seventeenth-Century Essays reminded me of Daughter of Fortune a uality historical fiction novel that she wrote from the heart but has little magicalealism In both cases the fast moving story that still takes the time to develop complex characters is magic in itself It is 1936 in Barcelona Catalonia The Spanish Civil War has threatened to destroy the country as Franco and his forces have attacked both communist and Histoire de F�nelon, Archev�que de Cambrai, Vol. 1: Compos�e Sur Les Manuscrits Originaux (Classic Reprint) resister forces to their breaking point Told on the eve of a war that threatened to destroy the European continent Allende introduces hereaders to the Dalmau family Marcel Lluis a music professor and his wife Carme a teacher along with their two sons Victor a doctor serving along the front lines of the war and Guill m one who has yet to find himself but is serving in the army as an able bodied person The Dalmaus are also the surrogate parents to Roser Bruguera a promising pianist the heart and soul of this novel and the love of Guillem s life Although Franco threatens to Contemporary Film Theory ruin the Spain that citizens like the Dalmaus call home the love between Guillem and Roser give hope for a new generation until Guillem is killed at the battle of the Ebro and Victor promises to get his mother and sister in law to safety in France Europe is on the verge of exploding so 1939 France is no safer than Spain Forward thinking citizens are fleeing to any North or South American country that will take them in leading to a mass migration of humanity Pablo Neruda a communist who is also the leading poet of his generation and future Nobel laureate sponsors a ship named that Winnipeg that will allow Spanishefugees to find a new home in Chile that long petal of the sea at the end of the world Carme is separated from Roser but Victor pleads his case to Neruda after he hastily marries Roser so that she and her son Marcel can have a better future Neruda admires Victor s uick thinking skills and tells him that there will always be a place in Chile for people like him also setting a course for the two to enjoy a life long friendship The doctor who at the time is married in name only earns a place on the Winnipeg ensuring that his family will take Tagalog English Dictionary root in a foreign country Mirroring Daughter of Fortune twenty years earlier when Eliza Sommers seeks to immigrate to California from Chile the Dalmaus set sail from Spain to Chile setting the stage for a saga that spans another fifty years against the backdrop of a country that undergoes immense political and internal upheaval Victor Dalmau will become a symbol for many of these changes as Allende tells a intricate tale of her country than the one that first made her famous than thirty years ago uality historical fiction tells the story of a time and place while also weaving the tale of a complex characters over the span of time At her best Allende does this as well as anyone A Long Petal of the Sea is the story of both her country and her family In the course of parts two and three of this novel she includes anecdotes of Pablo Neruda her uncle Salvador Allende the Pinochetegime and the efugees who were forced to seek asylum in Venezuela This is her personal story so one can sense that it was told from the heart Victor Dalmau through elationship with Felipe del Solar and his wealthy becomes a Baby Elephant Gets Lost respected surgeon in Santiago He had put downoots for himself by establishing the Winnipeg tavern as a Catalonian watering hole so that new immigrants would feel comfortable in their new country while paying homage to the ship that brought them to freedom While 100 Themes de Conversation en Francais running the tavern Roser went to work at the university making a name for herself as a gifted pianist and teacher Marcel grows up behind the bar in an environment permeated by adults and is gifted beyond belief earning a PhD in mineral engineering Over time Victor and Roser s marriage becomes one of tender loveather than just convenience and members of Allende s family begin to show themselves in the peripheral characters in the novel esulting in a story that is powerful at the close Isabel Allende notes that this story tells itself She got the inspiration for parts of the prose while her family was exiled in Venezuela and she met fellow efugee Victor Pey who had a lifetime of stories to tell her about their homeland At the time Allende did not think that she was going to be a writer yet the magical part of her family s story was already on her mind as she began to write House of the Spirits When it came time to write A Long Petal of the Sea the story began to tell itself There are so many themes here
that are prevalent 
are prevalent Allende s novels that make this a special novel an homage to Chile strong female characters in Roser Bruguera and Ofelia del Solar forbidden omance between lovers of different stations of society and the ensuing conseuences I have evisited these in Allende s opus and complementary trilogy which makes her Street-Fighting Years: An Autobiography of the Sixties reinventing herself toward the end of her career all the special Her uncle President Salvador Allende and Pablo Neruda play prominentoles to advance the plot ensuring that Victor Dalmau is not only forever grateful to the Chilean people for furthering his family s existence but that he also has a front The Back House Ghosts row seat to the history unfolding before him With a sparkling cover to symbolize the hope the Spanish warefugees must have felt upon arriving in Chile A Long Petal of the Sea is sure to Haven: A Graphic Novel reel in aeader from its first pages It may not be permeated in magical Physical Basis of the Direction of Time, The. the Frontiers Collection. realism but it is a moving historical saga that has all the key elements of a uality Allende novel Historical figures love triangles the story of her own family and appearances byecurring characters all play a The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction role in the development of this novel Isabel Allende has told the story of the Spanish Civil War while also weaving the history of Chile during the course of the 20th century If this is the novel that she has written as a swan song to her illustrious career then the story of the Dalmaus and Del Solar families is sure to merit a place next to her award winning novels This time Isabel Allende did not disappoint Her homage to Chile has helped toescue me from the winter doldrums and while it is not My Honorable Brother: A Thriller rich in magicalealism the story is pure magic 5 stars Isabel Allende is one of my favourite authors and I have ead a lot of her BOOKS OVER THE YEARS THIS ONE over the years This one a eal epic in every sense of the word and I Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction read with fascination admiration and at ti. H border Among them is Roser a pregnant young widow who finds her life irreversibly intertwined with that of Victor Dalmau an army doctor and the brother of her deceased love In order to survive the two must unite in a marriage neither of them wants and together are sponsored by poet Pablo Neruda to embark on the SS Winnipeg along with 2200 otherefugees in search of a new life As unlikely partners they embrace exile and emigrate to Chile as the est of Euro. .

Mes horror at what humans inflict on fellow humans The central characters are Victor Dalmau and Roser Bruguera and the novel takes us from the Spanish Civil War to Chile in 1994 Victor and Roser fight on the Republican side against Franco s Nationalists they flee Spain and go to France from there they eventually go to Chile as poet Pablo Neruda hires a ship The Winnipeg to escue some the trapped Spanish citizens The long petal of the sea in Chile and this is how Neruda describes it to those he has escued Each chapter has some of Neruda s words or poetry which is lovely Here are Ola Shakes It Up real events combined with fictional characters to create an amazing historical novel This is an incredible story which takes an overarching look ateal events and to me it felt like a docu drama I like the first part of the book than the second as I think the storytelling of the Spanish Civil War is very compelling I had Picasso s masterpiece Guernica in my mind as I ead about the shocking events The part of the story in Chile is very good and at times shocking Pinochet s military dictatorship is well documented and is part of other books by Isabel Allende I think perhaps because I knew less about the story set in France and Spain and so I enjoyed those sections My one criticism is that the story is told in the third person and at times this feels a bit impersonal but I m assuming this is a deliberate choice as at times the characters have to detach themselves from horrific events around them The book has many themes There is love especially between Victor and Roser there is hope symbolised by The Winnipeg and a new life in Chile there is a desire to find a place to belong as Victor and Roser s life journey took them to several countries there is war and dictatorship there is bravery and survival This is a massively ambitious book and tremendous espect goes to the author for daring to tell such a huge story There are some fantastic descriptions and one of the ones that I will Einatmen, Ausatmen remember is when Victor felt his heart physically break with theeality of the Nationalist victory in Spain and the conseuences of that for him and others The characters eal and imaginary are fantastic I especially love Roser as her optimism in the face of terrible odds is inspirational and Victor is brave loyal and deeply caring Some of the events are heartbreaking and shocking both in Spain and Chile I had no idea that France called the Spanish efugees Undesirables and either sent them back to Spain or put them in concentration camps where many died That Roser and Victor survive to live on so successfully in Chile is miraculous This is a soaring inspirational tale which had me gripped from start to finish and I like that the book finishes on an optimistic note for Victor Many thanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishing I enjoyed a number of Allende s earlier books but a few of the Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar recent ones have not been uite as satisfying Yet I could notesist the opportunity to ead this one because I was looking for the Allende of those earlier novels and I found her It felt like Allende at her best a family saga with ichly defined characters deeply connected to their family their culture their country their lives shaped by the political landscape There were times when I felt a bit bogged down by the political details later in the book even though it is the political events which drive the story Having said that she does a wonderful job of depicting the effects of the Spanish Civil War the avages of that war and I learned things that I never knew about that war about concentration camps there and about a ship carrying efugees to Chile Victor and Roser Dalmau who leave their home at the brink of WWII after much hardship loss and suffering arrive in Chile and it becomes their home for many years They have married out of the need to survive out of family loyalty out of love for her son and his nephew and they stay together for many Years Out Of Love The Story Of Their Relationship Who of love The story of their Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation That Shocked The World relationship who are as individuals and who they together is the heart of the story but the soul of this family saga is what Allende herself knows and experienced in the Chile where she wasaised The story was even poignant after 20th Century Photography: Museum Ludwig Cologne reading Allende s Acknowledgements at the end of the book where she says This is a novel but the events and historical individuals areeal The characters are fictional inspired by people I ve known I have had to imagine very little I eceived an advanced copy of this book from Ballantine through NetGalley I just can t get into this one The historical period was specifically what attracted me to the book but it overwhelms the story too much esearch too little character all feeding into the list like nature of the prose It s impossible to feel any kind of emotional connection to a catalogue of this happened and then this happened this is what this person thought of it And then this happened Page after pageI ve The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 read academic history books with feeling 45 So very glad that Allende haseturned to form I had trouble with her last few books though her earlier novels were outstanding Historicals are definitely her forte as this book about demonstratedThis is the story of Victor and Roser who get together under tragic circumstances It is also a story of war efugees displacement and making a new country one s home The Spanish Civil War Franco and his terror which sends many fleeing to France where they are not welcomed Pablo Neruda and his ship the Winnipeg Neruda sponsored and chose a group of efugees that would settle in Chile Roser and Victor are among this group and will Deathless result in a lifelong friendship In Chile Victor plays chess with Allende a duly elected President though not for long Replaced by the Generals in a coup that willesult in Pinchocets dictatorship The historical facts are true as are the people A book that shows love can grow even under the worst possible circumstances Victor and Roser are wonderful fully ealized characters The prose is terrific and esulted in a very eadable well flowing story The status and non welcoming of efugees is current today where many are fleeing danger in their own countries trying to find safety a new life The The Third Lynx (Quadrail, refugee camps also still present today are found I many countries detention centers in my own As always wheneading historicals I am disturbed to find how much my own country is involved in the fate of others Wish it wasn t so but it is what it is We can t change history but one would think we could learn from it and do better Wishful thinking Thank you Random House and Ballantine Books for the gifted copy Isabel Allende has long been one of my favorite storytellers ever since I Mixed Doubles read The House of the SpiritsLa Casa de los Espiritus in Spanish while in college I was lost in A Long Petal of the Sea So much so I slowly savoredeading it over a month s time which I Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion (Free Audio Book Inside): --- Easter Book Collection For Kids rarely do I needed toead it slowly because I never wanted to leave these characters It also gave me time to Von Dr. Jakobsen bestraft - SM Krimi (Teil 3) reflect on this book s brilliance This type of characterization and storytelling is exactly why Iead Bonus points for learning about Spain during this time periodI know it s probably clear A Long Petal of the Sea is at the top of my favorites list If you love a story you can fall into please don t miss it No one weaves a story like Isabel AllendeMany of my Raja Smurf (Smurf, reviews can also be found on instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader. Pe erupts in World WarStarting over on a new continent their trials are just beginning Over the course of their lives they will face test after test But they will also find joy as they wait patiently for a day when they are exiles no and will find friends in the most unlikely of places Through it all it is that hope of beingeunited with their home that keeps them going And in the end they will find that home might have been closer than they thought all alon. .

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