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A Hero Lies WithinChe he and his creepy father were his step mother apparently some war groupie constantly strutted around in next to nothing making me ncomfortable with her behavior toward her stepsons while her old husband I think liked it She paraded one bimbo after another to get her stepson in the sackalso creepy and Jakes noticing his stepmothers body than oncewhile always acting like his heart was Karis while ogling his step mother and the bimbo show presented to him made me want to slap himand there is only a

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in the where he recalls this fianc Cathy who was killed by terrorists she was the love of his life WTH I thought Kari was seems he moved on ite well without her wish she had moved on without himtil the very End Awful Just Awful A Hero Lies Awful Just awful A Hero Lies by Patrice Wilton is another serial on This is the first installment I am so looking forward to reading and The author writes a very smooth flowing story The reader is drawn in immediatly and is into the book before the end of chapter one Her characters are very convincing easy to relate to and full of personality She writes great dialogue with a lot of good snarky conversation The reader can easily relateI highly recommend this serialit is a good one He never apologised for or acknowledged the cheating His thoughts he can t even remember which cheerleader Kari saw him with He dated ite a number of them The whole thing could have been avoided if Kari called ahead before coming over Any of you see the problem here He has a girlfriend He s admitting he dated cheerleaders while he was still committed to h YOU DONT DATE WHEN YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE And now in his mind he s playing the victim card suggesting it was h s fault that he didn t know she was coming over and caught him with the coed NOT his fault for being with her He told the h when the h flatly told him why she broke p with him I cared for you told the h when the h flatly told him why she broke p with him I cared for you but I was also a kid No acknowledgement No ownership NO REMORSE No remorse whatsoever for cheating even at the end He was 120 Jobs That Wont Chain You to Your Desk upset for her finding it out but not him doing it Even at the end of the book when h told him about the miscarriage his inner thoughts were all this could have been avoided if Kari called ahead before visiting NOT all this could have been avoided if I didn t cheat on Kari He also was engaged to another woman who was the love of his life oh wait wasn t that the h Whaddya know He has than one love of his life that he s willing to die for who died who was the reason he went to war and wanted to fight till the end Thus my shelf married to OW after h cause I couldn t be bothered making another shelfYou are seeing the epic love between the MCs Cause I fail to see any love or redeemableality of the Hhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow Absolutely horrific Hero is scum He bumps into heroine after 15 years of bot seeing her is arrogant and ya no respect for her personal space They were together years before but her sister went missing so she stayed home whole hero went college he then cheats on her which she sees So she doesn t H something big or the special series will be taken over by the new anchorman who seems determined to ruin her careerJake Harrington has returned from two tours in Ira and this wounded warrior is searching for peace and a family friend who’s gone missing He turns to his former love Kari for help Though Jake hurt Kari badly once before she agrees to help him nder one co. .
Yep peeps let s we all blame the victim If she only had called first what a disgusting being cannot
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she only had called first what a disgusting being cannot be called a man in my book Lolthat all Kari is a reporter for a television show and has been notified thru her boss that she needs To Come Up With A come p with a idea other than her current show on trying to find missing childrenpeople Her boss doesn t seem to care how important the show is to her He isn t very encouragingsupportive of her despite the number of years that she has worked for the network Jake is well wounded Wounded due to the fact that he has scars over his body due to his time in the war and also has some internal wounds that haven t The Four Faces of God uite healed Little do they know that fate will intervene and bring them together again yes again When Kari was 18 they were a couple and then Jake goes off to college and forgets about Kari Kari goes to see him to tell him something important but finds him welloccupied and a tragic event happens after that Won t spoil it any further Needless to say Kari is not too happy to see Jake after all these years Despite it all they become friends and Jake even comes to her rescue a hero to her in ways than one I loved what they both became and loved how the eventsnfolded and am looking forward to the next book in this series I loved how both completed each other and how the war hero transforms to want to be a better man for his lady himself and other fellow war Vet s I can t say because I don t want to spoil anything I loved this book It took me to a new place and a different perspective of war heroes and what happens to them I enjoyed how Patrice portrayed the characters and made s feel really feel for them You hurt when they hurt I loved that this book is romantic and very realistic and could actually happen around s today Made me not think of a romantic fairy tale but of a real life romance in the world today and that I loved Exhale where to beginSPOILERS Jake is a hero at least in war not so much in his civilian life Jake left his gf 15 years ago as her sister just went missing he gave the platitudes of love and then headed off to be a player in every sense He is somewhat aggravated with the ex gf as she never called him backwhat he didn t know is she came to tell him she was pregnant and he was scoring with cheerleader several by the sounds of it he is an ass as a young man and even now seems to justify his behavior as dating I am thinking pisshead if your involved with a girl back home your not dating in college silly cheerleaders In the end his childish selfish A Faithful Church Member unfaithful immaturish ass cost himself the girl he loved and both of them a baby and a future together I prayed she would blow him off he was NOT a good man for her he was arrogant and damaged and he was truthful in only one aspect he was NOT WORTHY of her She is beyond damaged in the blows she took the loss of her sister her love her babyand he has apparently had a good timentil he choice to go to waras he wanted to be a heroperhaps he should have been a hero in civilian life firstCouple of points on what a dou. A returning war hero and the woman who once loved him are brought together again but will they be able to heal the wounds of their pastKari Winslow is a Palm Beach news reporter fighting not only to keep her job but take over the nightly anchor spot Her boss has axed her special runaway series and wants “feel good stories” instead She has only two weeks to come p wit. ,

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Eturn his calls and he never bothered to fight for her or find out why He is annoyed she ignored him Even when she reminds him he cheated he is just like well I was young He is an ass and this is not love So bad He literally has no concern for her even when is in Lima NO WORRIES ABOUT WORK HE JUST THINKS IT IS worries about work he just thinks is his concern and shirks off the guilt for snapping at and hurting her yet again He is self absorbed and thinks everyone wants to fuck him people would even apparently beg for a chance with him Not to mention during all this time he is constantly salivating over a woman called Maria even after seeing heroine again I loathed him and felt the heroine deserved a lot better The author could not be clearer that cheating is ok even Lisa forgives her husband for an affair and we never get details but he Did Tell Someone Else He Loved Her But Apparently That tell someone else he loved her But apparently that just a mistake Come on Not to mention the dad with that bitchy Tiffany Just insulting he loved his wife and the hero s mother she dies and he becomes a shallow ass with some model who flirts with his own son Just a joke so many issues never resolved This book was just okay The two main characters did not have that much chemistry in my opinion and that is always a killer for this type of books Although the heroine could seem a bit self centered at times she was still likable than the hero who was definitely very self centered SPOILER ALERT The author also never explained why Jake had cheated on the heroine He believed to the core that it was just okay because as along as it did not mean anything and he loved her who cared if he made out with someone else Like really I think that s something the author must truly believe because a friend of Kari gets cheated on by her husband at the beginning of the book and she right away says she will forgive him because the marriage is worth saving I am not saying that this is not true sometimes but because there is no nuance or development of that dilemma either for Kira s friend s side story or for Kira and Jake s past relationship it just felt wrong for meEND OF SPOILER So yeah I would actually recommend skipping this one Wilton s At First Sigh was definitely better Received this as an ARC from Goodreads I liked the storyline about the nsung Hero s in our military This hits close to home as my daughter was in the Army and sent to fight the war in Ira leaving her 6 month old daughter home with Solutions Manual for Introduction to Systems Biology us It was one of the hardest things fors and her to do She was just one of many who were sent over to fight leaving their families behind Luckily she was one of the few that came home alive but with the emotional scars of having been through a war She was never decorated for her her efforts but in my eyes she is a Hero Just as in this book reporter Kari Winslow looking to keep her prime time TV spot by airing a show that remembers all those Happy Halloween from the Montgomerys (With Me in Seattle, unsung veterans Jake Harrington Kate s first love is among thosensung hero s Jake is fighting his own battles and is reunited with Kari Can each of them find what they are looking for. Ndition he must provide her with “feel good stories” about the everyday heroes he served with But his memory is sketchy at best and the only stories he remembers are the ones she doesn’t want to hearFate it seems has brought them back together but can Kari ever forget Jake’s bitter betrayal and will he forgive hers when to save her career she must betray his trust.