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enjoy the relieved this time around they re not incessantly bickering their boyfriends though Marvin is painted here as even of a wussy and how their retired police chief dad realistically fits into the plotlinesUnderstandably as the series progresses the plots are getting involved to avoid that pitfall of storylines seeming too similar But you have to believe there might be too many possible suspects in the mix when one of the sisters says she needed a cheat sheet to keep track of everyone s activities Who was married to whom Which ones were at the reenactment Who was hanky pankying with each other Which character had a grudge against anotherWould ove the series to get back to it s Catering roots just as the titles would suggest And on a related nit picky complaint recipes included have no connection to anything IN THE BOOK SINCE CHARACTERS DISCUSS PROGRESS OF THE the book Since characters discuss progress of the over snacks and cookies couldn t those have been included Instead there are cake pie potato salad and carrotraisin salad recipes There s also a spicy chicken marinade where only two of 8 ingredients have specified amountsI will ook forward to and will read the next Little Taste of Heaven book Even with my complaints it s a cozy series deserving of support I ove mystery books but I am not reading these in order I have to admit that it I didn t see it coming until the end who had done it Every time I guessed it was wrong But towards the end I was a few steps ahead of the crime solving girls I am going to have to keep reading mysteries my skills are a bit slower than they have been in the past But I oved how it was hard to solve as almost everyone had a reason to want the person dead But who could have done it Who had motive enough to actually take the step and who would have done it the way it was done right in plain view of everyone Who would have the knowledge to prime an old fashion musket to blow up Twelve Days of Pleasure like it did Problem is almost everyone could have but the police are focusing on one person and that person had no grudge worth killing ove. Atered St Patrick's Day Cozy fans will appreciate the zany characters witty dialogue and puzzling plot Publishers WeeklyA Catered ThanksgivingThis will please Crawford's old fans and bring in new ones RT Book ReviewsA Catered Birthday PartyFans of Diane Mott Davidson and Joanne Fluke will enjoy the investigative and culinary antics of the nosey sisters Library JournalA Catered HalloweenFunwell plotted Publishers WeeklyA Catered ChristmasComical minor arguments bitchy asides cookie dependencies and useful recipes keep this moving Library JournalA Catered MurderFans whoove culinary mysteries are going to gain pounds after reading this delicious who done it I Love a Mystery. ,
A Catered Fourth of July is book ten in A Mystery with Recipes series by Isis Crawford Libby and Bernie were catering for the annual Longley New York Fourth July celebration in sweltering heat were catering for the annual Longley New York Fourth July celebration in sweltering heat the final scene of the reenactment was played one of the participants Jack Devlin was found dead The first person that became a suspect was Libby s boyfriend Marvin To clear Marvin s name Libby and Bernie decided to investigate to find the killer of Jack Devlin The readers of A Catered Fourth of July will continue to follow Bernie and Libby to see if they cleared Marvin name and found the killer A Catered Fourth of July is another fantastic book to read and ike all books in this series I had trouble to stop Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye laughing with the characters A Catered Fourth of July is well written and researched by Isis Crawford I doike that Isis Crawford includes at the end of A Catered Fourth of July Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France list all the recipes that were mention throughout the book Iove Isis Crawford portrayal of her characters and the way she made them reacted with each other I recommend this book Pretty enjoyable story and the ending surprised me I Enjoy Libby And enjoy Libby and s bantering especially when they are interrogating a suspect Recipes are included at the end Isis Crawford s book A Catered Fourth of July A Mystery with Recipes 10 was a delightful read It kept me on my toes I oved the uesting and the snooping which Bernie and Libby did I oved the small town gossip and Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild loved how the mystery wrapped up in the endI chose this book because my birthday is on The Fourth of July And when I read this book I feltike Isis Crawford wrote this one especially for meWhich I know she did notBut I still Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets loved it Perfect reading for The beach or for reading on theawn at Tanglewood MA in the Berkshires A perfect book to read on a fourth floor fire escape or on a wooden swing A Catered July Fourth by Isis Crawford is a perfect book for the summerI have one reservations regarding the Catered holiday books and that is that I m Jewish and it seems as if none of the mystery writers have approached the Holidays of Rosh Hasha. High noon on July Fourth in the uiet town of Longley New York and it's got to be one hundred degrees Thankfully sisters Bernie and Libby are setting up their yummy catering out of the sun in the gazebo for the reenactment of The Battle of Meadow Creek and not baking in those Revolutionary War uniforms with their fellow townspeople After a few cheery exchanges of Moveth and Thou speakest treason the muskets are fired and the fake battle is over But the blood on notorious town playboy Jack Devlin Electromyography for Experimentalists looks very real Is it possible that Jack has had hisast trystWhen town councilman and resident oudmouth Rick Evans fingers Bernie's beau Marvin as the killer Bernie and Libby kno. ,
NaYom Kipper Days of Awe Succoth HANUKKAH PURIM PASSOVER OR EVEN TISHA Purim Passover or even Tisha Av Possibly Isis Crawford could do thisOr possibly another mystery writer would take this challengeLaura CobrinikBoonton Township NJ Fun storyCrazy twisted mess but a fun story to read for the 4th of July The characters are a fun bunch I m going to hopefully start with the first book next The characters are a fun bunch I m going to hopefully start with the first book next Rating this book 35 stars This was a good read What should have been a nice holiday turned into a mess I felt bad for Marvin He shouldn t have had to go through what he Did I Was Happy I was happy Bernie and Libby were able to find out what really happened Isis Crawford has been around the block as it were in the cozy mystery business She s a caterer for all seasons In this our fourth Isis book she moves on with A Catered Fourth of July She always reminds us that revenge is a dish best served cold though ike a good gazpacho It s early July and hotter than a firecracker and things are just about to go b I have not read any of the other books in this series and based on this one probably wont I didn t guess the killer till the end which is a good thing However I felt the story dragged and the recipes at the end seemed unrelated There didn t seem to be much depth too the sisters but to be fair that was probably done in earlier books Marvin was such a wuss that I couldn t understand how anyone et alone a strong woman would be romantically attracted to him And the onger the book went on the ess I cared who did it I did wonder when the sisters found time to work running your own business takes a ot of time This one involves Independence Day a Revolutionary War reenactment a pig a witch a playboy and a shooting club I Wicked Loving Lies liked the shooting club scene That was interesting but I would haveiked to have happened with that I also iked the pig She was cute The reenactment was sad A picnic would have been better The mystery was intriguing and I was surprised by the outcome Where do I begin Have read all ten entries of this series and enjoyed the first 8 Book 9 strayed from being grounded in the goings on of the caterin. W they've got to get cooking on the case But the former Casanova has burned half the town including the hot headed politician and his occasionally faithful wife And what about re enactor Elise Montague who is training to be an EMT yet almost fainted at the sight of blood on the deceasedBernie and Libby have their plates overloaded with suspects and will need to work very fast to clear Marvin's name The simmering killer is still out there armed and taking shots and unless the sisters uickly get to the bottom of this patriotic pre meditationtheir goose may be cookedIncludes Original Recipes for You to TryDelicious Praise For Isis Crawford And Her Mouth Watering Mysteries A ,

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A Catered Fourth of July A Mystery with Recipes #10