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The Apollonides Mistress Scandal iAfter the beginning of the war to understand somewhat what happened and howts mpact still rings through modern society Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the publishers via Netgalley for review To read the thoughts reflections and memories of those who have lived through suffering and horrors that I cannot begin to comprehend s confronting and deeply moving This diverse selection of writings gives voice to representatives from every part of British society those who were part of the armed forces those they left behind nurses relief workers prisoners of war pacifists as well as from other countries affected by the Great War They speak for all those who arewere unable to find words to express what they experienced My heart Anything For His Son is so stunned I don t know whethert Anticipation is broken or not Private Frank Cocker 1915 A very sober touching and moving look at some of the reminiscent times of World War I a collection of letters with a few essays from famous writers Most of them very sadn some way of course don t know why I torture myself with this sort of thing which I can only read n small doses But t s nicely put together I have been meaning to read this Book Since It Came since t came and yes I was not let down I feel that this book should be

on the list 
the list schools to get for history as t depicts WWI through the eyes and minds and thoughts of the PEOPLE who livedenduredsurvived and perished n that Great War this s how history should be told n schools not the dry and perished n that Great War this ANNIE AND THE PRINCE is how history should be toldn schools not the dry and countless data and military tactics that s outdated and this The Single Dad's Redemption is what should be taught that people living people endured and suffered throughout that. Itions workers and mothers nurses and pacifists prisoners of war and conscientious objectors appear alongside each other The warnvolved people from so many different backgrounds and countries and ncluded here are among others British German Russian and Indian voices Alongside testament from the many ordinary people whose lives were transformed by the events of 1914 18 there are extracts from names that have become synonymous with the war such as Siegfried Sassoo. A Broken World Letters Diaries and MEMORIES OF GREAT WAR IS of the Great War s collection of writings edited by Sebastian Faulks and Hope that focus on personal experiences of those who lived through and endured World War I The first thing praise s the great wealth of material differing viewpoints that Faulks and Wolf provide A Broken World sources personal accounts from soldiers pacifists the women who were left behind and the refugees and these from all sides of the war The authors of the accounts are sometimes unknown even anonymous ndividuals but famous writers like Virginia Wolfe Stuart Cloete Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon are also represented There The Apple Orchard is a mix of the mundane and thentensely emotional accountsFaulks and Wolf have divided A Broken World When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son into four parts taking this vast amount of material and dividingt nto four separate categories These categories try to address what t was like to hear of the war from far away only able to magine what t was really like the experiences had at close uarters by the soldiers how the war both divided and united nationalities and finally the sheer loss that resulted from the war that was supposed to end all warsThis s not an easy read It s staggeringly emotional a book of an ugly beauty and a beautiful agony It s a book to treasure to learn about the war and how the war was experienced In his ntroduction Sebastian Faulks sets out the vastness of the war and the great uestions t asks of us even today It s a vastness that cannot be contained compressed and represented n one book and the uestions cannot be answered But A Broken World does help us a hundred years. A lieutenant writes of digging through bodies that have the consistency of Camembert cheese; a mother sends flower seeds to her son at the Front hoping that one day someone may see them grow; a nurse tends a man back to health knowing he will be court martialled and shot as soon as he s fitIn this extraordinarily powerful and diverse selection of diaries letters and memories many of which have never been published before privates and officers seamen and airmen mun.
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War PoignantStraying from his usual fiction Sebastian Faulks has WORKED WITH HOPE WOLF TO PRODUCE AN ANTHOLOGY THAT with Hope Wolf to produce an anthology that portrays the different aspects of the Great War from a variety of those involvedSo different from most Books About T This Anthology Has Some about t This anthology has some letters diary entries and written different from most books about t This anthology has some poignant letters diary entries and written from both soldiers and civilians who were affected by the events of World War 1 As Sebastian Faulks writes Ensimmäinen maailmansota in thentroduction a century later Molly Weir's Trilogy of Scottish Childhood its still hard to appreciate the scale of what happened or to make sense of The Lion Seeker it I m struggling to review this book It s an awesome collection emotional heartbreaking and uplifting all at once BUT The sort of book you can only read a bit at a time Ever since school I ve been fascinated by thenitial oh what a lovely war mind set followed by the slowly building contrast of despair I ve read a few collections of poetry set n ww1 but never so many letters from such a wide range of people The collection s well thought out and satisfying to read Students studying both Literature and History would benefit from such a collection I was given this book which was released to mark the centenary of the First World War It s a mixture of letters poems postcards occasional photos diary entries and memories and Tom Waits - Mule Variations it s a really mixed bag Some of the pieces are fascinating others heart breaking or sickening some merely baffling and I wondered why such scant fragments had beenncluded All n all f you ve never read anything about the Great War you will come away nformed but f you are already reasonably well nformed you are unlikely to learn much new A stunning and emotional read. N and TE Lawrence What unites them s a desire to express something of the horror the loss the confusion and the desire to help or to protest A Broken World Ghanta College : The Art of Topping College Life is an original collection of personal and defining moments that offer an unprecedentednsight nto the Great War as t was experienced and as t was rememberedEdited by the bestselling author of Birdsong and Dr Hope Wolf this s an original and lluminating non fiction anthology of writing on the First World A Broken World